Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.618: Extreme Suppression (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.618: Extreme Suppression (1)

Chapter 618: Extreme Suppression (1)

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Human Race’s Misty Peak.

The smile on Venerable Sovereign Tianhong’s face had never disappeared from the Beast Spirit Ranking until the end. Previously, he had heard Lian Xuejin say that Shen Ping, this junior, had always been able to surprise people. Initially, he did not think much of it. After all, as a Venerable Sovereign, he had cultivated for countless years and had seen many geniuses, no matter how monstrous they were. However, Shen Ping’s results this time had refreshed his understanding of geniuses.

In just three tries, he had jumped to third place, surpassing the strongest prodigy of the Spirit Race. It could be said that other than the special races, Shen Ping was already the true number one prodigy of the myriad races.

This growth speed was really too shocking.

“A Beast Spirit, a top-notch Beast Spirit Treasure, and the entire Beast Blood level. Such strength shouldn’t be able to surpass that Spirit Race’s Ling Hao. Clearly, this little fellow still has unimaginable methods. However, the more unimaginable it is, the better!

“Every prodigy has their own fortuitous encounters. The strongest prodigies of the Spirit Race and the Devil Clan have a lot of fortuitous encounters. It’s normal for us human prodigies to have some hidden methods.”

“Haha, let’s see how they can still be smug when we meet the Immortal Venerables of the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race in the future.”

“Hmph, those guys from the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race are going to be completely disappointed this time. With such a monstrous prodigy, our human race will rise again sooner or later.”

“A long time ago, many races began to ease their relationship with the Human Race. I believe that after this Beast Spirit Ranking, more than half of the races will resume befriending the Human Race.”

The remaining Immortal Venerables were all overjoyed. In the Immortal Dao territory, the humans, the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and other powerful races were fighting endlessly. In particular, the competition for the territory had never stopped. Ever since the appearance of the Myriad Spirit Ranking, this competition has become even more intense. Many races had cut ties with the humans because they were afraid of the strength of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and other races.

For example, the battle for the defense line of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness was not worth mentioning at all compared to the battle for the territory of the race. As a result, the human race had no choice but to give up many territories, causing no Immortal King or Immortal Venerable to be born for tens of thousands of years.

But it was different now.

As Shen Ping, the prodigy, rose, he once again proved the powerful potential and future of the human race. The Myriad Spirit Ranking also continued to soar. Clearly, prodigies would continue to be born in the future. Therefore, as long as the other races recovered their relationship, the human race was confident that they could take back the territory they had lost.

One had to know that the number of Immortal Kings and Immortal Venerables in each race was greatly related to the territory. The more fertile and vast the territory, the higher the chances of producing geniuses. The more geniuses there were, the more immortal kings and Immortal Venerables there would be in the end.

The reason why the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, the Flame Race, the Demon Race, and other powerful races wanted to join forces to deal with the human race was because the human race was too strong during the prosperous era. The territory they occupied was extremely vast. If not for the fact that many Immortal Venerables and even some Venerable Sovereigns had died because of the internal strife of the human race, even if they declined, they would not be something the other races could deal with together.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, Immortal Venerable Yu, and the other Immortal Venerables who had become Beast Spirit geniuses had returned.

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong looked at them and said, “Nanji, Qi, Yu, Yao, the Beast Spirit Ranking has ended this time, and the third palace is about to open. I guess this palace should be related to the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth comprehended by Beast Spirits. Such resources are also helpful to you for reference. Since you have the right to enter, I hope that under the premise of ensuring that you obtain resources, you can try your best to help Shen Ping. If necessary, you can listen to his instructions.”

Who would feel uncomfortable letting an Immortal Venerable listen to the instructions of a Mahayana Realm expert?

Immortal Venerable Nanji and the other Immortal Venerables frowned slightly, but they quickly understood what Venerable Sovereign meant. From the first appearance of the palace, it was very likely that all the Beast Spirit geniuses participated to test the foundation of the race.

That was why Venerable Sovereigns guessed from this. The higher the ranking on the Beast Spirit Ranking, the greater the advantage. If Immortal Venerables like them wanted to fight for more, it was clearly best to listen to Shen Ping’s instructions.

“For the sake of the human race, I’ve wronged you for the time being.” Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong said.

“Yes, Venerable Sovereign. I’ll try my best to help Shen Ping later.”

Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others said one after another. No matter what they were thinking, since Venerable Sovereign had spoken, they could only agree. Moreover, in the palace world, the higher one’s cultivation level was, the more resources they could obtain.

While the human Venerable Sovereign and Immortal Venerables were discussing the birth of the palace, the Spirit Race, the Devil Clan, and many other races were also discussing urgently.

“The third palace’s appearance is extremely important. Since that artifact spirit senior said that all the Beast Spirit geniuses will participate, it will be an opportunity for our Spirit Race. Our Spirit Race has the most Beast Spirit geniuses, and those ranked in the top 10,000 will crush the other races. If the same situation happens as the first time, we must restrict the human race and not let them obtain any more resources!”

“Yes, Venerable Sovereign!”

The Devil Clan’s Venerable Sovereign was even more ruthless. He said, “Even if you can’t obtain resources, you can’t let humans obtain them. If there’s a chance, you have to deal with that human, Shen Ping, in the palace.”

It was the same for the Flame Race and the Demon Race.

The Winged Race began to change their attitude. With their safety and resources, they had a chance to cooperate with the humans.

A few days later, the light of the Realm Sea Peak’s palace appeared again in the Gate of the Strange Beast. All the Beast Spirit geniuses quickly gathered in the huge palace.

“Shen Ping, congratulations on reaching third place on the Beast Spirit Ranking and surpassing the strongest prodigy of the Devil Clan and the Spirit Race!”