Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.629 - : Carp King Shen Ping (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.629 - : Carp King Shen Ping (2)

Chapter 629: Carp King Shen Ping (2)

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“Yo, Fellow Daoist Nanji, you’re so lucky!” Immortal Venerable Qi teased him.

Immortal Venerable Yao gently brushed away the black hair falling from her forehead and said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Nanji must have secretly divined.”

Immortal Venerable Bing was extremely envious. His luck was bad and he only got two jade plates. “Fuck, you must have stolen my luck.”

Immortal Venerable Yue glared at Immortal Venerable Nanji resentfully, “And mine. Of so many swordfish, only one has a jade plate!”

The Immortal Venerable Nanji laughed loudly, “This is called karma.”

However, when it came to the ninth wave of swordfish, the smile on his face disappeared and turned into an iron pot. He did not get a single jade plate from the wave of swordfish. This made Immortal Venerable Yao and Immortal Venerable Yue cover their mouths and laugh secretly.

“Eh, look ahead. The Beast Spirit geniuses of the Realm Clan and the Stone Clan have all scattered.” Immortal Venerable Qi suddenly said. Shen Ping and the others couldn’t help but look at the Realm Clan and Stone Clan at the front. They saw them scatter and get further and further away. “Could it be that there are some changes ahead?”

While they were guessing, the group rowed the raft for a while and arrived at this area. Soon, they noticed that the water quality was different from before. The water in this area was even more turbid, and it was extremely difficult to see the scenery under the lake. At the same time, the raft was more buoyant.

“There are swordfish under the water. The rules must have changed.”

Immortal Venerable Qi sized up the actions of the Realm Clan and Stone Clan and carefully observed the bottom of the water. After a while, he discovered that the swordfish were swimming. There were much fewer of them than before.

The Immortal Venerable Nanji looked into the distance and narrowed his eyes. “The surface of the water is extremely turbid and wide. It’s about an hour of water travel. This area might be a test of vision and luck.”

Immortal Venerable Yao added, “Although the previous test relied on luck, the advantage is too great for the Spirit Race, the Flame Race, and other large races. Especially the Spirit Race, there are more than a hundred Beast Spirit geniuses. Even if every one of them obtains a jade plate, they can gather a Great Dao secret technique in one wave.”

Shen Ping quietly activated his Pupil of Sea Beast to look at the turbid lake water. Energy auras immediately appeared in his vision. Although these auras were very weak, they were swordfish. In other words, other geniuses could only rely on luck and vision in this area, but he could see the location of every swordfish with his talent.

“The appearance of the Pupil of Sea Beast in this palace is too helpful to me!”

His expression did not change, but he was filled with emotions. Every strange beast talent was very useful. In this palace world, it could give him a huge advantage.

“While the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and the others have yet to catch up, let’s seize the time to split up and search for the swordfish. Remember to be careful.” As Immortal Venerable Nanji spoke, he looked at Shen Ping. “Shen Ping, especially you. If the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race have the chance, they will definitely surround you and eliminate you.”

“I’ll be careful.”

The group dispersed and began to search for swordfish in the water.

Shen Ping rowed the raft forward. He only activated his talent when he was far away. The swordfish under the turbid lake were not far from the surface of the water. The longsword could stab them, let alone the Primordial Chaos Spear.

Therefore, he killed the swordfish one by one with a spear. His efficiency was extremely high. The others, including the prodigies of the Realm Clan, the Stone Clan, and the others, could only find and kill one in five minutes on average. However, he could find more than ten in the same amount of time. If he was lucky and the swordfish were all nearby, he could find more than 30. In this turbid water, one out of every three swordfish would contain a jade plate.

Which meant, he could obtain five to ten jade plates every five minutes. Twenty minutes later, he had already obtained 32 jade plates. In addition to what he had obtained from the three waves of swordfish, he now had nearly 50 jade plates.

Shen Ping kept rowing the raft. He could see the position of the swordfish clearly, so to him, time was like a jade plate. He could not waste a single second.

Another five minutes passed.

The Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, the Flame Race, the Demon Race, and the others arrived at the turbid water. After understanding the rules, they also scattered to find the swordfish. This stretch of water was so wide that even if thousands of Beast Spirit geniuses were to scatter, they would not be conspicuous.

Suddenly, an energy aura ten times that of the other swordfish appeared in Shen Ping’s line of sight. His eyes lit up and he hurriedly rowed the raft over. Even though this big fish was on the turbid water, the waves produced by its swimming were very obvious. When he approached, the beast spirit geniuses of the other races also discovered it.

Even the distant Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others noticed the commotion on the water.

The big fish swam towards a genius of the Realm Clan. He simply activated the enhancement. His physique strengthened, and the strength of his arms suddenly increased. His arms waved the wood pulp like fire wheels and slashed crazily.

That Realm Clan prodigy was also risking his life. However, it was ultimately inferior in skill and could not kill the swordfish before Shen Ping caught up.

Pfft. This swordfish was completely golden in color. After killing it, a ball of light surged out. There were actually 25 jade plates inside, making the eyes of the Realm Clan prodigies and the Beast Spirit prodigies in the distance turn red.

Shen Ping grinned and put away the jade plate and the essence of the beast blood. The Realm Clan prodigy’s face darkened. Although he could not tell, Shen Ping could guess that it was in a bad mood. However, this prodigy did not do anything else. After all, everyone was suppressed and restrained. If they really fought on the water, no one was confident of eliminating the other party.

“Damn it.”

“Damn human junior!”

“This guy is really lucky.”

“No, I can’t let this junior obtain more jade plates!”

The Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race immediately arranged for some top prodigies and other prodigies to approach Shen Ping.

“Shen Ping, be careful.”

When Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others discovered this, they hurriedly approached Shen Ping and reminded him.

“Seniors, don’t worry. This water area is vast. It won’t be easy for them to catch up and surround me.” Shen Ping smiled. He had an enhancement talent. Just now, he had relied on this talent to quickly catch up to the big fish. If the water area was narrow, he might be surrounded. However, in such a wide water area, even if all the Beast Spirit geniuses of the Devil Clan, Spirit Race, and other races surrounded him, they would not be able to catch him.

He exerted strength in his arm, and the raft quickly distanced itself from the Beast Spirit genius of the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race.

The two Immortal Venerables were relieved.

Time passed bit by bit.

An hour later, Shen Ping was once again ‘extremely lucky’ to kill a big fish. Now, he had already accumulated more than 170 jade plates. He could be said to be rich.


“You got two big swordfish in a row. Shen Ping, your luck is unparalleled!”

“Haha, Shen Ping, good job.”

Even the human Immortal Venerables were envious, and the Devil Clan and Spirit Race were so jealous that they wished they could kill Shen Ping a thousand times.

“Seniors, the water is clearing. I’m afraid it’s almost time.”

Even without Shen Ping’s reminder, Immortal Venerable Nanji and the others had also discovered this. Therefore, they all sped up their search for the swordfish. As the water quality changed, it was easy to see the swordfish under the lake, but the number decreased at a visible speed. Many swordfish had even gathered in one area.

Another twenty minutes passed. Many Beast Spirit geniuses began to fight for it. This situation only lasted for a while before the water surface completely became clear and the swordfish gradually disappeared.

Shen Ping had already arrived at the front in advance. After the water quality changed, he quickly rowed the raft towards the island.

Now, after these two rounds of swordfish competition, every race could basically gather a hundred jade plates. For example, Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others each obtained more than 30 jade plates. The Spirit Race and the Flame Race obtained even more.

Therefore, the island became the key. Whoever boarded the island first would be able to unlock the Great Dao Jade Book Light Lock condensed from the jade plate.

The waves on the lake rippled, and thousands of rafts rushed crazily towards the island. Shen Ping was the fastest. Relying on his talent, he shook off the teams of the Realm Clan, the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and the others behind him in ten minutes.

Shen Ping was about to be the first to reach the island.

The Immortal Venerables and geniuses of the Devil Clan, Spirit Race, and other races could only grit their teeth and stare..

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