Unrivaled Martial Emperor - C.285 Moon Bloodline’s Situation

Unrivaled Martial Emperor

C.285 Moon Bloodline’s Situation

Nangong Chuan and Nangong You turned around when they heard the voice. A tall and burly middle-aged man came walking toward them.

“Nangong Shan!”

Nangong Shan was in charge of the Nangong Clan in Yandu County. He had boundless strength and immense talent. Rumors circulated that he had successfully broken through to the third level of the Core Formation realm half a year ago. This achievement weighed heavily on Nangong Chuan and Nangong You.

Nangong Shan walked over confidently and said domineeringly, “Hoho, Nangong Chuan, Nangong You, it seems both of you want to be a part of the main bloodlines. However, you should just forget about it, for that position is ours.”

Nangong Chuan and Nangong You immediately smiled coldly and said, “Nangong Shan, that isn’t up to you. The strength of our bloodlines' younger generation will decide that.”

“Is that right? My son’s already at the peak of the fourth level, and he even invited an expert to assist him; the expert is on the Martial Market Earth Leaderboard. So, what does your bloodline have?” Nangong Shan said, his tone carried a hint of disdain and pride.

Nangong Chuan and Nangong You’s expressions darkened. A leaderboard expert assisting their opponent posed a formidable challenge for their bloodlines.

“Alright, I won't waste time engaging in pointless talk. It wouldn't look good if outsiders saw me. Enter the mansion already. To become a main bloodline, you have to pull the Moon Bloodline down first. How about we three put our differences aside for now and deal with the Moon Bloodline with all our strength? We can decide the future after that,” Nangong Shan said.

“That goes without saying. The Moon Bloodline has been declining, getting overshadowed by the Sun Bloodline and the Star Bloodline. The Bloodlines Martial Meet this time is a huge opportunity for our bloodlines. Of course, we’ll have to seize it. Let’s target the Moon Bloodline and pull them down first,” said Nangong You, nodding.

“Come on, let’s head in.” Although Nangong Chuan did not explicitly agree with them, his expression had softened. He raised his head high and strode forth, walking into the Nangong Clan mansion.

Afterward, more caravans from various branches of the Nangong Clan arrived at the square. Nangong Clan experts appeared one after another, and elders who had been traveling returned for the occasion.

Every iteration of the Bloodlines Martial Meet was a huge event and grand occasion for the Nangong Clan. After all, it decided the benefits each bloodline would receive.

This time, with the Moon Bloodline in a vulnerable position, the various branch bloodlines were well-prepared to seize the opportunity and surpass them at the event.

Calm Sun Marquis mansion:

Early in the morning, Chu Xuan’er came to the west wing courtyard and brought Chen Fan along to the Nangong Clan.

When they arrived at the Nangong Clan mansion, Nangong Wan’er awaited them.

“Come, let me take you to meet Father first.”

Nangong Wan’er led the two and passed by numerous courtyards as if navigating through a maze. They arrived at the Moon Bloodline’s manor and met Nangong Baxiong.

Meeting him in person, Chen Fan could sense Nangong Baxiong’s deep cultivation.

“Greetings to the Moon Bloodline’s Bloodline Leader," Chen Fan respectfully greeted with a cupped fist.

Nangong Baxiong looked at Chen Fan, sizing him up. Soon, his eyes narrowed slightly and flickered for a second. “So, you’re Wang Dongfan. You promised Wan’er to fight for our bloodline?”

Chen Fan nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“Wan’er offered you an ordinary Grade-3 treasure as remuneration. Logically speaking, she shouldn’t be able to recruit an expert like you with just that. Why did you agree to her offer?” Nangong Baxiong asked.

Chen Fan said calmly, “There’s no reason behind it. I’m only doing this on account of Xuan’er. Of course, if Bloodline Leader is uncomfortable with my presence, I can leave immediately.”

Nangong Wan’er grew anxious from the side.

If Chen Fan left, their Moon Bloodline would truly have little hope of maintaining their position in the meet.


“Alright, then. Regardless of the outcome, I can give you the Grade-3 sword treasure right now.” With a flip of his palm, a sharp sword appeared in Nangong Baxiong’s hand, giving off a chilling light.

Chen Fan accepted the sword without hesitation, stowing it away. “One ought to do their best when entrusted with a task. Rest assured, I will do just that.”

“Alright, Wan’er, bring him to the martial arts arena first. I’ll be right there,” Nangong Baxiong said.

After the three of them left, a light flashed in Nangong Baxiong’s eyes. He muttered to himself, “Is he Yue’er and his child?”


“In our Nangong Clan, the Council of Elders has the highest authority. Every family decree must be deliberated by the Council of Elders, reaching a unanimous decision. Essentially, controlling the Council of Elders means controlling the entire Nangong Clan.”

As they walked, Nangong Wan’er told Chen Fan in detail about some of the Nangong Clan's matters.

“Currently, there are sixteen seats in the Council of Elders. Among them, the Sun Bloodline occupies six, the Star Bloodline five, and our Moon Bloodline... only has two. They are for my father and another Core Formation realm elder of our Moon Bloodline. The other bloodlines occupy the last three seats.”

Nangong Wan’er’s tone sounded bitter, and she also had a bitter smile.

As one of the main bloodlines, the Moon Bloodline held merely two seats in the Council of Elders.

“Only two seats...” Chen Fan frowned. The Moon Bloodline was really in dire straits.

He already knew that in the Nangong Clan, only Core Formation realm experts could enter the Council of Elders. The Nangong Clan boasted no fewer than twenty Core Formation realm powerhouses, a formidable number befitting their status as one of the four great houses.

“At our peak, our Moon Bloodline also occupied six seats. However, ever since the incident with my aunt, constant suppression by the Sun Blood, Star, and other bloodlines weakened our influence. Therefore, we received inadequate resources, resulting in a talent decline within our Moon Bloodline.

“According to the Bloodlines Martial Meet’s rules, bloodlines holding seats in the Council of Elders must establish a defense arena. The number of defenders correlates with the number of seats held. If defeated during the defense, the bloodline automatically loses a seat.

“This time, you and I will defend the ring for our Moon Bloodline. I’m afraid the other bloodlines will target us. If we fail, the Moon Bloodline will lose its main bloodline status and be demoted to a branch bloodline, extinguishing our hopes of rising again.”

“I see.” Chen Fan nodded.

It explained why the Nangong Clan attached such significance to the Bloodlines Martial Meet. It wasn't just about the benefits of various bloodlines; it was intricately linked to the highest authority within the Nangong Clan.

Earning an additional seat in the Council of Elders meant greater influence in the clan.

“We’re here.”

Before they realized it, the trio arrived at the martial arts arena.

The Nangong Clan’s martial arts arena was already filled with a sea of people.

As one of the great houses of the imperial city, they had many clansmen. Fortunately, the martial arts arena was incomparably spacious. It could easily accommodate a hundred thousand people.

The people from the various bloodlines had already rushed back, returning from every corner. The majority were already in the martial arts arena, eagerly awaiting the commencement of the Bloodlines Martial Meet.

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