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Chapter 866: Gold Bandit

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“Then there’s nothing we can do now. Can we only continue to be his thugs here?” Yu Qingyu stood there unwillingly. After all, the current situation was not very good for them.

The follower was helpless.” Who said there’s no way? Isn’t the solution right in front of us?”

Chu Bai’s interest was immediately piqued when he heard that there was a way. He indeed needed to think of a way in this situation.

But what kind of method could he use to get out of this predicament?

Chu Bai stood at the side, waiting for her thoughts.

The notice of the expert follower directly told him his method on the spot without much beating around the bush.

“She treats us as her thugs, so we can also use her, right? We’ll just use the sect’s banner. That way, we’ll have a good excuse.” The words ‘follow the strong* had awakened the person in the dream.

Chu Bai immediately had an idea after hearing this.

“Indeed, since the sect leader wants to use me to fight against so many people, then 1’11 show him. No matter what happens later, 1’11 push it all onto the sect’s head.”

Chu Bai was finally enlightened.

The follower nodded, indicating that this was what he meant.

Yu Qingyu, who was standing at the side, finally reacted.” If that’s the case, everything we did was on the Sect Master’s orders. Then we don’t have to take the blame.”

” That’s for sure. No matter how you fight in the future, it will be very easy.” Chu Bai finally heaved a sigh of relief. Things had already come to this. No matter what happened next, they would no longer be used for nothing.

Just like that, another day passed.

Chu Bai’s reputation also rose with the tide. Everyone in the sect knew of his name, Bai Ye.

White Night was already quite famous in the entire sect. At this time, he had already come to the other side to prepare to level up.

Chu Bai had been preparing to level up here yesterday, but he had been delayed by some matters. Today was the perfect opportunity.

Chu Bai split Spider Valley apart with a single slash. The last person stood on top of it and continued to kill monsters. The spiders couldn’t withstand his attacks at all and died here very quickly.

Chu Bai’s level was also steadily increasing. Although it was relatively slow, at least he was working hard to increase it.

Just as he was grinding, he suddenly saw something flash past the forest below the valley.

“What exactly is that?” Chu Bai jumped down cautiously and entered the forest.

He wanted to see what the thing that flashed past in the forest was. After all, it seemed a little troublesome now.

As soon as they entered the forest, they felt that their vision had become very narrow. There was not much to see around them. Only the sunlight falling from the leaves could illuminate a little.

When Chu Bai realized that his vision had become smaller, he immediately opened the map and looked around. Everything was normal.

Chu Bai’s heart finally calmed down a little. Next, he wanted to see what the thing that flashed past just now was.

Just as he was searching, a golden light suddenly flashed in front of him.

“The Gold Bandit has appeared!”

Suddenly, he heard the system’s notification.

Chu Bai immediately perked up. The words ‘Gold Bandit’ sounded unbelievable and filled him with confidence.

There must be a lot of treasure in this thing.

[Gold Bandit]: Level 16, Grade: Forbidden Beast. A Bandit who roams between the major sects. He has terrifying thieving abilities and countless treasures on him. Legend has it that those who can catch him can obtain all the treasures on him.

[Skill: [Steal]: Every attack has a 50% chance of stealing half of the enemy’s money. The maximum value is 10,000.]

[Gold Steal: Each attack can steal a gold item from the enemy.] [Cooldown: 1 hour]

Chu Baiguang looked at this guy’s two terrifying skills and instantly felt disgusted. He didn’t expect that this Gold Bandit could actually steal equipment and money.

Chu Bai felt that it was unlikely, but as long as he could kill him, he might really be able to get all the rewards on him. There must be a lot of good rewards on this Gold Bandit.

If he could kill a Gold-tier Bandit, he would definitely be able to obtain many powerful tools.

Chu Bai’s interest was immediately piqued, and he started chasing after the Gold Bandit.

It kept shuttling back and forth in the forest.

Chu Bai kept looking for the Golden Bandit. Every time he found him, he would suddenly disappear.

This made Chu Bai very angry. He had already searched back and forth a few times, but this Gold Bandit still hadn’t run away. It was ridiculous.

Although Chu Bai was dissatisfied, he still decided to give chase with all his might for the sake of a good reward like the Golden Bandit.

As long as they could catch up to this so-called Gold Bandit, they would be able to obtain a very good reward.

Chu Bai continued to chase after him. After an unknown distance, a strange place appeared in front of him.

In front of them was a place filled with strange rocks. A short woman was standing there, surrounded by many men who were attacking her.

Chu Bai hurriedly ran over when he saw this.

“Isn’t it bad for so many people to bully a woman?” Chu Bai said angrily. At the same time, he drove the people nearby to the side.

Chu Bai looked around. There were many people nearby, but their attacks were indeed weak.

“Who dares to stop my Big Screw Sect?”

Big Screw Pie? Chu Bai couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard this strange name.

The laughter was so loud that it was heard by everyone.

When the surrounding men heard this laughter, they were furious and attacked together.

Chu Bai was just about to retaliate when the woman beside him pulled him and ran.

“Hurry up and run. You’re not their match. These people are very strong, and they want to snatch it.”

Before Chu Bai could react, he was pulled to a corner by this woman.

” They shouldn’t be able to catch up. My teleportation speed was very fast.” The woman beside him said directly. It seemed that she thought that her strength was quite good.

“What’s your name? Why are you being chased by so many strange people?” Chu Bai looked at the woman beside him curiously, not understanding why she was being pursued by so many people.

“My name is Song Meiyu, and I’m from a nearby sect. They wanted to capture me up the mountain to make some cultivation equipment for their sect master. I didn’t agree, so they surrounded me.” Song Meiyu gave a simple explanation, but she didn’t explain her specific identity.

Chu Bai nodded in understanding.

“Then what do you plan to do next? And why did you run just now?”

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