Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.920 Time Liquid, Broken Time Watch And The Central Area Of The First Layer (Part 4)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.920 Time Liquid, Broken Time Watch And The Central Area Of The First Layer (Part 4)

(Do you want to evolve the Time Watch into a high-level rank one artefact?)


Looking at the notification in front of him, Evan chose "Yes," and five drops of Time Liquid flew out of the bowl he was holding.

As the five drops of Time Liquid merged with the Time Watch, the Rune of Evolution engraved on his chest lit up once again and the bronze-colored watch flashed with a bright light.

(Time Watch is evolving into a high-level Rank One artefact...)

While the Time Watch was evolving, Evan carefully placed the bowl of the Time Liquid inside his shadow storage.

The moment he placed the bowl inside his shadow storage, the disordered time flow inside the cave returned to normal.

Evan sighed in relief when the time flow around him returned to normal as the disturbance caused by the Time Liquid was very uncomfortable.

Along with Elora, He waited for the Time Watch to finish its evolution. Because the level of evolution was higher than before, it took the Time Watch around two hours to complete its evolution.

As the evolution of the Time Watch finished, the small watch released a deep bronze-colored light and for a split second, the flow of time inside the cave once again became unstable.

However, the instability didn't last long and soon returned to normal. The Time Watch also stopped releasing the bronze-coloured light, and a notification flashed in front of Evan's eyes.

(Time Watch successfully evolved into a high-level Rank One artifact.)

Seeing the notification, Evan picked up the Time Watch from the ground and noticed that the bronze colour had become even darker. But he didn't care about the appearance of the watch and looked at its details.

---) Time Watch (Rank One High-Level): Once a highly ranked artefact, it was damaged for unknown reasons and fell to the lowest level of Rank One. But now, under the effect of the Rune of Evolution, this artefact is once again moving towards its former glory. Using the Time Watch, you can slow down the flow of time within an area of twenty meters around you. Due to its low level, this artefact can be used only once every four days for five hours. The current time difference ratio after activating the Time Watch is 1:20. While holding the Time Watch, once every fifteen days, you can use the skill Temporal Distortion Field.

---) Temporal Distortion Field: Upon activation, you can create a type of zone where time flows differently (e.g., slower, faster, or erratically). Because of the low level of the Time Watch, you can create a zone only within one meter of the area around you for one second. The maximum time difference ratio that you can set inside the Zone is 1:600 or 600:1.

Evan looked at the details of the evolved Time Watch and was really shocked, especially because of the Temporal Distortion Field skill.

The time difference ratio of 1:20 was already quite good, especially considering that he could now use it for five hours.

After using the Time Watch, one hour outside its range would mean 20 hours for him, which is almost equal to one day. But the effect of the Temporal Distortion Field is even better than that.

Even though he could use it only for one second, the time difference ratio of 1:600 or 600:1 was completely out of his expectations.

This meant that if he activated the Temporal Distortion Field using the 1:600 ratio, time would flow 600 times slower within a one-meter area around him. One second outside the range would mean 600 seconds or 10 minutes for him. Similarly, if he activated the skill using the 600:1 ratio, ten minutes outside the range would mean only one second for him.

"During a fight where every second matters, this skill can change the entire flow of battle..." Evan muttered in a low voice and was delighted that he had evolved the Time Watch into a high-level Rank One artefact.

Suddenly, Evan thought of something and his lips curled upward.

"A time ratio of 1:20, huh," He muttered and started to walk towards the exit of the cave along with Elora. "I still need three days to reach the 25% mark of the conceptual energy of void, but if I use the ability of the Time Watch, I can speed up the process and reach the 25% mark in just a few hours."

'I don't know what kind of danger I will face in the central area of the first layer, so it is better to reach the 25% mark as soon as possible and create my Domain...' Evan thought inwardly and soon reached the exit of the cave.

After leaving the cave, Evan looked around and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Where is Biscuit?" He muttered in a low voice and used his spiritual senses to search for the black bird.

But after a few seconds, he stopped using his spiritual senses because he didn't find Biscuit anywhere within the range of his spiritual senses.

'Where did that stupid bird fly off to...' Evan sighed inwardly and used Biscuit's soul essence to communicate with it. Through the soul essence, he sensed Biscuit was not far away.

'Come back,' He sent a simple message through the soul essence and waited with Elora.

Around a minute later, Evan saw a large black bird coming towards them, but upon feeling its aura, a deep frown appeared on his face.

'Its strength is a little higher than before...' Evan thought, noticing that Biscuit's power had increased a bit in the three hours he had spent inside the cave.

'Wait a second...' Suddenly, a thought came into Evan's mind and his expression changed.

'Biscuit, how long was I inside the cave?' He asked the black bird using the soul essence.

Hearing Evan's voice inside its head, Biscuit didn't answer immediately and first landed in front of him. After landing, it also used the soul essence to answer his question.

'You were inside for around twenty-eight days.'

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