Necromancer Of The Shadows - C.909 Bloodline Reaction (Part 1)

Necromancer Of The Shadows

C.909 Bloodline Reaction (Part 1)

While climbing the stairs along with Elora, Evan noticed the material from which the stairs were made was not normal.

Even after using his one hundred and fifty points of strength, he couldn't leave even a scratch on it.

'This stone is even more durable than normal low-level rank two materials...' Evan thought inwardly as he looked at the giant dragon type structure that was made of a similar stone as the stairs.

Although the Dragon statue was almost eight hundred meters tall, Evan and Elora reached the top of the stairs in a very short amount of time.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Evan looked at the wide-open mouth of the dragon and used his spiritual senses and Eyes Of Abyss to see if there was any danger inside the statue.

After a few seconds of scanning, Evan didn't find any danger so he stopped using his spiritual senses and the Eyes Of The Abyss.

But just to be on the safe side, he sent a few of his shadow undeads ahead of him.

Once he sent his shadow undeads inside, he looked at Elora who wanted to dash inside and nodded his head.

Seeing Evan nodding his head, Elora held his hand and pulled him inside. The moment Evan entered the Dragon's mouth, the powerful aura that he was feeling from the structure intensified, but he wasn't affected by it.

The aura coming out of the Dragon's statue was like some sort of mind attack that wanted people to kneel in front of the statue, but as long as the will of the person was strong enough, this aura was completely useless.

As Evan moved deeper inside the statue, he noticed many different types of engravings on the walls. Although the engravings looked simple at first sight, by using the Eyes Of The Abyss, he noticed they were akin to some sort of a giant formation that covered the entire statue.

"What is this place, Elora? And what is the thing that you wanted to show me?" After a few minutes of walking, Evan couldn't help but ask as they were just moving forward without doing anything.

"Just wait for a few minutes, Father. We will soon reach our destination..." Elora didn't answer Evan's question and just pulled his hand excitedly.

Evan sighed when he saw this, but he didn't say anything and silently followed after her.

"Hmmm?" Suddenly, he received a message from Volac who was moving ahead of them.

Using the Shadow Senses, he connected his vision with Volac and saw him standing in front of a closed room. Right beside the closed room, there were stairs leading to the lower areas of the statue.

'There is more than one floor here...' Evan raised an eyebrow when he saw the stairs that were leading downwards and fell deep into thoughts.

After thinking for a few seconds, he told Kazil and Eclipse, who were with Volac, to go to the lower areas of the statue using the stairs and as for Volac, he asked him to check out the closed room.

Hearing Evan's order Eclipse and Kazil immediately used the stairs to go to the lower areas of the statue. As for Volac, he tried to open the door and surprisingly, it wasn't locked so he easily opened it.

Evan's vision was connected with Volac's vision through the Shadow Senses, so when the door opened, for a second, Volac's vision was blinded by a bright light and when the light disappeared and Volac looked inside the room, Evan couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

"That's..." Evan gulped down his saliva and looked at the millions of high-level essence stones that were scattered inside the room.

'There must be at least a few hundred million high-level essence stones...' He thought inwardly and quickened his pace.

Soon, Evan and Elora reached the room that was filled with high-level essence stones, but to Evan's shock, Elora didn't stop in front of the room and wanted to pull him towards the stairs that were leading downwards.

"Wait, wait, Elora..." Evan stopped Elora and pointed towards the open door. "Let me take away those things before we move."

Hearing him, Elora stopped pulling his hand and looked at the mountains of essence stones inside the room, but upon seeing the essence stones, a confused look appeared on her face.

"Why do you want to collect trash, Father?"

"Huh?" Evan was dumbfounded when he heard Elora and he looked at her with a stupefied expression on his face.

'Did she just call the millions of high-level essence stones trash?' Evan thought to himself and felt he needed to teach this brat the value of money.

'Although I gained millions of essence stones after killing Zorda and others, just thinking about the Essence Stones I need to use in order to allow Octavius to perform alchemy is giving me a headache...' Evan said inwardly while rubbing his eyebrows.

For a moment, he thought about the conversation he had with Octavius regarding the Solarian Sunfruit, and just remembering what Octavius told him made his heart bleed.

'I need to collect more essence stones if I don't want to go bankrupt...' He said to himself and quickly went inside the room and placed all the essence stones that were there in his shadow storage.

After putting away the essence stones, he quickly came out and without saying anything, Elora led him towards the stairs and they moved towards the lower floor of the statue.

While descending, Evan looked inside his shadow storage and tried to assess the amount of essence stones that he just received and after a minute, he realized the numbers were more than one hundred and fifty million high-level essence stones.

'With these essence stones, I at least don't have to worry about the Solarian Sunfruit...' Evan thought to himself and smiled slightly.

Soon, they reached the end of the stairs and arrived the second floor of the statue.

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