I Can See Your Combat Power - C.283 - Two Hundred and Seventy-nine: Mistake

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.283 - Two Hundred and Seventy-nine: Mistake

Chapter 283: Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy-nine: Mistake

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So, when they encounter Tang Luo, they will be even closer and kinder than they would be to their own family members. Even the words they share with him are aimed at spreading awareness of the higher authorities’ knowledge – a clear indicator of their immense regard for him.

However, Ji Fu doesn’t care about these particulars. In his eyes, only Tang Luo is worthy enough to converse with him. Seeing the true owner of the cave enter, he says, ”The warriors of the Tang Clan are still inadequate. I will send my message back to Beimang, summon some warriors from the Slaughter Immortal Army to Xiling. It’ll take at most a month.”

“So you know again it’s my siblings who died, and not one of your two children? Huh?” Tang Luo retorted angrily, then walked away, took a seat near the Spirit Realm Gate, and began introspective meditation.

Before the little guy left, he instructed Tang Xing to bring the Star Child along, just m case. After gaining a thorough understanding of the mechanisms and types of puppets from a thousand years ago, he did not believe that the eight children who entered the Minor Spiritual Realm would face danger. However, the current situation seemed to have loopholes. More seriously, Tang Luo in the Great Thousand World could no longer sense the movements of the Star Child. Usually, merely immersing his Sea of Consciousness into the Star Child was enough to feel its specific location and movement. But now, it felt like everything was obscured under a black veil, leaving him completely oblivious to its presence.

Even when he was close to the Spirit Realm Gate, he still couldn’t sense the Star Child’s presence.

“This is troublesome.” Tang Luo exited his introspect, stood up with a stern face and asked Ji Fu, “Are you certain that only automatons are active in the Minor Spiritual Realm, and nothing else?”

Ji Fu was still annoyed by his remark earlier, and coldly responded with his arms crossed, “Only the Automatons! Even they were used for transportation of supplies. Who would have thought that the warriors of Tang Clan would be so hopeless.”

Even if the one who died was indeed a Tang Clan member, listening to the provocative remarks of Ji Fu, the Saint child of the Han Family, caused the faces of the several Tang Clan members present to darken.

Seeing this, Xu Laoying hurriedly tried to mediate by urging, “Everyone, please calm down.” Turning to Ji Fu he said, “Big Brother, the priority now is to find the solution; we should stop arguing.” Then he faced Tang Luo, “And you – Cousin, let’s take a step back and avoid making any insulting remarks.” He had thought that Tang Luo only became sarcastic when he was talking with outsiders. Seeing him maintain this tone when speaking to the Great Elder and the Clan Head, he realized that his cousin had become accustomed to being outspoken; hence, he advised him to avoid irritating Ji Fu further.

However, Tang Luo was only focused on the Minor Spiritual Realm right now and had no interest in a verbal spar. Instead, he casually asked, “Did the Demon King say something about the Minor Spiritual Realm being his lair? Could he have possibly left hidden powers?”

Since it was known that the automatons could not hurt those in the Minor Spiritual Realm, and the Demon King himself was suppressed by the spirit array and could not wreak havoc, Tang Luo could only assume that they must have left some backup measures in the Minor Spiritual Realm.

Since they were having a serious discussion, Ji Fu didn’t interrupt and explained directly, “Even if I set aside the fact that my Han Family ancestors had dug three feet into the Minor Spiritual Realm and killed all living creatures in it, just talking about hidden powers, the Demon King mostly relied on his physical body and cultivation for battles. He had no concept of Spiritual Instruments or magical treasures. Even if there was a saint weapon remaining, it couldn’t be activated by the demon king who is now a lingering spirit. Moreover, if there was such a strong backup, could the three warriors have held on until now?” He pointed at the three vibrating ripples, explaining.

As they spoke, another ripple violently shook and then calmed down before disappearing.

Another person in the Minor Spiritual Realm – died.

This sudden change caused everyone’s faces to change dramatically, especially Tang Luo’s, who turned to Ji Fu with bloodshot eyes and asked, “Are you sure there isn’t anything in there that can exceed the Mortal Realm’s level of strength?”

“What are you trying to do?” Sensing Tang Luo’s tone, Ji Fu felt a premonition and asked him.

“I asked you, is there anything!?”

Ji Fu had never seen Tang Luo this desperate before and coldly replied, “No. Even if there was, you can’t enter the Minor Spiritual Realm. I advise you to stabilize your mind and think calmly.”

“Yes, cousin, I’m also anxious about my cousin in the Spirit Realm. But we know nothing about the situation inside right now, don’t lose your head.” Xu Laoying, who could empathize most with Tang Luo, warned him out of fear that he might do something rash in his excitement.

“What would happen if a cultivator above the Mortal Realm forcibly crosses the

Spirit Realm Gate?” Tang Luo turned to Xu Laoying and asked.

Xu Laoying gave a bitter smile as he understood what his cousin was implying and explained, “Little brother, the Spirit Realm Gate is highly unstable now. If a warrior from the Fierce Realm were to try, just touching the Spirit Realm Gate might turn this portal into space debris. Without the Boundary Breaking Stone as a reference point, the Minor Spiritual Realm wouldn’t know how long it would float aimlessly in the void. It would wait until another Boundary Breaking Stone fell into the Realm Heart to stabilize time and space, pinpointing a random location of the continent as the coordinates.” ’

“Even if a Transcendental Realm’s warrior can definitely get through, this Spirit Realm Gate could not bear this load and could not manage to become mere space debris. But it would be equivalent to *the portal being broken, as the Boundary Breaking Stone could not withstand such vibration and woidd be on the verge of breaking. As this kind of damage is irreparable, it would mean those inside could never come out, and those outside could never enter. Unless you can extract another Boundary Breaking Stone from the Realm Heart, no matter how fragile the Boundary Breaking Stone appears in the Great Thousand Worlds, in the Minor Spiritual Realm, it cannot be destroyed even by Peak Warriors of the Fierce Realm. Only a King realm warrior can extract a new Boundary Breaking Stone to create another Spirit Realm Gate in this place.” “But with current state of the Spirit Realm Gate, even if there is a King Realm warrior in your Tang Clan, there would be no way to enter.”

“I see.” Tang Luo nodded in response, “So it seems, the instability of the Spirit Realm Gate has something to do with me trying to crush it outside Jianglin?” “Didn’t you already know?” Ji Fu retorted coldly, “If you weren’t so impulsive then, this Spirit Realm Gate could at least permit Transcendental Realm warriors to pass through. It wouldn’t be so difficult.”

If Tang Luo hadn’t been so angry outside Jianglin and tried to crush the Boundary Breaking Stone leading to cracks on it, then during the explosion attempted by the Demon King, a complete Boundary Breaking Stone could have withstood the pressure without causing the Spirit Realm Gate to be so unstable to the point that even those of the Transcendental Realm would have difficulty passing through.

Had those of the Transcendental Realm could pass through, no matter which one of the three people was inside, they would not have had fear of the Demon King’s backup power, since it was just a lingering spirit. Not to mention there is the restraint of spiritual arrays.

“Alright, I understand now.” Tang Luo, who usually quarreled with Ji Fu, just nodded this time and prepared to leave. But he was called back by the Clan Head Tang Zhi, “Hold on, Elder Luo.”

Tang Luo turned around and looked at Clan Head Tang Zhi and bowed respectfully, “What are your orders, Clan Head?”

“I hope Elder Luo will think thrice.” Tang Zhi requested sincerely.

Tang Luo looked deeply into Tang Zhi’s eyes and said, “Before my father left, he instructed me to always put family first..”

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