Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.382 - : 378:1 am their dearest daughter!

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.382 - : 378:1 am their dearest daughter!

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Three days after the visit from Kennedy Green and his wife, Roy Lewis took Richelle Dunn and their three children to visit his parents’ tomb.

After a few gloomy days, the weather finally cleared up.

Uncle Axel had prepared quite a few offerings, but Richelle said that it was her, Timothy, and Tifanny’s first time seeing their grandparents and they needed to prepare the offerings themselves.

She asked Roy about his parents’ preferences and tastes, then prepared the ingredients the day before. On the day, she got up early and cooked a feast.

Roy felt sorry for her and stood behind her in the kitchen to give her a back massage.

“Baby, does your back still hurt?”

Richelle was both annoyed and amused, raising her elbow to bump his chest.

“Master Lewis, aren’t you being a little hypocritical here?”

If it weren’t for his energy last night, she wouldn’t have had a sore back now.

Roy massaged her back with one hand while holding her close with the other, leaning in to give her a kiss on the face.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist…”

Richelle had heard this excuse “couldn’t resist” far too many times recently.

“I used to think you had the strongest self-control of anyone I’ve met.”

Roy had a thick skin, “Yes, I think my self-control is very strong, but when I’m with you, there’s just no way!”

Richelle rolled her eyes, “So this is my fault?”

Roy asked her with a smile, “Is there a song called ‘Blame my excessive beauty?’

Richelle was even more speechless, “Oh, so it’s all my fault?”

Roy kissed her again and whispered soothingly.

“No, it’s all my fault for having no regard for your well-being and comfort.”

Richelle nodded in satisfaction, “That’s more like it.”

After she finished, she looked at the nearly ready dishes on the preparation table and instructed Roy.

“Ask Uncle Axel to get everything else ready, I’m almost done here.”

As Roy left the kitchen, Richelle suddenly remembered something and made a phone call.

“Aunt, last time I heard you mention that Roy’s parents have a special flower that symbolizes their love. Do you know what flower it is?”

Richelle had asked Roy before, but he wore a blank expression, as if he had never heard his mother mention it.

“It’s hibiscus flowers. Because at the time, your uncle-in-law fell in love with your aunt at first sight, and seeing that she was about to leave with her classmates, he picked a bunch of bright red hibiscus flowers from a flower bed to confess his feelings, and your aunt accepted him.”

Richelle suddenly understood why Roy didn’t know about his parents’ love symbolizing flower.

It was because his father had passed away when he was just over three years old, and for Mrs. Lewis who remained in the world, all the happiness of the past was now poison.

On the way to the cemetery, Richelle finally spotted some red hibiscus flowers along the road, and asked the driver to stop the car so she could pick a bunch.

Back in the car, she said to Roy,”

“You’ll have to help me pay the fine to the landscaping department later!”

Roy agreed and couldn’t help but glance at the hibiscus flowers she was holding.

“What are these?”

Richelle didn’t keep it from him, “These are the flowers that symbolize your parents’ love. They used to be planted everywhere, but now it’s really hard to find a few.”

Roy was somewhat incredulous, “My parents’ love flowers? Who told you that?”

Richelle laid out the prepared wrapping paper, “My aunt told me…”

Roy looked thoughtful as he watched her, and after a while, he finally spoke up.

“When we get back, let’s plant a couple of these in the yard.”

Richelle nodded and bent down to carefully wrap the bouquet.

Roy’s parents were buried in the Lewis family’s private cemetery, on a small hill on the outskirts of Kindur.

The bodyguards carried the offerings up the hill, while Richelle handed Tifanny the hibiscus flowers, Timmy the bottle of aged wine their grandfather loved, and Timothy the cake their grandmother loved.

The family of five stood in front of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis’ shared tombstone. Richelle instructed the children to place each item on the grave and then bow three times to their grandparents.

After the offerings were arranged, Roy poured a cup of wine for his parents.

“Mom and Dad, you must be wondering why there are suddenly so many more people.”

“That’s right, I found Timmy’s real mother, as well as Timmy’s twin brother and sister. Yes, you’re not seeing things; you now have a beautiful, capable daughter-in-law and three well-behaved grandchildren.”

“Mom and Dad, the pain and suffering you endured for me, the heavens have turned into blessings and brought them to me.”

“Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life, for raising me so that I could have such a wonderful spouse and adorable children.”

Roy calmly finished speaking and poured another cup of wine for Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.

Richelle waited for him to step back before she too poured a cup for the two elders.

“Uncle and Aunt, thank you for giving birth to and raising a child like Roy.”

“Please bless his upcoming surgery and give him a long life.”

“And please bless the three children to grow up healthy and safe.”

The three children followed their parents’ example and bowed to their grandparents in turn.

When they returned to the RV, Roy couldn’t help but tease Richelle.

“Baby, you said you were a doctor.”

Richelle knew he was referring to her words at the tombstone and replied seriously.

“Yes, I’ve always believed that my parents are watching over me from heaven. So, I tell myself to live well.. After all, I’m their most precious daughter!”

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