Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.286 - Nangong Xuan

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.286 - Nangong Xuan

Nangong Wan’er’s explanation about her clan’s dynamics helped Chen Fan sense the cutthroat nature of competition within the Nangong Clan.

Large, prestigious clans like these were unlike the tiny Chen Clan, where unity prevailed and internal power struggles were minimal. The clan wholeheartedly did their best for the development of the family.

The Nangong Clan had too many branches. Every branch had competed and schemed against one another to obtain more resources and authority, hitting when one was down. Familial bonds were absent, replaced only by relentless competition—unforgiving and harsh.

“The competition in these clans runs deep.” Chen Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

Chen Fan had some grievances with the whole Nangong Clan. However, after talking with Nangong Wan’er, he no longer felt such deep resentment toward the Moon Bloodline. Otherwise, he would not have agreed to fight for them.

Her bloodline had been on the way out ever since his parents’ scandal. So, he had decided to help them out this one time. It was the least he could do.

Chen Fan was confident he could achieve this, as he believed that, let alone protecting the Moon Bloodline’s current seats, he could even get them more seats in the Council of Elders.

“Over the years, the Sun Bloodline and the Star Bloodline have been targeting and attacking us in every Bloodlines Martial Meet. They took four of our seats in the last three iterations.”

Speaking up until here, a trace of anger and helplessness flashed across Nangong Wan’er’s eyes.

Their enemies weakened them and used their weakened state to steal their seats; it was indeed lamentable.

“Why does your clan let the younger generation essentially decide the Council of Elders? Wouldn't it be better for the council members to undergo the entire attack and defense process?” Chen Fan asked, puzzled.

Nangong Wan’er smiled bitterly and said, “This is where the brilliance of our Nangong Clan's ancestors shines. Shifting the pressure onto the younger generation urges them to work harder. Failing to keep their council seats reduces their resources; it maintains a constant sense of tension. That's how our Nangong Clan has thrived, producing talents from the younger generation. Of course, my bloodline’s situation is an exception.”

Chen Fan nodded, comprehending the wisdom of the Nangong Clan’s ancestors.

There was no better source of motivation than pressure. It forced one to get better.

If Core Formation realm experts in the Council of Elders competed for the seats, the younger generations might lose motivation and indulge in a pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

In that case, any clan's prominence would be short-lived.

“Rest assured. If the opportunity arises, I’ll help your Moon Bloodline to seize a few more seats,” Chen Fan said, smiling.

Nangong Wan’er smiled helplessly, treating Chen Fan's words as a joke.

She would be delighted if her bloodline could keep their seats in the Bloodlines Martial Meet. She never even thought of taking more seats.

How could they attack when they didn’t even have the strength to defend?

“We’re here.”

As they chatted away, the trio arrived at the martial arts arena. It was already crowded with people, heat rising to the skies.

The trio instantly attracted numerous eyes, each observer wearing a playful and gloating expression.

“Hehe, the Moon Bloodline is here. Once their seats are taken at this Bloodlines Martial Meet, they'll be demoted to a branch bloodline.”

“Many people are eyeing the Moon Bloodline this time. There’s the Star and the Sun from the main bloodlines and even the Mountain, Serene, and River branch bloodlines.” [1]

“The Mountain, Serene, and River branch bloodlines each occupy a seat in the Council of Elders. If either could seize the Moon Bloodline’s two seats, they could become a main bloodline.”

“I doubt that's very likely. After all, the Sun Bloodline and the Star Bloodline are also eyeing those seats. Why would they let a fat piece of meat go? I say the Moon Bloodline will collapse here, and the Nangong Clan will only have two main bloodlines holding even greater authority.”

“You have a point. The Mountain, River, and Serene bloodlines aren’t weak, but when compared to the Sun and Star bloodlines, they are much inferior.”

“I heard that the Mountain Bloodline recruited a Martial Market Earth Leaderboard ranker to help them take the seat for themselves. I’m feeling very optimistic about them becoming a main bloodline.”

“Tch, that’s nothing. The Star Bloodline invited Muye Xiao, another ranker. There’s also the Sun Bloodline, with the Qin Clan’s number one genius, Qin Jian. He is thirty-sixth on the leaderboard.”


Many people discussed how the situation would unfold. Their words reached Nangong Wan’er’s ears, causing her expression to darken.

Chen Fan, on the other hand, didn’t mind it at all. He completely ignored the crowd’s gazes.

“Hmm? Who’s that kid? A helper invited by the Moon Bloodline? He doesn’t seem any good.”

“I heard his name is Wang Dongfan. He’s new in the city, but he obtained ten consecutive wins in the Martial Market’s Arena ten days ago. So, he is also on the leaderboard.”

“For real? How did the Moon Bloodline manage to invite a ranker? Are they going all-in on this fight?”

“It’s all for naught. A friend of a friend said that Wang guy cowered like a rat and immediately surrendered when Muye Xiao challenged him.”


Many people’s gazes fell on Chen Fan. Some held curiosity, others displayed disdain, and some even showed contempt.

Nangong Wan’er led Chen Fan and Chu Xuan’er to the Moon Bloodline's waiting area as they prepared for the commencement of the Bloodlines Martial Meet.

About an hour later, the melodious sound of bells suddenly resounded.

Clang, clang, clang!

Immediately, the people's gazes in the martial arts arena became focused. The noisy arena gradually quieted down.

The sound of something breaking through the wind rang. Next, several figures appeared in the skies directly above the arena. The newcomers exuded extremely powerful auras, making the people’s hearts palpitate.

There were seventeen in total; among them, Chen Fan spotted Nangong Baxiong.

Leading the group was a white-haired elder, appearing old and emitting a seemingly languid and weighty aura, suggesting the end of his life was near.

However, Chen Fan could sense that this person’s cultivation was unfathomably deep. It wasn’t any inferior to Wei Buyu’s.

A high-level Core Formation realm powerhouse! Chen Fan’s eyes narrowed.

This elder was either at the sixth level of the Core Formation realm or higher. He would be a top expert even in the Spring Autumn Sect and could rise to the authoritative position of Grand Elder.

The numerous Nangong clansmen in the martial arts arena greeted him respectfully. Even the bloodline leaders looked at him with reverence.

“Greetings to the Grand Elder.”

“He’s our Nangong Clan’s Grand Elder, Nangong Xuan,” Nangong Wan’er said, looking at that aged figure with a deep look of reverence.

"The Star and Sun Bloodlines have been entangled in a power struggle for years. Without the Grand Elder's suppression, the Nangong Clan would have descended into chaos."

Chen Fan maintained a calm expression.

While Nangong Xuan was undoubtedly formidable, it didn't concern him. Moreover, he had heard from Nangong Wan’er that Nangong Xuan gave the order all those years ago to place Nangong Yue under house arrest.

The house arrest still hadn’t come to an end.

This alone left Chen Fan with a less-than-favorable impression of Nangong Xuan.

A faint smile appeared on Nangong Xuan’s face. He glanced across the arena, and his aged voice resounded in space.

“Today marks our Nangong Clan's once-every-six-years Bloodlines Martial Meet—a grand occasion for our clan. I shan’t say much. Let’s begin the martial meet.

“If you want to keep your seats, demonstrate your capabilities. Otherwise, your seats will go to those who have cultivated hard.”

“Yes!” The sixteen figures behind him responded in unison. Then, they flew down to their respective bloodlines.

“The Bloodlines Martial Meet officially begins!”

1. Mountain, Serene, and River bloodlines use the same characters as Nangong Shan, You, and Chuan, their respective leaders. Meanwhile, Moon Bloodline’s leader is Nangong Baxiong, but the bloodline name uses the same character as Chen Fan’s mother, Nangong Yue. In a few chapters we find out Sun and Star Bloodline Leaders' names have nothing to do with it, however. ☜

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