Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely - C.860 - : First Elder’s Terrifying Strength

Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely

C.860 - : First Elder’s Terrifying Strength

Chapter 860: First Elder’s Terrifying Strength

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Wu Shan had suddenly come looking for him, and there were no experts in the sect at the moment.

Chu Bai stood there as if he had become the target of public criticism.

Wu Shan directly pointed the spearhead at him.

Chu Bai stood on the spot with a speechless expression. He didn’t expect to become their target.

Who had he offended by standing here?

He did not expect that he would actually become their target.

“That’s not true. Although I’ve been there, 1 didn’t have enough time, okay?” Chu Bai defended himself again.

Wu Shan nodded to show that this was a good reason, but no one had been there except him.

“Although you have a good reason, you’re the only one who’s been there, right? Now, you must give me a perfect answer.” Wu Shan stood where he was, exuding an oppressive aura.

When the first elder saw this situation, he could not help but walk out in the end.

He didn’t expect that someone would come looking for trouble immediately after the sect leader left. The first elder had no choice but to walk out.

Since the sect leader was not around, he could only come out and see the situation himself.

“Our sect leader is not here. If there’s anything, just tell me.” The First Elder’s voice was hoarse because he was too nervous.

His voice was hoarse, and he seemed to have no confidence.

Wu Shan glanced at the Great Elder and didn’t take this old man seriously. After all, this kind of person was nothing in his eyes.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak in front of me? What’s the use of a person like you? Do you think you can tell me so much here?”

Wu Shan didn’t care about the Great Elder at all.

The strength of a person like the First Elder was not in his eyes at all. At this moment, he naturally had nothing to say.

The Great Elder did not expect that he would be looked down upon by others. He was furious on the spot and clapped his hands.

Wu Shan didn’t expect the old man to attack him directly, so he extended his right hand to fight with him.

The two of them activated their palm power, and the entire mountain of the sect instantly shook a little. The First Elder’s face instantly twisted a little, and his face was slightly red. It was obvious that he was very exhausted now.

Wu Shan only blushed slightly, but he didn’t have much of a reaction.

After all, the Wushan Sect Master was powerful. His strength was unfathomable. With just one round of attack, he already knew the difference in strength.

The First Elder’s strength was very ordinary. He did not use his full strength to fight now. He was only testing the waters at that moment.

The First Elder had only tested him a little, but he had already sensed that the other party’s strength was unfathomable.

The other party’s strength was unfathomable. Could he fight?

At this moment, the First Elder fell into deep doubt. After all, with his strength, he did not seem to be a match for the other party.

Wu Shan was under a lot of pressure, and the Great Elder was no match for him.

The Great Elder became much more cautious after realizing that he was no match for him.

His legs moved back a few steps.

“Today, you came to my door so unreasonably and even dared to shout at me. Moreover, you even injured me. Now, I’m going to severely reprimand you.” The Great Elder clearly knew that he could not win, but now it had turned into a war of words.

He spat out saliva from his sparse teeth. Wu Shan, who was opposite him, was covered in saliva. He quickly wiped his face and was very angry.

“If you dare to spit at me again, 1’11 kill you.” Wu Shan didn’t expect this old man to be so smelly. The smell of his saliva was disgusting.

Wu Shan really wanted to kill him, but there were too many people around, so he didn’t do it immediately.

Chu Bai was also very happy to watch this war of words from the side. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against the door, carefully watching the two people scolding each other in the square.

First Elder immediately assumed the posture of an old man quarreling. His hands were on his waist, and his mouth opened and closed. All kinds of vicious words had already been spat out.

Wu Shan’s blood was boiling from the scolding. He had already fallen into a berserk state. He did not expect this old man to scold people so fiercely.

Wu Shan was so anxious that his face turned red. He wanted to rush up and strangle them to death.

However, as a sect master, he had to maintain his temperament, so he did not go up for the time being and directly attacked.

After a while, Wu Shan couldn’t hold it in anymore.

After all, the First Elder’s scolding was too fierce.

The surrounding people also felt that the First Elder had vented his anger enough.

“Great Elder’s scolding is good.”

“First Elder, even though your strength is a little weak, you have never lost to others when it comes to scolding people.”

“Indeed. Look at how the other side is scolding us.”

“Wu Shan can’t take it anymore.”

“Our First Elder is still the best.”

“Haha, Great Elder, hurry up and curse them to death.”

Wu Shan was furious when he heard the words around him. He didn’t expect that he would be forced to this extent and humiliated like this.

Chu Bai agreed with the words around him. After all, this Great Elder didn’t have any other abilities, but his ability to scold people was indeed superb. Just by standing there, he gave everyone a lot of pressure.

Especially Wu Shan, the sect leader, who couldn’t take it anymore. It was obvious that he was on the verge of exploding.

“Are you in a hurry? Don’t tell me you’re anxious after a few words from me? You call this a sect master?” The Great Elder continued to curse. At this moment, he directly said the most classic words. The sect master opposite him was already so angry that he could not stand it anymore.

“You’re courting death!” Wu Shan rushed over angrily and punched the Great Elder in the face.

After the First Elder was injured, he rolled a few times and quickly got up. He patted the dust off his body and continued to clear his throat.

“Looks like you’re really anxious. Now that you’ve come to find trouble with me and started fighting, I’m really speechless. Is that all you have?”

The Great Elder continued to say such infuriating words.

Wu Shan rushed over again in anger. He wanted to punch, but the First Elder was already prepared this time. He turned around, took out a spear, and stabbed.

Wu Shan was forced to retreat after a few random stabs. He did not expect the old man to suddenly attack him like this. He could not react in time.

Wu Shan sensed that his opponent’s attack was swift and fierce, so he directly threw out a poisonous fog. The poisonous fog instantly sprayed in front of the First Elder.

Caught off guard, the First Elder’s eyes were directly blocked, and his original attack instantly stopped.

” Too shameless. He actually used such a shameless method here..”

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