Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.632 - : An Unpredicted Surprise (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.632 - : An Unpredicted Surprise (1)

Chapter 632: An Unpredicted Surprise (1)

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The pattern on the stone bridge of the armor altar was not complicated. The first picture was a very common natural rain scene. Light rain fell from the surging black clouds and dripped onto the ground, causing layers of water to splash. One could even see the lines of the raindrops.

He looked at the second diagram. It was still raining, but the raindrops had increased.

The third, the fourth… They were all raining.

When Shen Ping looked at the fifth painting, it was as if he could not see it clearly through a layer of clouds. He did not care. After all, even this simple first rainwater painting was confusing to him. He did not know what the painting was.

Not only him, but the strongest prodigies of the various races were also confused at this moment. They could not understand these diagrams at all because they were too simple. For example, ordinary painters could carve the first rainwater. However, when they went to the stone railing to carve, they realized that they had forgotten the diagram. After repeating this, these prodigies understood that this simple diagram contained a certain pattern. If they could not understand this pattern, it was impossible to carve it.

“Does this diagram represent the concept, a secret technique, or the rules of a divine power? Or does it represent the nature of the Great Dao?” Shen Ping stared at the rain diagram and frowned as he thought hard.

This round tested one’s comprehension. He was unable to use any of his special beast talents and other methods. Therefore, when compared to other Beast Spirit geniuses, he did not have any advantage at all.

Five days.

Ten days.

Be it Immortal Venerables or geniuses, they were all standing on the stone bridge and comprehending.

Half a month passed. An Immortal Venerable of the Realm Clan on the lotus lamp altar actually successfully carved the first diagram, immediately attracting a lot of attention.

“So fast!”

One had to know that this was the stone altar bridge of the three top-notch secret techniques. No one had comprehended the first diagram on the ordinary altar stone bridge. The Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, the Human Race, and the others frowned and guessed how this Realm Clan’s Immortal Venerable had comprehended it.

Two months later, laughter suddenly came from the armor altar. All the Beast Spirit geniuses who were comprehending were interrupted. Shen Ping looked at the source of the laughter and saw that the Spirit Race’s Immortal Venerable had a happy expression on his face. Soon, he carved a rain scene on the stone railing.

“Congratulations, Senior Qian Sheng!” The prodigies of the Spirit Race, another Immortal Venerable, and the Devil Clan congratulated him.

This Immortal Venerable of the Spirit Race smiled and then whispered something into the ears of the other Immortal Venerable and the geniuses. Immediately, the eyes of the other Immortal Venerable lit up, and the geniuses fell into deep thought. “Whether you can comprehend it or not is up to you.” After the Spirit Race’s Qian Sheng finished speaking, he glanced at Shen Ping and Immortal Venerable Yu before walking towards the second painting.

Shen Ping’s expression was very calm, but he could not help but feel a little anxious. Until now, he did not even have a clue.

Another half a month passed.

The other Immortal Venerable of the Spirit Race had also successfully carved it, causing the Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan, the Flame Race, and the others to be extremely envious. They wanted to ask for guidance, but unfortunately, the Immortal Venerable of the Spirit Race ignored them. After all, this involved a top-notch mystic technique. Even if they were allies, they would not be generous at a time like this.

In just half a day, Immortal Venerable Yu also successfully carved a rain scene on the stone railing. Seeing Immortal Venerable Yu walk over, Shen Ping revealed a look of joy.

“Senior Yu, this junior is slow-witted. I really don’t understand what the rain scene means!” Shen Ping said helplessly.

A smile appeared on Immortal Venerable Yu’s face. “Shen Ping, you don’t have to be discouraged. You’re only at the Mahayana Realm. Even if your comprehension is extraordinary, it’s difficult for you to understand the Rain Diagram. If it weren’t for the two Immortal Venerables of the Spirit Race successfully carving it in succession, I wouldn’t have been so fast.

“In the beginning, when I looked at this Rain Scenery Diagram, I could only vaguely sense that it was related to the five elements of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao, but it was difficult to understand the specifics. The comprehension of these two people from the Spirit Race is not considered outstanding among the Immortal Venerables. Since they can understand it, they must have come into contact with some related things. The reason why Immortal Venerable is interested is definitely related to the Heaven and Earth Great Dao. I firmly believe in this idea.

“Do you see the lines and splashes from the rain on the diagram? The lines are the basic patterns of the Great Dao of Nature. The final splash is the embodiment of these marks. Although you haven’t comprehended the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, Beast Spirits can sense the essence fluctuations of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. If you rely on this feeling to comprehend, you should be able to gain something.”

Immortal Venerable Yu explained in detail. He wished he could break down what he had comprehended and explain it to Shen Ping. However, there were some things that were indescribable. He could only say them through the most straightforward and easy to understand. Even so, Shen Ping was in a daze. He only knew that lines and splashes were the basic patterns of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

“Thank you for enlightening me, Senior Yu!”

Shen Ping was extremely grateful. Although they were of the same race, he was now in a competitive relationship with Immortal Venerable Yu. Although the Spirit Race’s Immortal Venerable had also told his juniors, he had not been so detailed. This could be inferred from the time.

immortal Venerable Yu shook his head, “You’re the strongest prodigy of our human race. You contributed greatly to the human race being able to escape the last place. Moreover, if not for you, I wouldn’t even have the right to enter. From the previous situation, that artifact spirit senior should value you juniors more. Alright, let’s continue comprehending.”

Immortal Venerable surpassed the first painting.

The prodigies and juniors of the Devil Clan, Flame Race, Demon Race, and other races all secretly looked over with envy in the corners of their eyes. It was the same for the prodigies and juniors of the Spirit Race. That Immortal Venerable had spoken for so long, so he must have given them detailed guidance..

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