Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - C.2839 Master Wang Is Too Dog!


Qiao Nian could hear them talking outside, especially Qin Si. He was talking about her loudly.

"Sister Qiao is still outside."

"Oh, the Shen guy came looking for her."

"What else can he say? He just wants her to let him off! Tsk, I can't say anything. He's so thick-skinned."

Qiao Nian lowered her eyes and smiled. She casually entered the room and said with a hoarse voice, "Sorry, I've kept you waiting for too long."

"Sister Qiao?" Qin Si immediately shut up and asked the waiter to add another seat. Then, he greeted her warmly. "Come, come, sit with me."

Unexpectedly, Ye Wangchuan was faster than him. He got up, picked up his jacket from the back of the chair, pulled the girl over, and got her to sit in his seat.

Then, he politely said to the waiter, "Add a seat here."

The waiter did not dare to look up. He hurriedly said, "Alright, I'll arrange it immediately."

He pressed on his earpiece and asked someone to bring a chair. He then placed it respectfully beside the young man and quietly retreated to the side. "Your seat."

Ye Wangchuan pulled the chair smoothly and sat beside the girl. He put his coat back on the back of the chair and rinsed his teacup. Then, he poured the girl another glass of water. His voice was low and seductive. "Drink warm water."

Drink warm water? Wasn't that the quote of an online scumbag?

Qiao Nian looked at him and slowly picked up the cup to take a sip. Then, she looked at the others who were staring at the two of them as if they were watching a drama.

She coughed and leaned back. Placing her arm on the chair, she asked, "Are you guys hungry? Why don't we tell the waiters to serve the dishes?"

Ye Lan looked at her and then at her other family members. She broke the ambiguous atmosphere in the private room with a smile. "Yes, yes, yes. Stop looking."

"Waiter, serve the dishes." She swiftly and efficiently made the arrangements.

"All right."

The waiter quickly went out to arrange for the dishes to be served.

The atmosphere in the private room returned to normal. Qin Si cleverly asked about Jiang Li's movie.

With him taking the lead, Zhang Yang found a few more topics that were suitable for the young and old, not letting the atmosphere turn cold.

Qiao Nian quietly listened to their conversation. Then, she remembered something. She lowered her head, took out two glass bottles from her pocket, and handed one to Old Master Ye. "Grandpa Ye, take these health supplements."

Ye Maoshan looked at the familiar glass bottle and was a little embarrassed to take it. "This is too expensive. I'm an old man and my body is still considered strong. Don't spend money on me.

"Keep it. You can give it to someone in need." He refused to accept it.

Before Qiao Nian could speak, Ye Wangchuan said, "Take it. This is a token of Nian Nian's appreciation."

Old Master Ye glared at him. "Even Nian Nian misses me. What about this young brat? You've been out for so long. What gift did you bring back for me?"


"Her gift is my gift." Ye Wangchuan casually leaned back in his chair and looked into his eyes. He was a gentleman. "Who asked me to be a freeloader?"

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