Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.919 Time Liquid, Broken Time Watch And The Central Area Of The First Layer (Part 3)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.919 Time Liquid, Broken Time Watch And The Central Area Of The First Layer (Part 3)

Evan walked towards the small platform and stopped in front of the stone bowl.

The bright light of the stars was shining right on top of the bowl, making it look like the most important thing present inside the cave.

After stopping in front of the bowl, Evan took a deep breath and finally looked down, hoping to see at least two drops of Time Liquid.

But the moment he lowered his head and his eyes landed on the bowl, his body stiffened and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

"What the fu*k..." He said while looking at the stone bowl that was half-filled with milk-white liquid. If he converted the liquid inside the bowl into drops, it would be more than two hundred drops.

"Is this thing really Time Liquid?" He said with a speechless look on his face and picked up the bowl from the stone platform.

The moment Evan's hand touched the bowl, he felt the flow of time around him become completely disordered. The milk-white liquid that filled the bowl released a hazy energy, and he felt as if his body was ageing at a rapid speed.

Evan frowned when he felt his body ageing rapidly and covered himself and Elora with the Primordial Shadow Energy.

The moment he covered himself with the Primordial Shadow Energy, the effect of the Time Liquid on his body stopped, but the flow of time around him was still in complete disarray.

Sometimes he felt time was flowing very fast, as if days passed in the blink of an eye, and other times he felt as if one second was longer than a year. It was a very strange feeling, and Evan couldn't properly explain it.

"Are you fine, Elora?" He asked Elora, who seemed unaffected by the Time Liquid.

Hearing Evan, Elora looked at him in confusion and tilted her head cutely as if asking 'What are you talking about?'

'It looks like the Time Liquid is not affecting her,' Evan thought with a deep look on his face. 'Is it because she didn't touch the Time Liquid, or are her senses so dull that she didn't realize anything?'

Evan was confused by Elora's abnormal condition. She had told him that she often fought against the monsters who tried to enter the pillar of light, so considering she fought against monsters for who knows how many years, her senses should be sharp enough to sense the disturbance that the Time Liquid was causing around them. But from her expression, he could tell that she was completely clueless about the disturbance caused by the Time Liquid.

'Maybe she might have sensed the disturbance caused by the Time Liquid, but she just doesn't care about it...' Evan thought to himself and shook his head.

He looked at the stone bowl in his hand that was still releasing hazy energy that affected the flow of time around him and the details of the Time Liquid appeared in front of his eyes.

---) Time Liquid: An extremely rare liquid that appears only in places affected by the Law of Time.

Evan: "..."

'That's it...' He shouted inside his mind. 'What's with this half-assed information? At least tell me some of its uses.'

Evan felt like beating the person responsible for showing the details of the Time Liquid because there was literally no information there.

"If the status window didn't tell me Time Liquid only appears in places affected by the Law of Time, I would have thought it was sold by the fishermen in the fish market," Evan said in a sarcastic tone and shook his head.

He took some deep breaths to calm down and asked Octavius, 'Old man, do you know the uses of Time Liquid?'

'Well, Time Liquid is quite rare, and you can use it in many ways. For example, you can use a drop of Time Liquid to instantly grow a herb that normally takes a few hundred or even a thousand years to fully mature, or you can use it in a formation that can affect the flow of time. Though, this kind of formation will consume a large amount of Time Liquid because affecting the flow of time is not an easy thing...'

Octavius told Evan a few more uses of Time Liquid, like creating potions or pills with it that can reverse the age of people and make them young once again or do the complete opposite. Evan carefully listened to Octavius and had to admit that he could use the Time Liquid in many ways.

'It's better than I thought...' He said inwardly and nodded his head. He took out a small bronze-coloured broken pocket watch from his shadow storage and placed it on the ground.

"Let's see what kind of surprise this thing will give me..." He muttered and looked at the materials he needed to evolve the Broken Time Watch.

(You need the following materials to evolve the Broken Time Watch:

1. **Five Mid-Level Rank One Monster Cores**

2. **Ten grams of Arcanite**

3. **One Space Stone**

4. **Two Drops of Time Water)**

Evan took out all the materials that he needed to evolve the watch from his shadow storage and placed them beside the bronze-coloured artefact along with two drops of time liquid.

(Detected all the required materials for the evolution of the Broken Time Watch...)

(Do you want to evolve the Broken Time Watch to a mid-level Rank One artefact?)


Evan looked at the notifications in front of him and chose yes without hesitation.

(The Broken Time Watch is evolving into a mid-level Rank One artefact....)

The moment he chose yes, a notification flashed in front of his eyes; the Rune of Evolution engraved on his chest lit up, and all the materials he placed near the Broken Time Watch started to merge with it.

As the materials merged with the watch, the small cracks all over the watch's frame started to disappear.

Seeing the cracks that covered the frame of the Broken Time Watch disappear, Evan smiled slightly and nodded his head. Elora stood beside Evan and also looked at the watch with curious eyes because she could tell that her father was quite excited while looking at the watch.

Around half an hour later, the broken Time Watch suddenly released a bright bronze-coloured light and returned to normal. At the same time, a notification flashed in front of Evan's eyes.

(Broken Time Watch successfully evolved into a Mid-Level Rank One Artifact, Time Watch)

---)Time Watch (Rank One Mid-level): Once a highly ranked artefact, it was damaged for unknown reasons and fell to the lowest level of Rank One. But now, under the effect of the Rune of Evolution, this artefact is once again moving towards its former glory. Using the Time Watch, you can slow down the flow of time within an area of ten meters around you. Due to its low level, this artefact can be used only once a week for two hours. The current time difference ratio after activating the Time Watch is 1:10.

Evan looked at the details of the Time Watch and frowned. Although after the evolution, the time difference ratio increased by five times along with the affected area, he could still use it only once a week for two hours, which was not very useful to him.

He was hoping to reduce the cooldown time of the watch to once a day and increase the time limit of two hours to even longer.

Just when Evan was feeling disappointed because of the evolution, a notification flashed before his eyes that made him dumbfounded.

(Detected the required material for the evolution of the Time Watch.)

(Do you want to evolve the Time Watch to a high-level Rank One artefact?)


"What the—" Evan was stunned looking at the notification in front of him and tried to understand what was happening. Suddenly, something clicked in his mind and he looked at the materials needed to evolve the Time Watch.

(You need the following material to evolve the Time Watch:

1. **Five Drops of Time Liquid)**

Evan looked at the status window in front of him with a blank look on his face and felt dumbfounded for a moment.

"Just five drops of Time Liquid..." He muttered in a low voice, feeling stunned that he needed only five drops of Time Liquid and nothing else to evolve the Time Watch.

'Is this some kind of joke?' He thought to himself, but looking at the notification floating in front of him, he knew it was true.

He took a deep breath to calm down his emotions and looked at the small bowl of Time Liquid in his hands.

"Although I have more than two hundred drops, I don't want to use them rashly..." He said to himself while thinking deeply.

After a minute of deep consideration, Evan sighed lightly and finally made up his mind.

"I hope I won't regret evolving this watch..." He said and chose yes.

(The Time Watch is evolving into a high-level Rank One artefact....)

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