I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1867: Before the Ship Party Starts ⑦


In one of the VIP rooms of the magic ship, Underworld King Kuromueina and her family were there, spending time in their own way until the time the party was to start.

The Underworld King camp, led by Kuromueina, had quite a few connections with Kaito since his early days in this world, so Kaito had many acquaintances in their camp. If one were to count each camp's participants, their numbers would be the largest.

[Heehhh~~ Then, Elder Sister Tre's straying habit has also been cured?]

[Hmmm, rather than cured, it's more like even if she gets lost, Cento and Cien are now able to find her immediately? Well, it's all thanks to Kaito but now that I've overcome my straying problem, I've become quite the formidable Big Sis, haven't I? If it's now, I think my Onee-chan Power has reached around 100,000.]

[What's Onee-chan Power?]

[No, you see, just like how Sis Ei has that Maid Power, I just tried to imitate it, but there's no special high value or anything like that. Well, in any case, I now feel like I've become a very competent sister with no weaknesses!!!]

At one of the tables in the room, Tre and Vier were sitting opposite each other, chatting. Upon hearing that Tre's habit of getting lost had been resolved recently, Vier, who had a long-standing relationship with her, seemed to be moved, but as Tre started talking about incomprehensible things like Onee-chan Power, Vier couldn't help but wryly smile.

[Hmmm. Then, for example, if we take Elder Sister Ein's seamlessness as 100, how seamless are you, Elder Sister Tre?]

[Let's see. I'm the type who's pretty generous with myself, so I'd give myself a generous 5!]

[You're full of gaps there]

[No, no, I think the comparison there is just unfair. After all, everyone is full of gaps when you compare them to Sis Ei.]

[Then, if we take Elder Sister Zwei as 100?]

[If it's compared with Sis Zwei, it changes quite a bit maybe 8!]

[And you're still full of gaps there]

[That's weird Well, having weaknesses is also a charming part of me, so that's all well and good!]

[H- How optimistic]

Vier cheerfully chuckled as she looked at Tre, who was as easygoing and optimistic as ever. They were chatting in a relaxed atmosphere, but Vier seemed to have suddenly noticed something and asked Tre.

[Come to think of it, you came in formal wear today huh, Elder Sister Tre? Well, Elder Sister Tre is tall and slender, so it suits you very well]

[Unn. As Vier said, I feel like this suits me better than a dress. Listen here, this outfit Kuromu-sama bought it for me the other day~~]

[You coaxed Kuromu-sama for money again?]

[Hmm, I technically did coax her, but I didn't ask her to buy me clothes. What I asked Kuromu-sama was to pick out clothes for me because I wanted to wear the ones she picked out. And so, it just so happened that Kuromu-sama's schedule was free that day, so we decided to go shopping together]

[Ahh~~ And since Kuromu-sama was shopping with you, there's no way she'd make you take out money huh.]

[Right, so she ended up being like she bought them for me. Well, you see, I'm the type who thoroughly acts spoiled around the older ones and thoroughly spoils the younger ones.]

Tre is in fact skilled at being pampered, making her much loved by Ein, Zwei and Kuromueina. She didn't have any sort of ulterior motives, her request at that time was purely out of the desire to wear the clothes chosen by Kuromueina.

As for Kuromueina, she'd naturally feel happy having her family acting spoiled and receiving their pure affection from her. As the wealthiest person in the world, she wouldn't let her family pay while shopping, so the clothes Tre was currently wearing were presented to her as a gift from Kuromueina.

Vier nodded in understanding, but seemingly having thought of something, a mischievous smile crept onto her face.

[Hohou, then, Elder Sister Tre would spoil me, your little sister, right? Does that mean you're going to buy me something?]

[I knew you would say that Tadah! I've actually already bought you something!]

[Eh? Y- You really got me something? I was just kidding]

[Fufufu, don't you underestimate how much of an Onee-chan I am. I heard about it, you know Vier got an award for your thesis a while ago, didn't you? This is a present to celebrate that, a brooch!]

[Ahh Thanks.]

Perhaps not having expected a gift to actually appear, Vier, who received the brooch Tre was giving her, momentarily looked stunned. But after a while, she gradually began to feel joy welling up, and her expression changed to one of happiness.

[I'm happy. However, that was unexpected. I didn't know that Elder Sister Tre knew about the medical society paper I presented.]

[Fufun. Of course, I'd check out what my cute little sister is up to. I've even read your papers!]

[Eh? No way, that's amazing! I think it was quite technical and difficult, but for you to understand that]

[Nope, I read it, but I didn't understand it at all!!! Heck, my mind's already going blank by page 2! H- However, I did read it all the way through, you know? You kinda wrote something about magic power being in blood and something about affinity?]

[Despite reading it all, I don't feel like you even understood 10% of it Fufu, I guess that's just like Elder Sister Tre.]

Even so, the fact that Tre managed to read through a highly technical paper despite not understanding it at all showed her genuine affection for her sister, Vier, so with a happy smile, Vier promptly wore the brooch she received from Tre.


Serious-senpai : [It feels like the party guests are clearly divided into the Stomachache Group and the Heartwarming Group. The Six Kings camps are appearing in order, if you count the perverts from Phantasmal King's camp who first appeared, then I guess the Seven Princesses would appear next.]

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