I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World - C.281 - 206: Firepower Suppression^1

I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

C.281 - 206: Firepower Suppression^1

Chapter 281: Chapter 206: Firepower Suppression^1

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Hundreds of Kite-sized flying devices swooped in, lined up in a row, emitting a piercing sound as they tore through the air.

The flying machines came in extremely fast, flipping and rolling in the air like silver-white dragons, skimming the edge and firing all the way.

Gunfire exploded.

Heat waves and flames shot out.

The dazzling explosion lit up the narrow area, making it almost impossible for

the naked eye to see.

The tactical helmets on the soldiers’ Hawk Armors automatically adjusted to the holographic monitoring mode to protect their eyes.

in holographic monitoring, various energy and physical weapons rained down

like a torrential downpour.

Both sides put up different colored shields, taking turns defending and


Each explosion in the holographic monitoring appeared as eerie fireworks.

It looked beautiful but took lives.

Harrison Clark’s thought of it being an exercise disappeared in less than 10 seconds.

The “Kites” suddenly launched a concentrated fire attack, tearing through the combined shield formed by the side wing of the Third Squadron, hitting three people.

This was not a single hit.

Instead, it occurred within 0.2 seconds after the shield had been damaged and before it could re-open. Dozens of Kites quickly turned their gun muzzles and attacked with thousands of pulsing energy beams per second, creating a deadly offensive.

The three who had been hit did not even have time to scream before they and their Hawk Armors were evaporated on the spot.

The ultra-high-pressure biological batteries on the Hawk Armors exploded, causing further confusion and chain-reaction explosions, resulting in the deaths of several soldiers.

The formation briefly fell into chaos, and the Third Squadron leader issued consecutive orders to stabilize the situation.

Harrison Clark realized that lives were really at stake.

So, it definitely wasn’t an exercise.

But he felt that the war of the invaders shouldn’t follow this pattern.

With the technology the invaders possessed, if the battlefield shifted to Earth, there would be no chance of a struggle in return fire.

Everyone would have been killed by their enigmatic attacks long ago.

Nevermind, since he couldn’t understand it for now, he decided not to think about it and calm his mind. He would concentrate on getting through this predicament and then make a plan.

Harrison Clark focused his mind, learning from others, and used a so-called double X firepower net to form aerial fire while shutting down the holographic system. He used his galactic human eyes to observe the battle situation forcefully.

He was not very used to the simplified view of the holographic mode.

No matter how fast the computer could process, there would always be an extra step and process from receiving information to converting it into a visible image and then to being captured by the human eye.

Moreover, the information reflected in the tactical helmet was more limited. After the training, others naturally felt that melee combat in a ground environment should be like this, so they habitually used holographic mode.

But Harrison Clark felt that was not enough.

The glaring light made his eyes slightly uncomfortable, but still tolerable. Just two seconds after he closed the holographic mode, the shield in front of him was suddenly torn apart.

In the next moment, over fifty “Kite” gun muzzles pointed at him.

A sense of danger made Harrison Clark’s hairs stand on end. He violently pressed his body down, rolled on the spot, and pushed his shoulder engine to full thrust. At the same time, he turned back and adjusted his physical rifle to maximum power and fired consecutively.

With the help of the shoulder engine’s thrust and the physical gun’s recoil, Harrison Clark successfully dodged this round of concentrated fire.

But his comrades beside him were not as capable, and two more sacrificed their lives.

Harrison Clark jumped back and redirected all the energy back to the shield generator, re-establishing the gap, avoiding the enemy’s chance to amplify their victory.

“Harrison Clark, how are you?”

Daniel Thompson’s anxious shout came from not far away.

Harrison Clark took a couple of deep breaths, “I’m fine, Lion. Just be careful yourself.”

Harrison Clark narrowed his eyes once more, observing the numerous “Kites” close by, less than five meters apart.

He quickly discovered something strange.

No wonder Nora Camp ordered not to use energy weapons from the beginning, only physical ones.

He understood now.

The ripples reflecting the strong light on the silver metallic surface of these flying machines were extremely familiar to him.

It was clearly the same specially customized material he had used for his personal top-tier Morrowind System last time!

This material was adaptive to energy, rendering energy weapons useless. However, the flying machines were too fast and agile, even predicting the trajectory based on the changing direction of the muzzle, making physical weapons unlikely to hit them.

Moreover, as everyone got closer to the exit of Costwoods Valley, more flying machines came from behind.

Some big guys went straight to the front, intending to block their way. Next to the “Kites”, there were now more palm-sized “Sparrow flying machines.

These things were even more vicious, with finer muzzles, more barrels, fierce attacks, and an all-rounded, flawless firepower wave covering all angles. They formed an even more perfect combined wave-like firepower net with the “Kites.”

If a gap were to appear in the human formation, they could instantly lock onto hundreds of different units, forming explosive saturation suppression and launching a covering attack.

When facing the humans’ counterattacks, both the Sparrows and Kites possessed incredible evasive maneuvers while flying, making them very difficult to hit.

These machines had much greater combat power than the commanding Summit Warriors and Morrowind Warriors that Harrison Clark had previously fought.

God knows what kind of terrifying computational power was supporting these unmanned machine clusters from behind..

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