I was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but that World is at Peace (WN) - C.1865: Before the Ship Party Starts ⑤


The massive magic ship that serves as the venue for the ship party has many rooms, and as it was originally designed as a luxury cruise ship, there are also rooms that are more like VIP rooms.

In one of the VIP rooms, one of the Six Kings, Isis and her subordinates were waiting for the party to start while having a peaceful conversation.

[Ohh~~ Amazing. So this is a ship huh Moving slowly like this on the sea, it feels refreshing!]

[I see This is the first time Eul has ridden a ship, right?]

[Yes! It's very exciting!]

[Fufu Unn I also don't get the chance to ride a ship very often so it also feels slightly refreshing for me.]

After smiling at Eulpecula, whose 10 tails were wagging as she curiously looked out the window, Isis took a sip of her tea.

Due to Isis' magic power of death, there was a concern that she might inadvertently frighten the ordinary people if she encountered them at the reception area, so she arrived at the ship quite early.

[However, I suppose it's to be expected of Kaito-sama, I could sense formidable individuals with incredible power arriving one after another. Could it be that even the Six Kings' Executives are gathering here?]

[Actually, Kaito seems to be acquainted with all of them. Well, I don't know if all the Executives would have the time to participate like us but well, when it comes to those who only had regular tasks at hand, they'd probably prioritize?]

[Fumu I wonder what the other camps are doing? Are they huddled together in the same room as we do?]

As Iris prepared a refill of tea, she responded to Polaris. The Death King's Executives or rather, the Death King's subordinates don't really have any actual "work"-like work, so naturally, everyone was participating in this party.

[How should I say this The dress, it doesn't suit you.]

[Yeah, I'm aware of that without you having to tell me. I mean, many of us Insectoids have wings on our backs or multiple arms, so dresses are inherently difficult for us to wear No, in terms of what I'm wearing now, it was custom-made, so I don't feel any discomfort wearing this, but as it's too different from what I usually wear, I just can't compose myself wearing it.]

[Stop talking as if you're normally a composed person. Simply put, I'm just saying the dress doesn't suit a woman who is all muscles up to her brain.]

[Yeah, I suppose so. The choice of attire is indeed crucial. Even a high-quality dress, when worn by a corpse woman, can only look like tattered drags. What a waste.]



[You two~~ If you fight here, I'll get angry~~]

Seeing Sirius and Rasal getting into a quarrel like always, Spica said with a wry smile. The Death King's Executives continued to get along as usual, and even though there were some ruckus along the way, they spent time until the start of the party in a pleasant manner.

On the deck of the magic ship, Ozma is leaning against the fence smoking a cigarette. Ozma, who was enjoying the scenery as if he was relaxing, heard a loud voice.

[Ah, Elder Bro! You were here!]

[Unn? If it isn't Kong-kun, how's the Master doing?]

The one who appeared was a gorilla in a tight-fitting suit One of War King's Executives, the Five Generals, The Gallant Kong. After smiling wryly at Kong's happy smile, Ozma asked him how Megiddo was like.

[If it's the Boss, he had Bacchus bring him some sake and started drinking right away. Boss sure has been in a particularly good mood these days. I guess it must be because the lower subordinates have become more spirited since that battle in the God Realm?]

[Maybe that's part of it, but I think they've been in a particularly good mood lately because they simply like Miyama-kun more than before.]

[Ahh, I see That guy's sure is amazing.]

[Oh, do you also think highly of Miyama-kun, Kong-kun?]

Just as Kong said, Megiddo is actually in a very good mood these days. The reason for that is, with Kaito's help, Megiddo managed to overcome the destructive impulse she had been harboring for many years, allowing Megiddo herself to have even greater control over her power than before, and because she liked Kaito even more than she originally liked him because of that one incident, she was in an extremely good mood during matters involving Kaito.

[Yeah, when I first met him at the Six Kings Festival, I thought he was just a little brat, but then he showed a lot of guts and was really cool in his fight with Boss. I like guys with that kind of muddy guts. Not only that, I heard something about him beating the Boss again recently? To beat the Boss three times, that's quite something.]

[Hahaha, Miyama-kun is really great, isn't he? At this party as well, many of the Six Kings' Executives are attending not just because their respective King is close to him, but also because they genuinely like Miyama-kun as a person and wanted to participate That really is quite something.]


As Ozma spoke cheerfully, Kong nodded vigorously in agreement. The atmosphere was becoming relaxed when suddenly, Ozma, seemingly remembering something, asked Kong something.

[Come to think of it, how were Agni-chan and Epsilon-can doing?]

[Ah~~ They were arguing about who should enter with Elder Bro. The Boss and Elder Bro told them off, telling them fighting is forbidden here but they're all sparks over there. I think they finally came to an agreement to just let Elder Bro decide?]

[I- I see Hmmm I think I'll be staying here for a while longer]

As Ozma thought about the aggressive Agni and Epsilon, who, as usual, saw this party as an opportunity to shine, he smiled wryly with an indescribable expression, then took out another cigarette and lit it.


Serious-senpai : [Among the War King's subordinates, it seems like Bacchus would always be the one whom Megiddo would dump the problems to He's the troubled guy in the group huh]