Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.619: Extreme Suppression (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.619: Extreme Suppression (2)

Chapter 619: Extreme Suppression (2)

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“Hahaha, Shen Ping, you’ve brought honor to our human race this time!”

The human Beast Spirits and geniuses gathered together. Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others praised him. Even Lin Yu, Hui Chang, Yan Xueyi, and the other True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals fought to praise him.

Shen Ping hurriedly cupped his hands humbly and said, “Seniors, you flatter me. I’m just doing my best.”

Master Lian Xuejin took advantage of the gap and sent a voice transmission with a smile, “Disciple, you’re very good. I’m happy for you.”

Shen Ping was still very happy to be praised by his master. “I won’t disappoint you.”

As they chatted, the black-robed Artifact Spirit senior appeared. He swept his gaze across all the Beast Spirit geniuses and waved his sleeve. A five-colored vortex entrance immediately appeared in the sky above the center of the palace. His voice spread out. “Little fellows, the purpose of the existence of the Realm Sea Peak and the Strange Beast Gate is to nurture true Beast Spirits. The test on the Beast Spirit Ranking is only the most basic comprehension and usage. If you want to become a true Beast Spirit, you have to experience more difficulties.

“In this palace, other than a portion of the beast blood’s essence, there are also 52 more precious powerful secret techniques. These secret techniques are exclusive to Beast Spirits. There are combat-type and comprehension-type secret techniques. Every secret technique can directly lead to the Great Dao. Among them, there are three top-notch secret techniques that can allow Beast Spirits to grow better. These secret techniques are incomparably precious even in the Realm Sea.

“In addition, there are also top-notch Beast Spirit Treasures and the exclusive Great Dao treasures of true Beast Spirits. Whether you can obtain them depends on your luck and hard work.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the Beast Spirit geniuses were excited.

Secret techniques were the most important of all resources. For example, Beast Blood Heavenly Spirit Liquid, Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, Beast Blood’s Essence, and so on were only supplementary. Secret techniques, on the other hand, could allow one’s combat strength to truly transform, especially secret techniques that led straight to the Great Dao. Even in the treasury of various races, they were extremely rare.

They did not expect that there were actually 52 direct Great Dao secret techniques in the palace this time.

Many Immortal Venerables were also emotional. Although they did not lack secret techniques, having more Great Dao secret techniques could allow them to use this as a reference to verify if the path of the secret technique they created or cultivated was right. This was very important. After all, if they took the wrong path, they would never reach the peak in their lives.

As for the Great Dao Treasure, such a treasure was even more attractive to them.


“This is our chance!”

“Haha, it’s really the right choice to come to the Strange Beast Gate. I didn’t expect there to be so many precious resources in the third palace!” That’s great. If I can obtain a Great Dao treasure, my combat strength will be comparable to a Venerable Sovereign!!”

All the Immortal Venerables, including the Immortal Venerables of the human race, had anticipation flickering in their eyes. They wished they could rush into the entrance of the vortex now. Although geniuses had the advantage in the palace world, as Immortal Venerables, even if their magic power was greatly suppressed, they were confident that they could suppress those geniuses. Therefore, in their eyes, be it secret techniques or Great Dao treasures, they were completely in their hands.

Shen Ping narrowed his eyes and thought to himself that these secret techniques should be related to the essence of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao that Beast Spirits could come into contact with. However, the Immortal Venerables were all among them. Even if they had an advantage in the front, the competition would probably be very intense.

“Since Senior Artifact Spirit allowed all the Beast Spirit geniuses to participate, you should have considered this. Perhaps the main point is the rules.” In fact, everyone knew that no matter how strong the geniuses were, they were not the match of the Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables. The so-called strategic advantage had long involved the Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables at the Heaven and Earth Great Dao realm. When facing geniuses at the Mahayana Realm, Tribulation Transcendence Realm and True Immortals, they were completely crushed in all aspects.

Therefore, it was not only Shen Ping who thought so. The strongest prodigies of the other races also had such guesses. After all, if there were no restrictions, there would be no need to fight for the secret techniques, treasures, and so on.’ They could just wait to see the battle between the Immortal Venerables.

The Immortal Venerables also understood that there would be restrictions, but they did not care. So what if the restrictions were huge? They had cultivated for many years and had experience.

“Go! I wish you good luck.”

The entrance of the five-colored vortex instantly opened. A large number of Beast Spirit prodigies rushed over.

Shen Ping followed closely behind. Immortal Venerable Qi and Immortal Venerable Yu transmitted their voices one after another, “Shen Ping, remember to transmit your voice to us immediately when you reach the palace world. If the Immortal Venerables of the other races encounter you, I’m afraid they will kill you no matter what the price is.”

Shen Ping’s heart skipped a beat. “I understand.”

Just as his body passed the light of the five-colored vortex, his consciousness instantly lost all sense. When he regained consciousness, the environment before him changed.

At this moment, he was in a dilapidated house. The whistling cold wind was bone-chilling and poured in from all directions. Looking into the distance through the unobstructed wooden window, he saw a vast white snow, as if it was a world of ice and snow.

“Mm? My magic power has disappeared!” Shen Ping’s expression changed. He actually did not have any magic power in his body. He did not even have the basic ability to seep his consciousness into his dantian to check. Moreover, he did not even have the ability to sense power, vision, divine sense, and other cultivators’ abilities. It was as if he had returned to an ordinary person from the Mahayana Realm. “Could this be the restriction? Isn’t it too huge?”

He quickly calmed down. If he didn’t have magic powers, then so did Immortal Venerables. However, when he thought of this, he couldn’t help but be speechless. To be able to make Immortal Venerables lose everything, Realm Sea Peak was really powerful and magical.

“There’s an advantage in being ranked higher. What’s my advantage?” Shen Ping seriously checked his body again and quickly discovered that his powerful physique was still there. More importantly, his strange beast talent was still there. He could even use the virtual interface. This made him heave a long sigh of relief. His physique was the Major Accomplishment Divine Demon Body. He could rely on his body to resist the attack of the Mahayana and Tribulation Transcendence Realm. With this physique, he could deal with any danger with ease.

Although his strength had disappeared, it was only relative to his previous strength. With his physique, his strength was still much stronger than ordinary people.

Next, he tried to activate his talent. As the magic power and bloodline in his body had been suppressed and disappeared, his entire body seemed to have completely burned after his talent was activated. Be it the Pupil of Sea Beast, teleportation, enhancement, or Soul Parasite, they could only last for a few breaths.

This made Shen Ping frown. His situation was special, and the other strongest prodigies did not have the talent of strange beasts, nor did they have the virtual interface. Therefore, they had no advantage at all.

However, Senior Artifact Spirit would not lie to them. After thinking for a long time, he could not figure out anything. He simply suppressed his thoughts and began to investigate his surroundings.

The dilapidated house was similar to the Mountain God Temple in the wilderness, and there was snow all around. Shen Ping even used his Pupil of Sea Beast to check. There was no energy aura within a radius of a few kilometers.

“The first time, I was looking for strange stones to exchange for treasures. The second time, I was looking for the beast blood’s essence in the cave. The third time should be to find secret techniques and Great Dao treasures, but there’s no map. Senior Artifact Spirit didn’t say the rules. So how can I find them?” He frowned and left the dilapidated house first. However, after walking for half a day, he returned to the house. There was nothing within a radius of several kilometers, and his body was that of an ordinary person. Senior Artifact Spirit’s arrangement should have a deeper meaning.

After all, it was a waste of time and stamina for ordinary people to walk for a few kilometers in the snow.

Time passed slowly. The sky actually darkened. At night, two bright moons hung high in the sky. The light was very bright, and even ordinary people could see everything within a hundred meters.

Shen Ping, who was resting with his eyes closed, heard a slight sound. He opened his eyes and immediately opened the Pupil of Sea Beast. Blood-colored energy appeared in his red line of sight. “It’s the insects in the cave!” His body immediately tensed up. Without magic power, forget about using methods, it was even difficult to take out a top-notch beast spirit treasure. A moment later, the worms that had crawled out of the wood surrounded him. Shen Ping subconsciously picked up a piece of wood in the house and smashed it at the worms. He did not expect that it would kill the worms..