I Can See Your Combat Power - C.282 - 278: You didn’t expect that I, who don’t have drafts, could still update normally on New Year’s Eve, did you?

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.282 - 278: You didn’t expect that I, who don’t have drafts, could still update normally on New Year’s Eve, did you?

Chapter 282: Chapter 278: You didn’t expect that I, who don’t have drafts, could still update normally on New Year’s Eve, did you?

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Practise grounds were neatly set with humanoid figures. Those in the south were entirely made of cast iron, while those in the north were made of bronze. Tang Luo, bare-chested, moved among these figures, constantly swinging his palms with a muffled “thud-thud-thud” sound.

With each palm strike, a statue would be sent flying, crashing onto the ground or against the mountains. The area under his palm left a vague palm print.

After all the stone statues had been replaced with cast-iron figures and bronze figures, Tang Luo no longer needed to worry about breaking them with a single palm strike. He could finally practice his strength to the fullest. Although he would send the statues flying, he could pick them up and continue using them, which made him very happy.

As he was immersed in his training, Tang Luo heard the sound of flames roaring through the clouds above. In a blink of an eye, a golden chariot heavily crashed onto the training ground. It was the Tang Family’s four-horse Gilded Chariot.

Upon hearing the sound of the chariot, Tang Luo had already completed his physical metamorphosis. Picking up a large training uniform on the side and draping it over his body, his expression became very serious, as he immediately sat down cross-legged and entered a state of introspection.

Before coming to the training ground, he had sent a reminder to Chang Fu that if there were any changes in the Minor Spiritual Realm, he should come directly to him. The fact that the Gilded War Chariot had parked in the training field was undoubtedly telling him that something had changed in the Minor Spiritual Realm.

Luckily, right before he left, Tang Luo had him take Star with him, so if something happened in the Minor Spiritual Realm, he could feel it through Star.

As soon as Chang Fu stepped out of the chariot, he saw Tang Luo open his eyes, immediately approaching in urgency, saying, “Young Master, the Spirit Realm Gate has been vibrating today. Your nephew and Master Ji have already gone to check it out, you should go too.”

Without a word, Tang Luo followed Chang Fu onto the chariot. The three suannis set off in a blazing fire, and the Gilded War Chariot drew a long red line against the sky, heading straight for the West City command post.

Deep within the underground cavern, the pure white Spirit Realm Gate had eight waves already transformed into seven, with three still trembling, while the remaining four calm.

Other than Ji Fu and Old Man Xu, Tang Bin, the head instructor, the Great Elder Tang Siyuan, and the Tang Clan leader Tang Zhi, had also arrived in the cavern.

Everyone’s attention was on the Spirit Realm Gate, their faces solemn. The fact that three waves had been shaking for a while without dissipating meant that there were three individuals still struggling.

What they had assumed would be a safe journey to the Minor Spiritual Realm had turned exceedingly dangerous, and they couldn’t comprehend this sudden twist, given that mechanical puppets, despite their immense power and great potential, move slowly.

The soldiers of the Slaughter Immortal Army were good movers, and the warriors of the Tang Clan had their own movement techniques matched with inner power. They couldn’t understand how danger could arise under such conditions.

To keep these six prospects alive, Tang Clan used half of their best resources to allow Ji Ming and his companion to lead the team. It was embarrassing to have one person die at the beginning of the fight.

Moreover, the most serious problem right now was that they couldn’t perceive the situation within the Minor Spiritual Realm. Under normal circumstances, with the help of the Spirit Guardian, they could know everything happening within the Minor Spiritual Realm, but now the Spirit Guardian had regained the Demon King’s consciousness, causing this assistance to disappear, rendering them blind and just guessing from outside the Spirit Realm Gate.

However, anxiety is the privilege of the weak. The wise would consider what to do next when facing trouble.

If these three can’t hold on any longer.

Clan leader Tang Zhi looked at the still trembling waves on the Spirit Realm Gate with flickering cold lights in his eyes, and asked Tang Bin, “Head Instructor, do we have any more martial artists who have mastered the Martial Finger Technique if these four die?”

Hearing this, Tang Bin was shocked, unable to believe that the clan leader would be so rational, for one of those in danger was his own son, Tang Zheng.

Caught off guard and rendered speechless by the sudden question, Tang Siyuan took the initiative to ask, “If this squad falls, I hope the Head Instructor can arrange another squad soon.”

The puppets in the Minor Spiritual Realm were a fixed number, as long as the Tang Clan could keep sending martial artists continuously, even if they had to sacrifice countless lives, they could still clear the way to the treasure house. They had agreed upon this.

In the face of the requests from the two power figures of the Tang Clan, Tang Bin pondered for a moment, and responded, “Tang Chen and Tang Lian did make some progress in learning the Martial Finger Technique, but they are new to it and aren’t suitable for such a life and death fight.”

The reason they were in such a predicament was not due to the lack of talent in the Tang Clan. Rather, the best of the First Cultivation Ground had broken through their boundary and started accepting missions, leaving a shortage of excellent martial artists in the Mortal Realm, making Tang Bin feel constrained.

Ji Fu frowned at this, “Don’t you have any usable clan martial artists?”

If they needed to expend direct descendants for everything, even the most powerful clan would eventually fall. In a typical clan, the most abundant people were the martial artists of affiliated families. It was unimaginable that in such a large Tang Clan, everything required them to handle personally. As long as there were enough Mortal Realm squads, it was possible to pile up and kill the mechanical puppets in the Minor Spiritual Realm.

“Clan martial artists haven’t practiced the Combined Attack Technique. They stand no chance against the mechanical puppets who possess the power of those who have shedded mortality. It’s just sending them to their death!” Tang Bin coldly retorted.

Who would have thought that there would be a Spirit Realm with requirements for Mortal Realm martial artists? For most of the world’s aristocratic families, only martial artists who have shedded their mortality were able to form sufficient combat power. Therefore, for some confident nobles, Mortal Realm martial artists they cultivated were all laying the foundation. Once the foundation was solid, they broke into the realm beyond mortality and were once again organized into squads of martial artists.

Confident as the Tang Clan, naturally, the outstanding clan martial artists, all martial artists in the Second Cultivation Ground, did not practice the Combined Attack Technique. They posed no threat to the puppets.

Waves on the Spirit Realm Gate were still trembling, but the higher-ups in the cavern had already begun discussing the selection of the next group. Speaking from a rational perspective, they should be praised for their calmness, but empathetically, Tang Luo couldn’t accept it.

His voice arrived before he did.

“Our clansmen are fighting for their lives in the Minor Spiritual Realm, and you are here planning your moves and strategy. Don’t you find it callous?” The moment Tang Luo’s voice echoed in the cavern, it was directed at Tang Zhi and Tang Siyuan in a cold tone.

Seeing Tang Luo enter, Tang Zhi, the clan leader, replied with a light smile, “As warriors of the clan, they should naturally fight for it. How can we convince the public if we treat them favorably just because we are related?”

The Great Elder Tang Siyuan also nodded and smiled at Tang Luo, completely unaffected by Tang Luo’s sarcastic remark.

In the hearts of these two highest leaders of the Tang Clan, the interests of the family always overrode personal emotions. Even if their son and grandson were in the Minor Spiritual Realm, it would not affect their decision-making.

Because in their eyes, Tang Luo was the true future of the younger generation of the Tang Clan. As for the six Mortal Realm martial artists in the secret realm, except for Tang Xing, who was slightly outstanding at eleven years old and at the peak of the Mortal Realm, the others were merely average, at least in the eyes of the elites..

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