Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.896 Back To Earth? (Part 1)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.896 Back To Earth? (Part 1)

The third layer of the Tomb always stays bright with a sun shining in the clear sky 24x7.

The sky of the second layer is always covered by gloomy black clouds, creating an eerie atmosphere.

And as Biscuit moved forward and the mist obstructing Evan's vision cleared, the first layer of the Tomb finally came into his sight and the view in front of him shocked him.

Unlike the previous two layers, the sky of the first layer was filled with beautiful stars that were shining brightly like gems in the clear night sky. Looking at the beautiful night sky that was filled with millions of stars, Evan couldn't help but marvel at its beauty, but the thing that shocked him was not the beautiful scenery, but something completely different.

"What in the name of seven hells is that thing?" Evan muttered in a shocked voice as he looked at the pillar of a half-black and half-golden light that pierced the sky in the far distance.

Looking at the pillar of light that seemed as if it was going to a completely different world by piercing the sky, Evan's mouth became dry and his heart started to beat at a rapid speed.

He did not know why, but for some reason, he was feeling a sense of familiarity from the pillar of light. He took a deep breath to calm down his beating heart and took out the map he found in Octavius' cave dimension.

Looking at the map and estimating the location of the pillar of light, he confirmed that the pillar of light was located at the place that was marked on the map with the name of Core Altar.

"Octavius told me that this tomb was created to seal something..." Evan thought aloud as he remembered what Octavius told him. "Could it be that the thing or the person who is sealed here is inside that pillar of light?"

Evan looked at the pillar of light with narrowed eyes, but he knew that if he wanted to get the answers to his questions, he would have to go there himself.

He took a deep breath and saw he was about to enter the First Layer. With Biscuit's flying speed, it would take him less than two minutes to cross the second layer and enter the first layer.

"Unlike the second layer where most of the monsters ranged from beginner level rank two to peak of Rank two and just a few beginner level rank three, the first layer is more dangerous as the beginner level rank three monsters are quite common here and there are even mid-level and peak Rank Three monsters as well," Evan said in a serious voice and looked at a small white coloured triangular shape object in his hand.

The small object in his hands was a soul beacon made from the souls of peak Rank Two Core Evolvers and monsters.

After collecting the souls of the people he killed in the recent event and the souls of the monsters that he collected since he entered the Tomb, he finally had enough souls to create this beacon.

Using this soul beacon, he can teleport 60,000 Km away in an instant. Although the range of the spiritual senses of the peak Rank Three and some powerful mid-level Rank Three monsters can cover an area of more than sixty thousand kilometres, this soul beacon was still the best thing for him to escape in case something happens.

The only problem Evan had with this soul beacon was its consumption. In order to teleport 60,000 km away, he would have to use all of his world essence along with some of his shadow energy.

Although the consumption was a bit high, Evan didn't mind as it was worth it.

"But still, if I had more world essence and I could create more than one Soul Beacon at a time, it would have been very easy for me to escape from any kind of danger," Evan said in a low voice and shook his head.

"Now that I am at the peak of Rank One, I need to create my Domain," He said as he thought about the Fire Domain Stone that evolved into the Perfect Level Fire Domain Stone just a few days ago. (Chap- 704)

Evan wanted to use the perfect domain stone and try to create his own domain, but in order to create his own domain, he needed to turn 25% of his world essence into the conceptual energy of void.

He had already turned 24% of his world essence into conceptual energy of void and just needed to convert a little more of his world essence before he could start creating his Domain.

"I have the low-level void crystal that I found inside the void. I can use it to increase my understanding of void energy to 25% instantly, but I have a feeling that this void crystal would be more useful in the future so instead of wasting it here, I should save it for the time being," Evan said as he knew he just needed a few more days to reach the 25% mark so there was no need for him to use void crystal here.

Soon, the gloomy clouds that covered the sky disappeared and Evan finally entered the first layer.

The moment he entered the first layer, a cold wind blew past him, making him shiver.

"Damn, what's wrong with the temperature here. Even with my 150 points of endurance, I am feeling as if I am sitting inside a pond of ice-cold water," Evan muttered and a very faint layer of red fire from the Prismatic Fire covered him, making his body warm.

After getting rid of the cold, Evan observed his surroundings and noticed just like how the gravity in the second layer was higher than the third layer, the gravity in the first layer was way higher than the second layer.

"Not only the monsters, even the environment of the first layer is far more dangerous than the second and third layer," Evan muttered and was about to ask Biscuit to land on the ground so that he could get used to the high gravity of the first layer before moving forward, but before he could say anything, he felt something and hurriedly ordered Biscuit to move aside.

Biscuit followed Evan's order and the moment it moved aside...


A beam of icy power that froze the space itself went past it. After missing Biscuit, the beam of icy power continued to move forward and soon struck a giant mountain that was thousands of meters high, freezing it entirely.

Evan gulped down when he saw the power of the ice beam and looked in the direction from where the attack came, only to see a giant twenty-meter-tall bear, covered in snow-white fur glaring at him with its deep blue eyes.

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