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Chapter 859: Looking for Him

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“Now it’s my turn to receive my reward, right?”

Chu Bai stood there excitedly. When he saw Lu Yufan receive the mission reward, he was very envious.

Now, it was finally his turn.

“Since you’re my lead disciple here, I should also give you the corresponding equipment. However, you already have a lot of equipment, so I can only give you some good items now.”

The sect leader of Jun Ling looked at Chu Bai’s equipment with a curious gaze. His equipment was already strong enough, so it was useless to give him more equipment now.

It was better to give him some props, which was more practical.

“You’re right. My equipment is already strong enough. I really don’t need new equipment. Moreover, the shoes that the sect master gave me last time were indeed a great help.”

Chu Bai was also very grateful for the things the sect leader had given him last time. If it weren’t for that pair of shoes, he really couldn’t have predicted the duel between him and the Lin family.

He had also relied on his speed to win.

“The shoes I gave you last time were indeed one of the best rewards the sect can give you. This time, I’ll give you something even better.” Sect Leader Jun Ling said as he stretched out his hand.

Chu Bai looked at that fair and slender hand and swallowed his saliva. Then, he quickly went forward to touch it.

“Sect Master is really polite. Could it be that you want to give me the bracelet on your hand? This must be some kind of top-grade prop, right?” Chu Bai said while stroking it.

Jun Ling rolled her eyes at Chu Li and pushed his hand away.” Don’t play with your mouth. This is a pill that can temporarily increase your strength. I got it from the Lin family.”

After Lin Fuyue took the pill at the last moment, he almost turned the tables and showed overwhelming strength. Therefore, the pill was indeed very strong.

Chu Bai didn’t expect the sect leader to give him this.

” Obtained Dragon Fire Pill xi!”

Although this pill was considered very powerful, the side effects were also extremely great.

Because his body was filled with flames, he could easily become a moving bomb.

“I know that this medicine has a lot of side effects, but it will definitely be able to play a huge role in your hands. As long as you take it at the critical moment, it will definitely be great.” After Jun Ling gave him the medicine, she turned around and left.

“I’ll be going out for a while, so I won’t be back for the time being.” After Jun Ling finished speaking, she turned around and left. She didn’t know what the sect master had been busy with recently, but he seemed very busy.

“Alright, the sect leader has already left.” Lu Yufan looked in the direction where the sect leader had left and said,” Now that we’ve left, the sect has returned to peace.”

” 1 find it very strange. Every time something happens, the sect leader wants to leave. I always feel that someone will come and find trouble with me soon.” Chu Bai felt uncomfortable standing there.

Because every time he had this feeling, someone would quickly come knocking on his door.

Chu Bai returned to his dormitory with an uneasy heart.

Liu Feixu was still training here. At this time, her strength had improved a lot.

After days of training, Liu Feixu’s strength had improved quite a bit.

Although his strength had increased by quite a bit, his actual combat experience was very poor.

“Brother, you’re finally back. I haven’t seen you for a few days.” Liu Feixu walked up enthusiastically with a face full of anticipation.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days. What are you doing here?”

Chu Bai thought that the little girl had already moved out. He didn’t expect her to still be sitting in his dormitory.

“Didn’t Big Brother say that he wanted to teach me some experience? That’s why I’m waiting here.”

Chu Bai recalled carefully and finally remembered. Fie seemed to have said that he wanted to teach her something during the last battle.

“Alright, I did promise you last time. Now, I’ll teach you the most important thing. When I’m very tired, don’t come looking for me.”

Chu Bai played some of his battle recordings to Liu Feixu.

Liu Feixu quickly watched the videos seriously to improve her strength.

Just as Chu Bai was about to rest and improve his strength and work harder, someone suddenly came over to report.

“Eldest Senior Brother, something bad has happened. Someone is looking for trouble over there.”

One of the disciples walked over anxiously.

Chu Bai hurriedly walked out, wanting to understand the specific situation. He had just rested, but he didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

It seemed that his premonition was true.

“The people from the Thousand Poison Cave came straight to our door and insisted that we set the forest on fire. Now, they want us to give an explanation. The sect master is not here, so we can only inform Eldest Senior Brother.”

Chu Bai nodded and hurried to the mountain gate.

They should be able to meet their people here. What would happen then?

At the mountain gate.

Wu Shan rushed over aggressively with his men. At this moment, he was extremely angry because the entire sect had been burned down.

“I found this in the forest. Is this the symbol of your sect?”

Wu Shan held a token in his hand. It was indeed the symbol of their sect.

Chu Bai didn’t expect to lose his disciple identity token. Without any specific information, he didn’t know who it was.

” Your people came to my place and even set my sect on fire. White Night, come out quickly. It should be you who did it, right?”

Wu Shan found the correct answer in one breath. After all, only White Night had been there.

He was the only one who had been there, so it was normal for them to find trouble with him.

“Me? Don’t talk nonsense, I never set fire to that place, and I came back a long time ago. Besides, it takes a long time to go back and forth.”

Chu Bai had a perfect alibi because many people had seen him when he attended the gathering.

In such a short period of time, unless he could teleport, there was no way he could go over.

Very few people knew that Chu Bai could teleport, so the other party definitely didn’t know about this.

“Oh? That’s true, but it’s strange.”

Wu Shan was obviously not convinced by this explanation, so it would take a long time to go back and forth. However, if the other party had a teleportation skill, it would be different.

If he had a teleportation skill, he could travel back and forth very quickly.

“Do you have any evidence? How can you casually come to our place to look for it?”

The Cloud Sky Palace disciple suddenly stood up, looking very impatient.

After all, too many things had happened recently, making them feel uncomfortable.

At this moment, they could not help but see that anyone could come and cause trouble.

Wu Shan didn’t expect a small character to have such an attitude. He immediately felt embarrassed..

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