Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.910 Bloodline Reaction (Part 2)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.910 Bloodline Reaction (Part 2)

Using his shadow undeads, Evan found there were a total of three floors inside the dragon statue.

Similar to the first floor, there was a room on the second floor of the statue as well and just like before, Elora didn't stop there and wanted to pull him to the last floor.

But Evan stopped her and told her he wanted to check the room before moving.

Although Elora was confused as to why her father wanted to check these rooms since the thing she wanted to show him was on the last floor, she did not complain about it and followed him obediently.

Standing some distance away from the second room, Evan ordered Kazil to open it.

As Kazil opened the door, Evan grabbed Elora in his arms, ready to run at the sight of any danger.

But luckily, just like the first room, there was no trap or danger inside the second room.

Although there was no danger inside the room, Evan's face couldn't help but darken when the door was fully opened.

"It's empty..." He muttered in a low voice as he saw the room was empty. He walked ahead of Kazil and entered the room, but even after entering inside, he didn't see anything.

"Seems like not every room is filled with treasures..." Evan said while shaking his head and was about to leave, but stopped when he heard Elora.

"Father, look there." Evan looked at Elora and saw her pointing towards the ceiling of the room. Evan lifted his head and looked up, and when he looked up, his eyes widened in shock.

"Is that a core?" He muttered in a shocked voice as he looked at a fist-sized golden-coloured orb that was attached to the ceiling of the room.

The orb wasn't releasing any aura, but when Evan looked at it, he felt as if a giant dragon was moving inside that small orb.

"Don't tell me this is the core of the Rank Six Dragon who died here..." He muttered while gulping his saliva and jumped up to grab it.

The moment Evan's hand touched the core, the core shone brightly and Evan felt as if he was standing in front of a giant golden dragon who was looking at him with cold eyes.

At the same time, he felt a powerful pressure bearing down on his soul as if someone was trying to break his spiritual defence.

'A spiritual-type attack...' Evan immediately concluded what was happening and quickly activated his Fear skill.

The moment he activated his Fear skill, his spiritual power surged and the pressure he was feeling on his soul disappeared.

At the same time, the giant golden dragon who was standing in front of him started to break and soon shattered into countless pieces.

As the dragon shattered into countless pieces, Evan found himself back inside the room, holding the golden-coloured core in his hands.

---) Mid-Level Rank Six Light Dragon's Core.

Evan looked at the core in his hands and its details appeared in front of his eyes.

"Light Dragon's Core..." Evan muttered in a low voice and was surprised that it was a mid-level Rank Six core instead of a beginner-level Rank Six.

'A Rank Six Dragon's core must be very rare, but I don't know what I can use it for...' Evan thought to himself and decided to ask Octavius about it later on.

"Can we go now, Father?" Evan heard Elora's voice and saw her looking at him with anticipation-filled eyes.

"Sure, let's go," Evan looked around the room and when he didn't find anything else, he nodded his head and left with Elora and Kazil.

Using the stairs that were beside the room, they descended towards the last floor. As they went down, Evan felt that the more they descended, the more powerful the aura he felt when he was outside of the statue became.

Elora was very excited when they moved towards the last floor so they reached the end of the stairs in less than a minute.

As Evan's feet touched the ground of the last floor, he couldn't help but frown deeply because the ground of the last floor was dyed red... And just from a single look, he could tell the red colour of the ground was not natural.

'Blood,' He thought as he looked at the dried blood that painted the ground. He had sent Volac to the last floor ahead of him, but Volac didn't inform him about the dried blood because he did not find any danger here.

Unlike Evan, Elora didn't care about the dried blood that covered the ground and continued to pull him towards the end of the floor.

As they moved forward, the aura that Evan felt from the dragon's statue continued to become stronger. At the same time, for some reason, he felt the blood inside his body was moving more frantically as if it was excited.

Soon Elora and Evan reached the end of the last floor and similar to other floors, there was also a room at the end of the last floor, but unlike other floors, there were no more stairs besides the room.

Evan looked at the closed door of the room and noticed this door was at least two times the size of the previous two doors and unlike those doors, there were many runes engraved on this door.

As Evan looked at the door, the blood inside his body became even more restless and he had to do his best to control his heartbeat.

"We are here, Father," Elora said with a smile on her face after stopping in front of the door.

"What is behind this door, Elora?" Evan asked while taking a few deep breaths as it was the first time his blood showed such a reaction.

"Hehehe," Elora didn't reply to Evan and moved in front of the door. She looked at Evan with a smile on her face and without saying anything, pushed it open.

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