Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.630 - : Final Choice (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.630 - : Final Choice (1)

Chapter 630: Final Choice (1)

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The raft quickly moved on the lake.

Although Shen Ping’s magic powers and divine sense were restricted, his enhancement talent could still last for ten minutes. His arms moved like the wind, and when he was about to reach the edge of the island, he had already shaken off all the Beast Spirit geniuses behind him for a full two minutes.

The island was enveloped by multicolored light. He took out the Great Dao Jade Book gathered by a hundred jade plates and directly boarded the island. The light enveloping the edge of the island disappeared.

The island was not big. In the center, there was a stone altar similar to the fourth level.

He quickly came to the altar and placed the jade book of the Great Dao under the stone lock. Immediately, the light lock was unlocked. Lines of Dao patterns flickered and finally hid.

He had obtained the third Great Dao secret technique!

However, Shen Ping suppressed the excitement in his heart. He couldn’t care less about his joy and hurriedly ran out of the island with all his might. Then, he rushed towards the other island. There was only ten minutes between the two islands. He still had time to undo the other Great Dao Jade Book.

When the Devil Clan, Spirit Race, and other Beast Spirit geniuses saw this scene, they all cursed non-stop.

This was a Great Dao secret technique that led straight to the peak. No one would complain about having too many. After all, even if they could not use it, they could exchange it for resources. At the very least, they could contribute it to their race in exchange for other resources that were helpful to them.

Not to mention, every additional Great Dao secret technique of the race meant an additional foundation. Therefore, every missing altar meant that it was difficult for the race to obtain it.

“Despicable junior!”

“Damn it, if I had known earlier, I would have gotten rid of this junior even if I had to risk being eliminated!”

Unfortunately, no matter how angry they were, they could not stop Shen Ping.

As the second Great Dao Jade Book was unlocked, Shen Ping had obtained the fourth Great Dao secret technique. Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others watched this scene with envy and joy. No matter what, it was better for Shen Ping to obtain a secret technique than for other races.

He put away the Great Dao Jade Book.

Shen Ping did not step into the purple door. Instead, he left the island and drove towards Immortal Venerable Nanji and the others. This was because the six Immortal Venerables of the human race had more than 200 jade plates in total. Previously, because he was far away and was in a hurry to ascend the island, he did not meet up with the Immortal Venerables. With the enhancement of his talent, he could first gather these stone plates and continue to unlock them.

When they watched Shen Ping return, Immortal Venerable Nanji and the others immediately understood Shen Ping’s goal.

“Among us, Immortal Venerable Bing rowed the fastest. Quickly hand all the jade plates to him!”

They no longer thought about their personal gains and losses. They had to obtain the Great Dao secret technique first before talking about anything else. It had to be known that if they really arrived at the island with the Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and the others, it would be very difficult for them to snatch an altar.

Soon, all the jade plates were gathered in Immortal Venerable Bing’s hand. Then, Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Yao, and the others used magic treasures to push Immortal Venerable Bing’s raft, making it speed up.

When the Immortal Venerables of the other races saw this, they quickly reacted and began to gather the jade plate. Then, they helped one or two Immortal Venerables snatch the island.

The various races could not interfere with the harassment at all. They could only compete in speed.

Whoever was faster would obtain the Great Dao secret technique.

Immortal Venerable Bing tried his best to row the raft, but his position was not close to the front. Fortunately, Shen Ping was fast enough. Even though the fastest Immortal Venerables like the Realm Clan and the Spirit Race had already surpassed them, Shen Ping did not take it to heart.

“Shen Ping, it’s up to you!” After Immortal Venerable Bing handed the Great Dao Jade Book to Shen Ping, he heaved a sigh of relief, his eyes filled with anticipation.

Shen Ping smiled confidently and said, “Senior, don’t worry. It’s fine even if I give them ten minutes’ head start!”

Immortal Venerable Bing couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this. In the past, he didn’t pay much attention to this newly risen human junior. He even said many things to target him because of some benefits. But he felt that this Shen Ping was really not bad and was very compatible with his temper.

Waves surged on the surface of the lake. Dozens of rafts quickly approached the island. Initially, Shen Ping was still lagging behind. But he rushed to the first place again after five minutes. The Realm Clan, Spirit Race, Devil Clan, and other Immortal Venerables who were left behind had ugly expressions. Especially when they saw the speed of Shen Ping’s raft, they had a feeling that this guy had recovered his magic power.

The race at the back of the raft wanted to cry but had no tears. Originally, at the altar on the mountain peak, their Great Dao secret technique had been intercepted by the Spirit Race, Devil Clan, and other powerful races. When they arrived at the lake, they encountered an unreasonable human.

However, no matter how bitter it was, they had to endure it. After all, even if he could not obtain these 20, there were still 12 left. Moreover, three of them were top-notch Great Dao secret techniques. That was the key.

Not long after, Shen Ping boarded the third island. However, after unlocking the light lock, it was already too late to board the fourth and fifth islands. The Realm Clan and the Winged Race’s Immortal Venerable were very close to these two islands. He had no choice but to quickly board the sixth island.

With the extremely fast speed of the raft, he finally reached the sixth island before the Spirit Race. After unlocking the light lock, he stepped into the purple door without hesitation. The Spirit Race’s Immortal Venerable looked at the altar and suppressed his anger as he rushed towards the remaining islands.

The sixth level.

As soon as Shen Ping’s vision recovered, he felt a heat wave surge over his body. He looked up and immediately saw that his surroundings were filled with roiling magma. At this moment, he was standing on a rock. This rock floated on the surface of the magma, and there were also rocks not far away..

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