Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.737 I really didn’t move..


"Damn it, stop running!" Samuel cursed and came to a halt.

"Ha! Looks like you finally ran out of steam!" William also stopped, standing fifteen feet away from Samuel, and chuckled coldly.

He had always been good at provoking others.

"Just shut up! I don't want to talk to you!" Samuel glared at William fiercely and said, "You're fast, huh? I wonder if you're faster than my throwing knife?"

"Fast, am I?" William glanced at him.

"Let's find out!" Samuel said, as a throwing knife appeared in his hand.

Walker, watching from outside, thought, Oh? This I know!

But a regular thrown knife and one thrown using the Celestial Blade Art are not even on the same level!

A knife thrown without using any special techniques would lose force due to Earth's gravity and air resistance. Even if thrown with great speed and accuracy, that would at most be considered a low-level martial skill in this world.

However, a knife thrown using the Celestial Blade Art harnesses the thrower's soul energy. Not only does it not lose power due to gravity and air resistance, but it can also tear through space and other properties, making it a divine skill in this world.

William squinted at Samuel: "Are you good at throwing knives?"

"Not really!" Samuel replied solemnly, "But I throw fast and accurately, which is enough to deal with you."

Fast and accurate, is that really useful...

William raised an eyebrow: "So you're saying you can't really use throwing knives."

"How can you say that?" Samuel smirked, "Ever seen a Marvel movie? With my strength and accuracy, my throw is definitely stronger than Bullseye!"

"If you can't dodge it, you might really die!" Samuel's eyes were filled with a fierce light.

Outside the testing room, Walker and Wes were very tense.

Walker felt that Samuel had a point. Even as an S-class fighter, throwing a mere stone could cause serious damage to William if it hit him, let alone a throwing knife.

And Samuel was using a throwing knife.

Wes silently prayed in his heart, hoping William wouldn't take it seriously.

Please don't take it seriously, William!

Was Samuel, that fool, really using a throwing knife in front of William?

A casually thrown knife from William could slay gods!


Samuel's gaze sharpened, his wrist flicked, and the knife turned into a silver arc...


The knife embedded itself in the metal wall behind, the handle sinking deep into it.

Samuel couldn't help but praise, "You dodged that really fast!"

William, expressionless, said, "I didn't even move."

"Young man, don't push it too far!" Samuel, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, became agitated.

Walker facepalmed from outside, damn it...

Samuel, claiming to be more accurate than Bullseye, missed by such a margin within 15 feet. If Bullseye knew, he'd probably jump out of the TV screen to throw a knife at him.

An S-class fighter, the highest-ranking officer at the base, and he was embarrassing himself like this.

William said, "I really didn't move."

Samuel, face red, said, "I was anticipating your movement. It's just that you anticipated my anticipation."

William turned around, pulled the knife out of the metal wall, and said, "I just anticipated that you would miss."

"How about you try again, and I won't move?" William handed the knife back to Samuel.

Samuel, holding the knife, scoffed, "Kid, are you asking to die?"

William stood about 15 feet away from Samuel, watching him with a composed expression.

From outside, Walker was getting anxious. Who was testing whom here?

Was William testing Samuel's accuracy with the throwing knife?

Wasn't it supposed to be a test for William?

Frustrated, Samuel threw another knife.


The same sound, the same accuracy.

Samuel's eyes widened as he began to doubt himself; he had aimed seriously this time!

William looked at Samuel with a sympathetic gaze and asked, "Shall we continue testing?"

Samuel stepped forward, pulled out the knife, and said through gritted teeth, "I'll try one more time!"

"Such stubbornness!" William shook his head helplessly, like indulging a petulant child.


Wes felt relieved. Recalling the days he had spent with William, he seemed to be a very calm person. As long as Samuel didn't go too far, William probably wouldn't do anything to him.

As the head of Arcane Village base, Samuel was desperate for talent. Given the extraordinary speed William had shown, Samuel would surely focus on "cultivating" William.

It seemed like nothing serious would happen next.

"Kid, what's your name?" After ten throws with a hundred percent miss rate, Samuel finally gave up. He realized he didn't even know the young man's name.

"My name is William Johnson. You can call me William," he replied, ever so eloquently.

"Will... William? That name sounds familiar..." Samuel furrowed his brows in thought.

William hinted, "The most famous man kept by a woman on Earth?"

"That's right!" Samuel's eyes lit up as he looked at William. "Is that you?"

"It is me!" William confirmed, "No mistake."

"William, are you really a C-class?" Samuel felt it was somewhat impolite to say this in front of others, so he coughed lightly and added, "You're not hiding your true strength, are you?"

William responded, "Actually, I could kill you with one move."

"Hahaha! Alright, no matter what your level is, your speed just now was impressive," Samuel laughed, not really believing William could kill him in one move. "As long as you're willing to help save the world, I'll provide you with all the resources I can."

"Haha, seeing your sincerity, I guess I'll join you," William chuckled.

"With your speed, you could be a scout!" Samuel had already figured out a role for William.

Today there was a beast tide, but those Mutated creatures hadn't attacked the base; only Hugo, who didn't follow the rules, had died.

"A scout?" William said, "I'd rather be a teacher."

"A teacher?" Samuel's eyes sparkled. "Do you mean to teach everyone here that secret technique for moving quickly?"

A C-class superhuman with that speed technique could outpace him,if others learned it, their overall combat effectiveness would skyrocket.

"My technique isn't something just anyone can learn, and it's not something you can master overnight," William explained. "I can teach you Beast Language!"

"Beast Language?" Samuel frowned. "The language of those Mutated creatures outside?"

"Yes! What do you think?"

Samuel was silent for a moment. Learning Beast Language wasn't entirely useless.

If they could understand the language of those beasts, it could be advantageous at times...

But if they faced a beast tide, those Mutated creatures wouldn't care whether you understood their language or not.

Just because you know Beast Language, does that mean the Mutated creatures won't eat you?

Or are you planning to negotiate with the Mutated creatures after learning their language?

You must be joking!

"Okay!" Samuel said. "I'll select ten scouts to learn Beast Language from you. As for you, keep working on improving your strength! Even though you're fast, believe it or not, I could stand here and let you hit me for a year, and you wouldn't hurt me."

"Hmm?" William narrowed his eyes at Samuel.

Wes clenched his fists, nervously watching the situation inside the testing room.

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