Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.381 - : 377: She Covets Mo Years’ Money and

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.381 - : 377: She Covets Mo Years’ Money and


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Maggie Mitchell and her spouse had discussed visiting Roy Lewis’s parents and brought out a document, which Maggie handed to Richelie Dunn.

“Richelle, this is a little something from Roy’s mother.”

Richelle took a look, “Green Group Stock Transfer Agreement.”

Richelle was surprised and puzzled, “Auntie, this is Green Group…”

Maggie nodded, “Yes, these Green Group stocks are just a portion of what Roy’s mother held. Most of them have already been transferred to Roy according to her wishes, but this part is specifically for you, her daughter-in-law.”

Richelle turned to look at Roy, who nodded in agreement.

“Yes, it’s true. My mom said it to my face. With these stocks, even if my future wife is just an ordinary wage earner, she will have the confidence to be happy with me.”

Richelle couldn’t imagine that someone who had been gone for more than a decade would have thought of all this.

But soon, she understood.

Because, she was a mother.

“Roy, your mother must love you very much!”

In the past, Roy didn’t think his mother loved him that much.

But since he started taking care of Timmy wholeheartedly, he gradually felt his parents’ deep and great love for him.

“Yes, they both love me very much.”

Although Roy didn’t mention this much.

But Richelle always felt that a child lacking love would hardly develop a strong and tolerant personality like Roy’s.

Richelle flipped through the agreement and handed it back to Maggie.

“Auntie, I can’t sign this agreement.”

Maggie was anxious, “Why? You and Roy will get married eventually. Whether I give these stocks to you sooner or later, it’s all the same, isn’t it?”

Richelle turned to one item, “This part mentions the management and involvement of Green Group. Auntie, as you know, I don’t have the energy to handle more responsibilities.”

Maggie let out a sigh of relief, “Silly girl, that’s just to give you a nominal position at Green Group, so you won’t be bullied. Who would really let you get involved in the management, with your busy schedule? Not to mention, Roy wouldn’t allow it!”

But no matter how Maggie explained, Richelle was still unwilling to sign.

And Richelie’s excuse was just a pretext.

Maggie had no choice but to look at Roy.

Roy knew Richelle’s thoughts better, “Auntie, if Richelle doesn’t want to sign, it’s fine. If it’s really not possible, just transfer these stocks to the three children, and let Richelle supervise.”

Roy suggested a compromise, similar to how his grandfather had handled it. Maggie thought about it and finally compromised.

“Fine, let’s do it according to your wishes, and transfer them equally to the three children’s names.”

And so, Kennedy Green and his wife, who initially came with the intention of evaluating Richelle, left with nothing but praise for her.

“Richelle, call your aunt more when you have time. Your uncle is always busy, and I’m lonely on my own.”

The children agreed on Richelle’s behalf, “Aunt, don’t worry, we will call you every day.”

After dinner, Timothy and Tifanny had already grown fond of these harmonious and humorous elders.

Maggie bent down and held out her finger.

“Let’s make a promise!”

The three children each made a pinky promise with her. The family laughed and played together as they sent the elderly couple off.

On the car, Maggie held Kennedy’s hand and teased him with a smile.

“What do you think? Satisfied? Don’t you think Richelle is a perfect match for your precious nephew now?”

Even if Kennedy didn’t say it out loud, Maggie, who had accompanied him for decades, knew his thoughts very well.

Kennedy glanced at her helplessly, “Can’t you at least leave me some dignity?”

Maggie laughed, “I’m just happy for you and Roy.”

Kennedy agreed, “Yes, it’s a great joy.”

Maggie couldn’t stop praising Richelle.

“Right? Richelle has such high achievements, but she is still humble and polite.”

“What’s most rare is that she’s not rigid in her field, but also smart and transparent, as pure as a child.”

Kennedy found it hard not to agree.

“Yes, at the beginning, I was a bit resistant because, after all, the beginning of their relationship wasn’t honorable.”

Maggie’s expression turned serious, “Mr. Green, I stand with Richelle on this. She is the biggest victim in the whole thing.”

Kennedy knew it, but at first, he felt his nephew, who was also a victim, deserved more sympathy.

“For you men, even if you are really framed, it is just a night of losing control and providing one sperm. But for us women, the suffering could last a lifetime.”

“Richelle is truly amazing. She not only defeated herself but also the world’s opinion.. Everything she has now, her career, the love of her children, and Roy’s love, were all fought for, step by step!”

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