Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.631 - : Final Choice (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.631 - : Final Choice (2)

Chapter 631: Final Choice (2)

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Unlike the world he had experienced before, he could clearly see the edge of the magma. There were 12 stone altars at the edge, and the remaining 12 secret techniques of the Great Dao floated in the middle of the altar. Three of the altars were clearly different. The surrounding stone pillars were suffused with golden light. Clearly, these three were altars that possessed top-notch secret techniques of the Great Dao.

Moreover, there were treasures floating around the Great Dao secret technique.

They were armor, a jade cauldron, and a lotus lamp.

“Great Dao Supreme Treasure!” Shen Ping’s eyes burned. This treasure was different from the Supreme Spirit Nine Heavenly River he had obtained. It was a treasure that was compatible with a top-notch Great Dao secret technique. Although he did not know if it could be activated at the Mahayana Realm, it was undoubtedly a top-notch treasure. It could definitely make Venerable Sovereigns envious and Immortal Venerables crazy.

After a while, other Beast Spirit geniuses appeared on the surrounding floating rocks one after another. Not long after, Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others appeared. When they saw Shen Ping, they smiled.

An hour later, all the remaining Beast Spirit geniuses from the various races appeared.

“Junior, you’d better pray that you can survive in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness!” The Immortal Venerable of the Devil Clan said coldly.

The gazes of the Spirit Race, Demon Race, and other Immortal Venerables also focused on Shen Ping, their eyes filled with unconcealed cold killing intent.

The Immortal Venerable Nanji snorted, “A group of shameless fellows only know how to deal with the juniors of our human race. If anything happens to Shen Ping in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness, I will definitely make a trip to the lower realm of your races.”

Immortal Venerable Qi, Immortal Venerable Yu, and the others also looked at

the various Immortal Venerables.

During the stalemate, the magma cave at the edge suddenly changed. The rocks floating on the magma quickly gathered, forming twelve magma stone bridges that led to the twelve altars. When some of the Beast Spirit geniuses saw this, they rushed towards the stone bridge formed by the rocks. However, the moment they stepped on the stone bridge, they were eliminated.

“Idiot.” The Immortal Venerable of the race cursed.

The remaining Beast Spirit geniuses did not dare to act rashly. Suddenly, the heat rising above the magma gathered into a figure. It was the black-robed artifact spirit senior. It looked down with a smile. “Not bad. After experiencing five worlds, I didn’t expect there to be so many Beast Spirits who haven’t been eliminated. You’re lucky. Here, every living being has a chance to obtain a top Great Dao secret technique and a Great Dao supreme treasure.

It waved its sleeve. Paintings appeared on the surface of the twelve lava stone bridges. Every painting was lifelike and different. “Do you see those diagrams? As long as you can completely carve the diagram on a stone bridge on the stone railing beside it, you can pass through safely and reach the altar.

Stone railings appeared on both sides of the stone bridge.

The Immortal Venerable of the Spirit Race immediately asked, “Senior, may I ask if we can choose a stone bridge at will?”

The black-robed artifact spirit smiled and nodded. “That’s right. You can choose any one. I’m just reminding you that the difficulty of different stone bridges is different. The difficulty of the three top-notch Great Dao secret techniques is extremely high, and the difficulty of the other stone bridges is much lower. This level tests your comprehension. If you don’t have enough talent and comprehension, it will be difficult to comprehend even if you obtain a top-notch Great Dao secret technique.”

Another Immortal Venerable asked, “Senior, can we attack each other on the stone bridge?”


The eyes of the Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and the others lit up, and the six Immortal Venerables of the human race could not help but frown. If they could attack, the Beast Spirit geniuses of the other races would definitely interfere.

“This is troublesome.”

Shen Ping’s expression did not change. They were all ordinary people. He was not afraid of anyone in terms of strength.

“Kids, cherish your opportunities!” After saying that, the black-robed artifact spirit slowly disappeared.

However, after it left, the strongest prodigies of the top ten races, including Shen Ping, immediately felt the boiling of the strange beast blood in their bodies. Soon, they realized that they could actually enter the state of beast spirits.

Although their magic powers and divine sense were still restricted, in the state of a Beast Spirit, they had greatly increased in all aspects. Even their comprehension would be affected, and their minds would be sharp and active. The Immortal Venerables of the various races, who were originally discussing how to interfere with the humans and not let them go to the stone bridge to comprehend the diagram, immediately changed their expressions when they knew that the Beast Spirit State could be activated.

Immortal Venerable Nanji and the others heaved a sigh of relief. Being able to enter the Beast Spirit State meant that the plans of the other Immortal Venerables to arrange for the prodigies to interfere with Shen Ping had failed unless they made the strongest prodigies give up the opportunity to obtain the Great Dao secret technique to interfere.

“What should we do? We have to stop that human junior!

“That’s right. Although the final test is comprehension, don’t forget that the human junior can rise in such a short period of time and catch up to Ling Hao. His comprehension definitely surpasses many Beast Spirit geniuses. If he’s allowed to comprehend the stone bridge diagram, he’ll probably obtain top Great Dao secret techniques and Great Dao treasures!

“Even so, are you and I going to give up the opportunity? Even if we give up, how can we be his match in our current state?!

“Let’s see the situation first. If Ling Hao and Bai Xin’s speed can’t compare to ours, let them give up.”

“That’s the only way.”

After discussing with each other, the Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan and Spirit Race walked towards the stone bridge. There were many of them and they had many choices. Among them, the Immortal Venerables and Immortal Kings and the strongest prodigy chose the stone bridge that led to the three top Great Dao secret techniques. The rest went to the other altars.

Including Shen Ping, there were only seven humans. It was not enough to choose twelve altars. Moreover, to be honest, the Immortal Venerables were unwilling to go to other altars.

“You have to give it up to get it!”

“I’ll go to the other altars!”

In the end, Immortal Venerable Bing gritted his teeth and chose one of the other nine altars. His comprehension and talent were inferior to Immortal Venerables Yu Qi and Yao. He was at the bottom of the six, but it was clearly not easy to make such a choice.

After all, they knew very well what a top Great Dao secret technique meant. This was definitely a path to becoming a Venerable Sovereign or even stronger. Immortal Venerable Yue smiled, “My strength is relatively low. I’m still a long way from becoming a Venerable Sovereign, so I won’t fight with you.” As she spoke, she chose another altar.

The remaining Nanji, Qi, Yu, and Yao walked straight to the three altars. Among them, Nanji and Qi chose the jade cauldron altar. Immortal Venerable Yu chose the armor altar, and Immortal Venerable Yao chose the lotus lamp altar.

Shen Ping looked at the altar of the three golden stone pillars and hesitantly chose the armor. The armor looked like a complete set of treasures. There was armor, boots, helmet, and so on. Perhaps they had different powers. As for which altar’s Great Dao secret technique was stronger, no one knew. It could only depend on one’s luck.

The stone bridge made of rocks was relatively wide and could accommodate dozens of Beast Spirit geniuses. However, there were many who chose the three altars, so it was very crowded to walk on it.

Bang! Shen Ping had just stepped onto the stone bridge of the armor altar when a Beast Spirit genius attacked. “You’re courting death!” His cold eyes narrowed as he activated his enhancement and Beast Spirit State at the same time. Instantly, his strength soared, and the Primordial Chaos Spear in his hand swept forward.

This prodigy of the Devil Clan felt the force and his expression changed drastically. However, he was already too late to dodge. He was slashed horizontally by the Primordial Chaos Spear and his body was instantly blasted out of the stone bridge and fell into the magma to be eliminated.

When the other Immortal Venerables and prodigies saw this, they frowned and suppressed the urge to attack. That Devil Clan prodigy was only testing him. Now, it seemed that in the Beast Spirit State, this human junior was indeed very strong.

“It’s not too late to make a move at the critical moment.

They looked at each other and continued to observe the pattern.

Immortal Venerable Yu walked to Shen Ping’s side and said in a low voice, “Keep a distance from them. There are a total of 24 patterns on this stone bridge. It’s difficult to carve them in a short period of time.’

Shen Ping nodded. He was not in a hurry to carve the patterns on the stone railing. He had to understand these patterns first. He put away his distracting thoughts and at the same time, his gaze landed on the first pattern. In the state of a Beast Spirit, he was very energetic. He could remember the patterns after just looking at them once..

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