I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.282 - 206: Firepower Suppression_2

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.282 - 206: Firepower Suppression_2

Chapter 282: Chapter 206: Firepower Suppression_2

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The details were too perfect, perfect to the point of almost causing despair.

This kind of impenetrable infiltration attack, an overwhelmingly strong firepower, even had a hint of the invader’s flavor.

Of course, humans had not been entirely unsuccessful.

Even if it was by sheer luck, the firepower that humans occasionally struck back could penetrate the enemy’s shield, hit the main body of the flying machine, and cause significant damage.

As long as it hit once, these delicate machines would lose control, crash to the ground, and then explode.

On average, the casualty ratio between human fighters and flying machines on the left front that Third Squadron was responsible for was 1.5:1.

It was incredibly intense.

First Squadron and Second Squadron were slightly better off. Although the combat units they faced seemed more formidable, the performance of their soldiers in various aspects was indeed stronger, and the casualty ratio barely reached 1:1.

However, the situation would soon improve.

Because Harrison Clark had completed his battlefield observation.

He had discerned the behavior patterns of these flying machines.

These things were generally small in size, but their firepower was so fierce, and the power of the shield was so great that it was just too unreasonable.

Their internal circuits had excessive pressure resistance, and there must be a problem with them.

So, with Harrison Clark’s naked – eye observation.

He found that the reason why these flying machines were severely damaged every time they were hit was simply that their shield’s defense force had almost completely disappeared when they released their firepower to the extreme.

This moment was brief, fleeting, but it always existed.

With their astonishing computational power, the machines had optimized the energy allocation far beyond that of human brains, achieving this incredible effect.

More cunningly, when they shifted all energy from the shield generator to enhance their firepower, they released another layer of fake shield with a slightly different color but virtually no effectiveness.

This fake shield had an unstable energy state, and the radiation fluctuations it leaked were identical to those of a high-intensity real shield, completely deceiving the holographic system’s battlefield monitoring.

If it hadn’t been for Harrison Clark using his Galactic Human body to examine it with the naked eye, he wouldn’t have discovered the peculiarities and would have chalked up any accidental hits and downed machines to sheer luck.

Harrison Clark secretly marveled at the enemy commander’s terror.

The opponent had a full understanding of all human actions and movements, leaving no chances.

Under such battlefield conditions, theoretically, everyone could only use holographic mode.

By seizing this critical point, the enemy could easily achieve the highest return at the lowest cost.

On the battlefield, the entire human team was on the back foot, facing three times as many uncrewed machines.

New equipment, Hawk Armor has been adapted, battlefield dynamics have been captured, the enemy’s combat style has been understood, and the enemy’s fatal flaws have been discovered.

Harrison Clark took a deep breath, made a silent decision, and could not delay any longer. It’s time to act!

He focused his mind and began to counterattack.

On the surface, he seemed to be firing aimlessly into the air, just like everyone else.

He didn’t change the structure of the firepower network; it was just that his aiming was slightly clumsy. Compared with experienced fighters like Daniel Thompson, he didn’t have as good control over the shooting rhythm, and even Marthus, an excellent student, couldn’t keep up with him.

Daniel Thompson noticed this but did not blame him.

This was the normal level for new recruits; the unusually fast equipment startup speed earlier must have been an accident or perhaps a bug.

Harrison Clark didn’t have time to worry about others, and he kept increasing his neural response speed and thinking intensity step by step.

Each of his seemingly aimless shots deepened his understanding of the enemy shield’s changing patterns.

As long as you have a weakness, I will definitely see through it!

Harrison Clark thought to himself, bent the barrel of his gun quietly, and fired a shot with a flick of his hand.

The dark bullet pierced through a space of five meters in the air, as if going through tofu dregs, it penetrated the less than 0.05-second-lasting fake shield.


This “kite’s” metal body was torn apart, and the control chip inside was penetrated.



This was the first “accident” created by Harrison Clark.Then there was the second time, the third time…

The confrontation still continued.

During the fierce exchange of fire between both sides, the long line pressed forward, getting closer and closer to breaking out of Costwoods Pass.

The enemy’s attack grew even fiercer.

People kept falling along the way.

The Second Squadron in charge of the rear also paid a heavy price, as they faced chasing flying mechanicals with unparalleled firepower, causing their combined shields to deplete rapidly.

The First Squadron at the forefront of the formation was no easier.

Not only did the large mechanicals they faced possess heavy firepower, but there were also micro-mechanicals the size of dragonflies that swarmed around them relentlessly.

After paying the price of more than fifty casualties, the First Squadron finally broke through the blockade ahead, and the team’s speed accelerated again, but it also put more pressure on the Second Squadron at the rear.

Comrades in arms disappeared one by one, but no one cried out in panic.

The atmosphere was heavy and deadly; the team was still forging ahead in silence.

Everyone had only one incredibly pure belief.

Break out!

However, the enemy’s firepower was too suppressive, and under excessive pressure, even the most seasoned fighters were prone to making mistakes, such as failing to adjust energy output in time, resulting in gaps in the shield.

Even experienced soldiers like Daniel Thompson were no exception.

Suddenly, Daniel Thompson’s whole body trembled violently. In an attempt to make one more shot, his engine overloaded for a short time, causing his shield to rupture.

His front defense was wide open!

In the next instant, two “Kites” and five “Sparrows” aimed at him!

Daniel Thompson’s hair stood on end, his heart racing as if it was about to leap out of his throat.

He knew what would happen next.

He was about to be met with a small-scale barrage, aimed at preventing his comrades from expanding their shields to rescue him, followed by a devastating barrage from over a hundred flying mechanicals targeting his own shield gap.

Daniel Thompson opened his mouth to shout, trying to warn the others to stay away.

But it was too late.


Just a moment later, a large dark figure moved in front of him.

This dark figure’s weapons had already switched to multi-barreled rotating cluster guns!


The cluster guns started firing wildly, unleashing a torrent of firepower!

Daniel Thompson was stunned. This was the Hawk Armor’s outer space cluster assault form, renowned for its mighty power output, but not suitable for small-scale battlefields due to its lack of precision and sensitivity.

But… the “Kites” and “Sparrows” that had posed fatal threats to him collapsed one after another, in an extremely bizarre manner.

Daniel Thompson looked up at the number behind the Hawk Armor in front of him – TX-Tiger-007.

It was Harrison Clark!

But what the hell was this control ability?

Could the assault form achieve such shooting accuracy?

How could he easily penetrate the enemy’s shield with each shot?

That must be no worse than Needham Brown, the legendary strongest warrior of the Freedom Front, right?

But this guy was Harrison Clark!

Daniel Thompson was utterly bewildered.

After Harrison Clark cleared the area, his other teammates extended their shields again.

The situation stabilized.

Harrison Clark turned back and waved at Daniel Thompson, “Lion, keep steady. You played the bait quite well; otherwise, I wouldn’t have had such a good opportunity..”

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