I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1866: Before the Ship Party Starts ⑥


In the reception area of the magic ship, Kaori and Akane could be seen looking at the guests who came one after another from a distance with eyes as dead as that of a fish.

Akane was an ordinary invited guest, but Kaori was involved with the dishes served at the party this time, so she was curious to see the faces of the invited guests.

Of course, she knew that figures like the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods would all be present, but there were also individuals she hadn't expected to appear, causing her stomach to ache more than she had imagined.

[At this point, all Four Great Demon Dragons aside from Grandiereus-sama have gathered. Considering that it might be physically difficult for Grandiereus-sama to participate, it can't be helped Now, I've seen an almost complete lineup of the Five Generals, the Seven Princesses and the Four Great Demon Dragons just by watching here I already knew this was the case, but this is beyond belief.]

[U- Uuuu, my stomach hurts I was prepared for this from the start, plunging into this situation as prepared as I could but]

[You're going to be alright. Sure, Kaori came up with the original concept for the dishes, but then various people added their own touches and adapted them to fit this world, right? If that's the case, you don't have to be that worried.]

While Akane cheered her up with a wry smile, just as Kaori's expression slightly softened, a voice suddenly called out to them.

[Oh, if it isn't Kaori-chan.]

[Ahh! Shige-san, Hannah-san!!!]

[Hello, Kaori-san This place is amazing, isn't it?]

The ones who appeared were the couple, Shigenobu and Hannah, dressed smartly. Seeing familiar faces, Kaori's expression brightened.

[You said it. I didn't expect it would be this outrageous, making my stomach hurt Ahh, that's right, let me introduce you! This is Akane-san, an immigrant like us!]

[Hi, I'm Mikumo Akane. Ah, here, my business card. I'm running a small trading company, please contact us if you need anything. I'm in your care.]

[Ahh, I'm also in your care. I've heard a bit about you from Kaori, but meeting someone from the same homeworld is always nice. Okura Shigenobu, now a farmer in rural Hydra. This is my wife, Hannah. It's a pleasure to meet you.]

[Well met.]

Akane and Shigenobu had heard about each other from mutual acquaintances, but had never met in person, so they took this opportunity to introduce themselves to each other.

[Speaking of which, there's also that other migrant child, right? If I'm not mistaken, Mitsunaga Seigi-kun, was it?]

[Yeah, I have heard about him from Kaito-kun. However, didn't that kid receive a court rank? In that case, he would probably be attending as a noble, so he would naturally have escorts with him. So, it might be difficult to meet him without Kaito-kun introducing us.]

[Arehh? I heard from Kaito that Neun-san is an immigrant like us though?]

[H- Her case isa bit peculiar. It's worrying how a lot about her isn't something I can explain A- Anyhow, let's not mind her!]

Shigenobu asked about the other past Hero Actor, Seigi, but neither Kaori nor Akane had met him, so they didn't know how to describe him.

After that, they talked about Neun, but while Akane only knows that she's a former otherworlder, Kaori, who knows that Neun's identity, being the First Hero, fumbled with an indescribable expression on her face.

As Kaori's gaze moved around, looking for a way to somehow change the subject, her expression changed when she spotted an acquaintance restlessly loitering around the reception area.

[Arehh? Olivia-sama!]

[Unn? Ahh, Mizuhara Kaori huh, I met you at just the right time. I don't know about the rooms, but do I just go past this many rooms as written in this number?]

[Ahh, errr, that's not it. This number at the beginning represents the floor]

Even though it was a coincidence, Kaori spotted her regular customer Olivia and hurried over, calling out to her. For Olivia, who had little interaction with people outside, Kaori was one of her few relatively close acquaintances, so even though it was only a small one, a smile appeared on her lips as she asked about her room.

After a short explanation, Kaori looks back at Akane and the others and calls out to them.

[Sorry! I'm going to guide Olivia-sama for a bit!]

[Ohh~~ We'll be around here for a while, so don't worry about us. Just take your time and show her around.]


Responding cheerfully to Akane's words, Olivia slightly nodded their way before moving towards her room with Kaori. Watching them as they walked ahead, Akane muttered with a wry smile.

[Well, that's probably Kaito's influence, but it seems like Kaori also got a considerably amazing friend Oh wait, it's also the same way for us.]

Recalling how she herself had met many influential people through Kaito, Akane sighed with an indescribable expression on her face.


Serious-senpai : [It's the seldomly brought up Seigi-san He's so awe-inspiring that I can't bring myself to refer to him without honorifics.]

? ? ? : [Well, it's only been a few years, so he probably won't make an appearance yet.]

Serious-senpai : [No, isn't it alright!? Just let him appear Why are you trying to turn Seigi-san into some sort of seasonal character!?]