Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2840 Old Master Ye Has Already Negotiated the Marriage

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

C.2840 Old Master Ye Has Already Negotiated the Marriage

If not for the fact that Old Master Ye had been taking the small pills for a year, his blood pressure would have soared at this moment and exploded his capillaries.

This brat!

His lips trembled. However, since Jiang Zongjin was present, he forced himself to calm down and tried his best to adjust his breathing. Then, he tilted his head with a fake smile. "This young brat is spouting nonsense. In-law, don't take it to heart."

Probably feeling that his grandson was too embarrassing, he gloomily said, "I'll teach him a lesson for spouting nonsense later!"

Qin Si, Gu San, and the others just watched the commotion. Even Zhang Yang smiled and did not say anything. He was smart enough not to interrupt.

Jiang Zongjin looked seriously at Ye Wangchuan and then said to Ye Maoshan, "Young Master Ye is trustworthy."

He was so direct that Old Master Ye could not reply for a long time. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed awkwardly. "Hehe, I've embarrassed myself in front of you."

Jiang Zongjin shook his head and looked at Qiao Nian. "My thoughts are not important. I have no objections as long as Nian Nian likes him."

Old Master Ye instantly understood what he meant and stopped being too civil. Delighted, he asked if he had any special customs regarding the marriage.

His speed of climbing up the ladder was not as fast as Ye Wangchuan's usual speed. It was obvious that he had inherited his genes.

"We don't have any customs." Jiang Zongjin had already approved of this marriage, especially after the past year or so. He could tell that Qiao Nian was in danger, but she was unwilling to tell him. Only Ye Wangchuan could be by her side and risk his life with her.

Not shy, he said to Old Master Ye readily, "However, Nian Nian hasn't reached the legal age yet. She has to meet the age requirement before marrying. In addition, I respect her and her grandfather's opinions."

Old Master Ye decided on the spot. "That's not a problem. We'll wait for Nian Nian to reach the legal age."

"As for Weishang, I'll visit him at the sanatorium another day. Anyway, we'll cooperate with you!"

The two of them had been clueless for a long time and had almost finalized the marriage.

As the person involved, Qiao Nian did not seem to care about it. She just looked at her cell phone, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Noticing that she was distracted, Ye Wangchuan leaned over and whispered, "What's wrong?"

Qiao Nian closed Ji Nan's message and shook her head. She frowned slightly. "Nothing. I was just thinking about when to return to the independent continent."

She had an inexplicable feeling.

She seemed to vaguely feel that something was about to happen to Ji Nan.

However, logically speaking, the probability was too low and could be completely ignored!

Moreover, she did not receive any information indicating that Ji Nan's trip would be dangerous.

Only now did she notice that Old Master Ye and Jiang Zongjin were chatting happily. She raised her chin and asked in confusion, "What are they talking about?"

Ye Wangchuan laughed at her indifferent expression. It was as if the starry stars had fallen into his eyes. "They're talking about… you turning 21."


Qiao Nian thought for a moment before reacting. She did not say anything. "… We're not there yet."

She had one more month until she turned 20.

He still had to wait for more than a year before she turned 21. It was still too early.

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