Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.620: It’s Hard to Tell If It’s True or Fake (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.620: It’s Hard to Tell If It’s True or Fake (1)

Chapter 620: It’s Hard to Tell If It’s True or Fake (1)

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“Were these bugs actually so weak?” Shen Ping was stunned for a moment before his confidence rose. He kept waving the wood in his hand and smashed the insects to death. After dealing with all the insects in the dilapidated house, the dead insects immediately disintegrated into a large number of light spots.

The light spots quickly gathered into a road map. The range recorded on the map was very small. He suddenly understood and memorized the road map. He stepped on the thick snow and moved towards his next target. Along the way, it was snowing heavily, and it was very difficult to walk with the thick snow. However, this was nothing to Shen Ping. As long as his physique recovered, he would immediately use teleportation. A teleportation could easily cross a thousand meters even under suppression.

However, considering that he might miss something if he used teleportation continuously, every teleportation was maintained at a thousand meters. Because he did not have any magic powers, he could not send a message to his master, Immortal Venerable Nanji, and the others.

After twenty minutes, the next target on the road map had arrived. This was also a house similar to the Mountain God Temple. It was tattered, but the overall outline was still intact.

Shen Ping realized that there were actually flames flickering inside.

“Could it be another Beast Spirit genius?” He walked warily to the door of the house. Through the gap, he saw a beautiful figure sitting by the fire to warm herself. On closer look, it was actually Yin Ting. “Ting’er, I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Yin Ting stood up and turned around. When she saw that it was Shen Ping, she revealed a look of joy. She called him husband and ran towards him. Before Yin Ting could approach, Shen Ping instinctively felt a trace of disgust. As if it was a natural reaction from a living being, he subconsciously took a step back. “Husband, what’s wrong?” Yin Ting asked in confusion.

However, Shen Ping stared at Yin Ting in front of him. After activating the Pupil of Sea Beast, the energy aura displayed in his line of sight was actually exactly the same as the worm from before. This shocked him. “Who exactly are you?!”

“I’m your Ting’er!” As Yin Ting spoke, she approached.

Shen Ping immediately determined that the person in front of him was not Ting’er, because if it was Yin Ting, she would not say such words. Coupled with the aura of energy, he decisively raised the wood in his hand and suddenly exploded, smashing it towards Yin Ting’s head.

Bang! Yin Ting was flattened like a balloon. Her clothes and skin shattered and she instantly shrank into a bug the size of a face. This bug’s wings and carapace were densely covered in golden and purple patterns. Yin Ting’s voice sounded from her mouth, “Husband, you’re so heartless. I’m going to eat you!”

Buzz, buzz. It flapped its wings and pounced at Shen Ping. Shen Ping dodged and smashed with all his might again. The golden-purple worm cracked and turned into pure magic power that surged into Shen Ping’s body. His dantian recovered its vitality like a withered tree returning to spring, and his cultivation level rose to the Golden Core.

Phew. He could sense that his body had become stronger in all aspects. He heaved a sigh of relief and thought to himself that it was a close call. If not for the disgust in his heart, he might have fallen for it. “What kind of creature is this? It can actually change into the appearance of other living beings. Be it its form, appearance, or voice, it’s extremely vivid!”

His expression was solemn. Although the Pupil of Sea Beast could see its essence energy, that trace of disgust was the key. After all, the worm had transformed into Yin Ting. To his surprise, his vigilance decreased greatly. “If Master and Yin Ting encounter the transformed me, it will be bad!”

Shen Ping’s heart sank. “Killing this kind of insect can restore my magic power. I have to recover all my magic power as soon as possible and go find Master and Yin Ting.”

He had magic power. He first took out the Primordial Chaos Spear and sent a message to his master, Yin Ting, and the Immortal Venerable Nanji. Unfortunately, there was no response.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

At this moment, a large number of worms crawled out of all the wood in the house. With the Primordial Chaos Spear, he easily dealt with these worms and followed the road map of light spots to the next destination.

In another dilapidated house.

When Immortal Venerable Qi saw that it was Immortal Venerable Yu, he could not help but walk in, “Fellow Daoist Yu, I didn’t expect to meet you so quickly. The suppression of the palace world this time is really too powerful. It actually made all of us lose our magic powers. Although we still have our physiques and are still stronger than other geniuses, without magic powers and divine sense, it’s difficult to use many methods.”

Immortal Venerable Yu sighed, “That’s right. I think this is the balance of that artifact spirit senior. However, since we can meet, we can join forces to explore and occupy a considerable advantage.”

As he spoke, he walked towards Immortal Venerable Qi. Just like Shen Ping, when Immortal Venerable Yu approached, Immortal Venerable Qi felt a trace of disgust. The remaining situation was about the same. After dealing with the insect disguised as Immortal Venerable Yu, Immortal Venerable Qi’s magic powers recovered a little. He was about at the mid-stage of Qi Refinement.

“Such a strange disguising ability, even I was unable to detect it at all. Is this the test of this world?” As a good friend of Immortal Venerable Yu for countless years, Immortal Venerable Qi was too familiar with him, but he still did not see any difference. This made Immortal Venerable Qi vigilant. If he encountered others in the future, he would definitely maintain a trace of suspicion, and this was probably the test. “Mid-stage Qi Refinement realm. It’s really a long-lost nostalgia!”

A few days later, Shen Ping dealt with five golden-purple bugs in a row with the powerful talent of the Pupil of Sea Beast. His magic power completely recovered to the Mahayana Realm. Following the route, he quickly arrived at the eighth dilapidated house..