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Chapter 865: Becoming a Fighter

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” There are no ifs. End.”

Chu Bai’s sword streaked across the sky like a shooting star. It was a cold light in the night, and it took Wu Shan’s life.

Wu Shan felt a chill on his neck and fell to the ground. His HP bar was instantly emptied.

The moment his health bar emptied, Wu Shan dropped all his equipment.

Chu Bai rushed forward and picked up the things on the ground.

The Great Elder looked over in shock. He did not expect this guy to be so fast. When he saw so many equipment drop, he wanted to come up and take a look. He did not expect White Night to be so fast.

“White Night! This is all the sect’s property, how can you take it all by yourself? And now that your companions are all on the ground, you should go and save them.” The Great Elder had just planned to use a little trick to make White Night spit out what he had just taken.

However, Bai Ye did not accept moral coercion at all. Pie just packed everything in his backpack.

“As the Great Elder, you should hurry up and save your disciple. Instead, you’re talking to a lead disciple like me about these things. Isn’t that bad? And I’m very tired. I just went through a huge battle.”

Chu Bai walked over and began to detoxify everyone. He had just found the antidote in Wu Shan’s backpack, and he could detoxify everyone around him.

When the Great Elder heard this, he blushed. He was indeed a little excited just now, but so many good things were taken away by Bai Ye. It was really a loss.

After all, he had paid a high price in the battle just now. If it was still the same now, it would be a loss for him.

“Everyone should be awake, right? I’ve already killed the sect master of the Wushan Sect.”

When the other disciples of the Myriad Poison Cave who were standing far away saw that their sect master was already dead, they did not have the mood to continue staying here.

After all, the sect leader was already dead. There was no point in staying here.

Chu Bai continued to pick up the things on the ground. The most important thing now was to get these things in his hands.

After the others woke up and looked at the scene in front of them, they finally understood what had happened here.

” 1 didn’t expect White Night to actually win.”

” He’s really too powerful. White Night actually won this battle.”

“The sect master of Wu Mountain is not on par with the Lin family. No one can cure this poison.”

” 1 didn’t expect White Night to solve the problem by himself. So many of us attacked him for half a day, but we still couldn’t compare to him alone?”

What they didn’t know was that it was because they had been attacking for half a day that White Night, who had unlimited skills, could continue to move.

Using their skills, the attributes of this ultimate skill were really powerful.

Wu Shan didn’t even know how he lost.

Just as everyone woke up, the sect master returned.

Jun Ling suddenly flew in from outside the mountain.

“I’ve already heard about it. It seems that our sect has been through too much recently. It seems that we need to discuss it properly.” Jun Ling seemed to be prepared as soon as she opened her mouth. These words seemed to have been hidden in his heart for a long time.

It seemed that there was a script. He had written the lines in advance and was just saying them now.

When Chu Bai saw this, he finally understood that this series of actions was all pushed by the sect master behind the scenes. He had suddenly become her thug.

“Sect Master! Bai Ye took everything from the Wushan Sect Master alone.” The Great Elder suddenly saw the Sect Leader and immediately went forward to report.

After Sect Leader Jun Ling heard these words, he only shook his head and did not express his opinion.

“Since White Night has already won this battle, it’s normal for the item to belong to him. There’s no need to talk about this matter anymore. It’s better to quickly clean up the scene.”

After Sect Leader Jun Ling finished speaking, she turned around and left. It seemed that Sect Leader had already known all of this.

Chu Bai knew that he had only just realized that he had become someone else’s thug. He didn’t expect that he would work so hard as a thug for her instead.

It seemed that Jun Ling had long wanted to eliminate these people nearby. That was why she deliberately caused trouble here and then suddenly left, leaving him here alone.

Moreover, the sect leader even gave him equipment. It was obvious that he was using his strength to fight against them.

The Lin family and the people from the Myriad Poison Cave had traces of Sect Leader Junling’s existence behind them. It was obvious that the Sect Leader was behind this.

After Chu Bai understood everything, he finally had a headache.

Yu Qingyu finally took the opportunity to walk up.

“Chu Bai! We seem to have become thugs. We were the ones who used the sect master, but now it’s the other way around.” Yu Qingyu felt helpless after saying this. After all, they were being used by others.

” 1 know about this too. In this situation, it’s fine even if we become her henchmen. After all, we don’t have a choice. We’re not like Feng Yun. That guy bought two sects and we don’t.”

At this moment, Chu Bai was quite envious of Feng Yun. This old fellow had spent a lot of money to buy two sects, and now he was doing very well.

Although Yan Gexing was not strong enough, he could still maintain it.

It was not bad that Feng Yun could maintain it at the side.

“Now, we can consider one thing, and that is whether or not we should still become the Sect Leader’s henchmen. Now that our levels have fallen, we still have to hurry up and catch up. If we continue to make enemies here…”

Chu Bai still felt that they couldn’t continue to be the sect leader’s henchmen. They would definitely be abandoned in the final stage.

It was only a matter of time.

“We still have value, so there won’t be any problems for the time being.” The follower stood at the side and said. After all, this matter was already obvious.

The expert follower quickly analyzed a lot of topics after joining the conversation. Her analysis was very good, and she also analyzed many key problems.

“Things have already come to this point. You and I can’t avoid it. It seems that we still have to think about it.” Chu Bai had no other choice. After all, he still had to rely on this sect.

Without the help of the sect, their development would not be very good.

Chu Bai didn’t have any good ideas. After all, he still had to rely on Jun Ling.

With your strength, you can defeat the two chiefs. Perhaps you can also deal with Junling?” Yu Qingyu suddenly thought of this. After all, this was not bad. If they could defeat her, then they would not have to worry so much.

Once Jun Ling died, they would not be in any danger.

Chu Bai shook his head. He didn’t believe them at all. Their strength could reach this level. No matter how they fought, they wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

” It’s impossible. This woman’s strength is unfathomable..”

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