Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.898 Back To Earth? (Part 3)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.898 Back To Earth? (Part 3)

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"A hut?" Evan was baffled when he saw the thing that he noticed at the other end of the lake was actually a hut.

"Why is there a hut in this kind of place?" Evan muttered with a frown on his face as he could tell that whoever created this hut made it with a lot of care as if they wanted to live in this hut for a long time.

Normally, it would not have been weird to see a hut in a beautiful place like this. The tranquil lake, filled with flowers and plants, without the presence of any monsters was an ideal place for anyone to settle down who wanted to live with nature.

But the problem was that this place was inside the Tomb of Ancient. So ideally speaking, there shouldn't be a hut like this here because other than monsters, no one lives inside the Tomb.

"Could it be that this hut was created by someone who entered the Tomb when it opened last time ten years ago?" Evan said while looking at the small hut that was illuminated by the Star Light and after thinking for a while, decided to take a look at it.

Biscuit had already scanned the area and the lake using its spiritual senses and confirmed that there was not any monster in their surroundings so Evan was not worried about them.

"Biscuit, I will be back in a while," Evan said to the black bird who was lying lazily on the ground and flew towards the other end of the lake.

Biscuit didn't bother to open its eyes and just nodded its head when it heard Evan.

The lake wasn't big so in just a few seconds, Evan arrived at the other end of the lake. Upon arriving at the other end of the lake, he was even more surprised because the grass, flowers and plants around the hut were neatly cut and organised as If someone was taking care of them on a daily basis.

Seeing this unnatural situation, Evan's awareness shot through the roof and he looked at everything carefully.

'Does anyone live here?' Evan thought inwardly and looked at the small hut in front of him with a cautious look on his face.

He thought for a second and instead of checking the hut by himself, he summoned one of his shadow undeads and sent it to open the wooden door of the hut.

Soon, the shadow undead stopped in front of the wooden hut and pushed its door lightly.

But to Evan's surprise, the shadow undead couldn't open the door.

"Use your full strength..." Evan said to shadow undead when he saw it wasn't able to open the door. But to his absolute shock, even after using its full strength, the shadow undead wasn't able to open the door.

The rank of the Shadow Undead whom he sent to open the door was at the beginner level rank two. A beginner level rank two shadow undead can even destroy a mountain if he uses its full strength, but the same shadow undead can't open the seemingly normal looking wooden door even after using his full strength.

"What kind of sick wooden door is this?" Evan muttered with a speechless look on his face and after hesitating for a moment, walked towards the door himself.

He asked the shadow undead to back away and touched the door with one of his hands to push it open. He was ready to use his full power, but...


The moment he touched the door, a clanking sound rang out and the wooden door was unlocked. Evan looked at the wooden door with a blank look on his face and pushed it lightly.

As he pushed it lightly, the door slowly started to open.

'Is there a fingerprint lock on this door?' Evan thought with a twitching mouth, feeling something was wrong with this hut.

His shadow undead used all of his strength but the door didn't even budge, yet it opened the moment he touched it.

"Don't tell me this hut is also somehow related to that guy..." Evan said in a low voice as the wooden door was fully opened.

As the door opened, a plain looking small room came into Evan's sight. Inside the hut, other than a small straw bed, he did not see anything.

Evan used his spiritual senses to look inside the hut, but even then, he didn't find anything unusual inside it.

He ordered his shadow undead, whom he had summoned earlier to enter the hut, but when the shadow undead tried to enter the hut, a barrier appeared in front of it, preventing the shadow undead from entering.

Evan raised an eyebrow when he saw the barrier and tried to touch it with his hand, but instead of touching the barrier, his hands passed through it as if the barrier didn't exist.

"Am I the only one who can enter?" Evan muttered with a confused look when he saw his hands easily pass through the barrier.

Looking at the small hut, he didn't feel any danger and even his instincts were completely calm.

Although he knew the hut was really strange, something inside him was telling him to move forward, and that's exactly what he did.

As he took a step forward and passed through the barrier, Evan felt his surroundings wrap and twist and the moment his feet touched the wooden floor of the hut, his mind went blank for a split second.

When he regained his senses, he saw instead of the hut, he was standing inside a small, messy looking room.

Evan looked around him and for some reason, he felt the messy looking room looked quite familiar.

As he looked around and saw a single bed, with a lot of books and games scattered all around, Evan's eyes widened in shock and he finally remembered why this place looked familiar.

"This— isn't this my room when I was on Earth?"

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