Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.897 Back To Earth? (Part 2)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.897 Back To Earth? (Part 2)


A massive explosion shook the starting area of the first layer as a storm of black flames and icy blizzard collided, turning the northern section into a sea of black flames and the southern region into a winter landscape frozen in ice.


Amidst the chaotic scene, a nearly twenty-meter-tall bear covered in snow-white fur roared in anger and glared at the black bird flying high in the sky with eyes filled with hatred.

The bear lifted its massive paw to strike the bird using its skill, but suddenly, the surroundings around it turned crimson red, and the smell of blood filled the air. The moment the surroundings turned red, the bear's body froze and its eyes widened in horror as it realised it couldn't move its body.

The bear felt as if its own blood had turned against it and was stopping its movements.

Suddenly, a massive power surged inside the bear's body like a tsunami and using its brute strength, it broke free from the restrictions, regaining control over its body in less than two seconds.

Although it quickly regained control over its body, those two seconds were more than enough to spell its demise.

The chilling temperature of the first layer suddenly turned warm and when the bear looked at the source of the heat, it saw at some point, without it realising, a nearly one-hundred-meter-wide magic circle glowing with eerie black flames had appeared beneath its feet.

The bear wanted to escape the range of the magic circle or use its ice skill to protect itself, but before it could do anything...


A pillar of black flame rose from the ground and engulfed the bear.


Evan, who was standing a few hundred kilometres away from the fighting scene heard the painful roar of the bear and had to admit that the pillar of black flame looked quite beautiful as it rose towards the star-filled sky. The pillar of flame lasted for about five seconds before it disappeared and revealed the figure of a charred black bear.

"This guy is still alive..." Evan raised an eyebrow in surprise when he sensed that the bear was still alive even after getting burned by Biscuit's powerful flames.

The temperature of the black flame that engulfed the bear earlier was no joke as even though Evan was a few hundred kilometres away from the attack location, he could still feel the intensity of that flame.

After being burned inside the pillar of black flame, the bear's vitality was very weak and it wanted to run away as it knew that staying there would mean certain death.

But the moment it turned around to flee, a black figure with two horns and burning purple eyes appeared in front of it. The black figure touched the bear's body using one of its hands at lightning speed and the next second, a cold voice rang out throughout the surroundings.

"Blood Rampage!"

The moment the figure's cold voice rang out...

Bang! Bang! Bang! - - -

The sound of small explosions resounded from inside the bear's body as its own blood turned into a beast, causing all of its internal organs, including the kidney, heart, and liver to explode due to the rampage of blood.

The tough skin of the giant bear tore apart due to the rampage of blood and it dropped to the ground with blood leaking from its mouth and eyes and soon, its life force disappeared.

Evan looked at the black figure that killed the bear and his feelings toward this shadow undead were a bit complicated.

The one who finished off the beginner-level rank three bear was obviously Zorda's shadow undead.

Evan didn't know why, but when he used the shadow resurrection on Zorda, even with the restrictions of two levels on his skill, he successfully turned him into a Shadow Undead.

After turning Zorda into a shadow undead, he used his shadow resurrection on other peak Rank Two Core Evolvers he had killed, but just as he had expected, his skill didn't work on them.

Now he was certain that the reason he could ignore the restriction of his skill has something to do with demons and this trait is somehow related to his race Eltharon that gives him a presence similar to that of demons.

It was a pity that among the hundreds of demons he had killed, only Zorda was at the peak of Rank Two otherwise he would have tried to turn more peak Rank Two demons into shadow undeads.

Looking at Zorda who was dragging the charred body of the bear towards him, Evan sighed and shook his head.

He had mixed feelings towards this shadow undead as he was the one who killed Carla, but at the same time, he knew that once he turns someone into a shadow undead, they become a completely different person so it is not wrong to say that the shadow undead in front of him has nothing to do with Carla's death.

Soon, Zorda's shadow undead brought the charred body of the bear near Evan and without saying anything, Evan sent the body and Zorda back inside his shadow storage.

After sending him back, Evan once again sighed and sat at the back of Biscuit.

He looked at the map he got from Octavius' cave dimension and after contemplating for a while, decided to go to the location of the Time Liquid first as it was closer to his current location and with Biscuit's help, he could reach there in less than five days.

In the first layer, Evan had no intentions of searching for random things as he wanted to go to the location of the Core Altar as soon as possible. He didn't even send his shadow undeads to search for the things as he knew the first layer was very dangerous and he wanted to keep them with him all the time.

The outer area of the first layer was mostly inhabited by monsters ranging from beginner level rank two to peak Rank two and occasional beginner Level Rank three monsters.

With Biscuit and his shadow undeads, Evan wasn't afraid of these monsters so they moved towards the location of time water rapidly.

After around one day of flight, Evan patted Biscuit's head and told it to stop flying and take some rest.

Unlike his shadow undeads who had unlimited stamina, Biscuit was still alive and needed to take rest to maintain its top condition.

Biscuit was a Rank Three monster and could easily fly for a few days, but Evan wanted it to maintain its top condition all the time because he knew how dangerous the first layer was which is why he told it to take some rest.

Hearing Evan's order, Biscuit chirped happily and soon landed near a water lake, filled with different kinds of flowers and plants around it.

Evan came down from Biscuit's back once it landed and admired the beautiful lake that was illuminated by the light of the bright stars.

As Evan looked around the lake, he suddenly noticed something at the other end of the lake.

He raised an eyebrow when he noticed there was something on the other end of the lake, but he couldn't see it clearly as it was hidden because of the mist.

Evan tried to see what it was using Eagle's Eye skill and upon using the skill, he saw a small hut at the other end of the lake.

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