Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years - C.736 I told you I have good endurance

Invincible! This person has lived for a billion years

C.736 I told you I have good endurance

How could Samuel have guessed that the guy inside, who seemed to be only a C-level, would actually be the strongest boss around?

He figured it was pretty simple: the kid inside was clearly hiding his strength.

Coming all the way here for a test and still hiding his abilities, what was that about?

Samuel was determined to see just how much strength this young man was concealing.

Pretending to be weak in his presence, just how strong was this formidable person?

Shouldn't he teach him a lesson?

Walker didn't stop him, watching as Samuel entered the testing room.

The testing room itself was about 2000 square feet, plenty of space for a physical showdown.

William was in the middle of an intense test session when suddenly someone walked in.

"Young man, I hear you're fast? Shall we test that?" Samuel smiled and said, "Let me see how fast you really are!"

William stared at him and responded, "Who said I was fast? I'm more about endurance!"

"..." Samuel's face darkened as he said, "Is that what I meant?"

"What else?" William frowned.

"I mean... agile moves!" Samuel clenched his fist, barely holding back from throwing a punch right then and there.

"Ha!" William laughed, "I see, how do you want to test it?"

Samuel eyed William and said, "I attack, you dodge!"

"What if I don't dodge?" asked William.

Samuel's expression turned cold as he replied, "Then you might die! If you take a hit from me, at the very least you'll be severely injured or crippled! So don't think about hiding your strength!"

"Hisss—" William's eyes narrowed slightly, realizing he needed some acting skills to appear as a novice Soulmancer.

He didn't want to be too famous, nor did he want to exert too much effort,he just wanted to participate in everyday society in an ordinary way.

It was that simple.

His strength couldn't be too strong, but it couldn't be too weak either,it had to be just right.

It would be ideal for others to bring him along when fighting mutant monsters,he could just coast along, watching, which would be quite delightful!

Samuel thought William was intimidated by him and chuckled lightly, saying, "Don't worry, as long as you show your true skills, I won't really hurt you! But if you keep hiding your strength in front of me... hmph!"

"Let's try!" William stretched a bit and beckoned Samuel with a flick of his finger.

Seeing William's frivolous and arrogant demeanor, Samuel couldn't help but frown and said, "You really have a death wish!"

After all, he was an S-class fighter, and with some equipment from the base, he could go toe-to-toe with a Demi-God level fighter. Although he was likely to lose, he had stooped to personally test this seemingly minor C-class superhuman, and yet this guy was still so brazen.

It seemed he had no choice but to teach him a harsh lesson!!

With that thought, Samuel reached straight for William's neck.

The gap between an S-class and a C-class in terms of strength was immense. If William truly was just a C-class superhuman or Soulmancer, Samuel's strike would surely be successful.


Samuel had no idea what kind of formidable being he was dealing with.

As his hand, accompanied by a whooshing sound, reached towards William, William simply tilted his neck, and the strike missed completely!

Without any suspense!

"Hmm?" Samuel hadn't expected this guy to dodge his strike so easily and hummed lowly as his right hand swept horizontally towards him again.

His speed was undeniably fast, but in the next moment, William had already slipped five feet away.

Agile movements!

Phantom step!

This was a simple secret technique related to movement that William had created himself back when he was acting as a vigilante, to blend into society at the time.

It looked elegant and light, but not outrageously so.

After all, at that time, the gods had already fallen, and there were no super-strong humans,William certainly didn't want to be treated as a deity by ordinary people.

"Your reaction speed is indeed quite fast!" Samuel smiled and said, "That must be your superpower!"

"If you say it's a superpower, then let's just call it a superpower," William said, "Actually, I'm just really fast."

"Do you think I'd believe that!" Samuel moved swiftly and struck again.

Inside the small testing room, Samuel chased after William, leaving a trail of afterimages.

Walker, watching the situation on the big screen, laughed and said, "It looks like William really has some skills,even Officer Samuel can't catch up to him!"

Wes glanced at him sideways. Some skills?

What was he talking about?

Samuel was strong, but he was just an S-class superhuman. His physical strength was nowhere near that of a true Demi-

God level fighter.

William's strength was definitely above the Demi-God level, the kind that could casually slay various deities. If Samuel could catch William, that would indeed be a joke.

"Kid! I want to see how long you can keep running today!" Samuel was somewhat frustrated; this kid's speed was ridiculously fast. If he hadn't seen the test data himself, he would never believe that the person in front of him was a C-

class superhuman.

Have you ever seen an S-class powerhouse unable to catch up with a C-class esper?

Even with superpowers, this was too much.

Samuel thought that for a C-class superhuman to maintain this speed, the energy consumption must be enormous. Although the superpower allowed for great speed, it surely couldn't last for too long.

"What do you care!" William retorted, "Catch me first, then talk!"

"Hey! You cheeky kid, I don't believe you can keep this up for long!" Samuel was also getting heated up, especially now under surveillance. Walker and Wes were watching from outside.

If he couldn't catch a C-class superhuman, what would that say about him as the highest officer of the base? Should he step down and let someone more competent take over?

"Try me!"William chuckled, "I told you, I have good endurance!"

Samuel simply couldn't believe in this so-called endurance!

The two continued their chase around the room.

In such a small room, they managed to run for over an hour.

Samuel was always just about to catch William, but always just a bit short, which was infuriating him to the point of exploding.

"No way! Is this what Samuel called a test?" Walker was so bored he was almost falling asleep. Damn, they're just playing tag in there!

He said this forgetting his mic was still on, and both Samuel and William heard him.

Samuel couldn't help but blush with embarrassment. Chasing a C-class superhuman for over an hour without even touching a hair was indeed quite humiliating.

"Hey! Kid, let's stop for a moment!"

"Why stop? Are you running out of stamina? I told you I have good endurance. If you can't keep up, just say 'I give up.'"

"Damn it!"

Samuel cursed and sped up again, but no matter how fast he was, William was faster, and he still couldn't touch him.


Two hours later.

Wes finally couldn't help but say, "Officer Samuel, why don't you just let him stand still, and then you attack him to end this? How much longer are you going to run around in there?"

He knew very well that it was completely impossible for Samuel to exhaust William's stamina.

In the end, it would only be Samuel who couldn't keep up. As an S-class fighter, he was strong, but were they really going to watch William and Samuel run around the testing room for half a month?

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