Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2653 Twins


He quickly flipped through the pages and found the photos of Qiao Weiyang and Qiao Dongliang.

Qiao Weiyang immediately went to look for the photos of Qiao Dongliang when he was born.

When she flipped through the photos, she could not help but be stunned. The photos of Qiao Dongliang at birth that the Qiao family kept were exactly the same as the photos of Qiao Dongliang, who was about to turn one month old, that Madam Xu kept!

Seeing that she was in a daze, Old Master Qiao said, "Why are you in a daze?"

"I just remember that when we were young, we were all fine. Now, things are a little different. I can't help but feel sad," Qiao Weiyang said softly.

"That's right. She was such a cute child when she was young. How did she become like this now?" Old Master Qiao shook his head and said.

They both knew who he was talking about.

Old Master Qiao continued, "However, Jierou seems to be changing now. Ever since she got pregnant, her personality has changed a lot."

"She's pregnant?" Qiao Weiyang asked.

"The Lin family still wants her and Lin Heng to have children as soon as possible, so Madam Lin has been urging them. She's already three months pregnant," Old Master Qiao said. "She's not having a good time in the Lin family now, and her career has stopped. When she got pregnant, she came to me immediately... Therefore, I changed my will and left some of my assets to her child."

As Qiao Weiyang and Su Zhuoqian's relationship was stable now, Old Master Qiao did not mind mentioning Lin Heng and Qiao Jierou.

Qiao Weiyang said calmly, "Those are your assets. You can give them to whoever you want. Since she has a child, the child is innocent regardless of whatever she's done. It's only right to leave a share for her child."

Old Master Qiao looked at her with relief. "Weiyang, you've always been the most open-minded. You'll surely be blessed."

Qiao Weiyang played chess with Old Master Qiao for a while before leaving.

When she came out, she could not help but think about the photos.

She called Madam Xu and went to visit her again.

Hearing that Qiao Weiyang was coming to deliver a new medicine, Madam Xu did not suspect anything and welcomed her warmly.

When Qiao Weiyang left, she had a few strands of Madam Xu's hair in her hand.

After leaving the house, she tested her hair with Qiao Dongliang's.

It was illegal to test someone else's DNA without permission. However, seeing Madam Xu cry and asking Qiao Weiyang to help her pay attention to her missing child, Qiao Weiyang made up her mind.

Besides... Was it really a coincidence that Qiao Jierou and Huang Shumin chose that school for him?

At Su Group.

At night, because of an international shipping matter, Su Zhuoqian and the higher-ups had not gotten off work yet. They were thinking of a plan to solve the problem overnight.

When it was almost midnight, the matter finally came to an end. Su Zhuoqian said, "Alright, let's do it like this. The meeting is adjourned."

He pulled on his tie, came out of the conference room, and walked into his office.

Others could be adjourned from the meeting, but as the highest decision maker, he still needed to keep an eye on another piece of data.

When he pushed the door open and entered the office, Su Zhuoqian's gaze was attracted by the figure on the sofa. The woman was leaning against it as if she was waiting for something.

Sensing his gaze, Qiao Weiyang immediately looked back. Their gazes quickly met.

Su Zhuoqian, who was originally a little tired, regained his vitality at this moment. "Weiyang? Don't you have work at night?"

"There was a business event, but I rejected it." Qiao

Weiyang walked over and reached out to undo his tie. "I heard from Zhou Lang that you've been busy and haven't eaten. I brought food over to eat with you."

"It's already so late. You should rest early." Su Zhuoqian looked at her with heartache.

"Eating with you is what I should do now. President Su, you don't want me to starve, do you?"

If Qiao Weiyang hadn't come, Su Zhuoqian would definitely get busy with work first.

However, he did not want her to starve with him. Although he knew that this was just an excuse she was using, Su Zhuoqian still agreed. "Okay, let's eat together."

"Dinner will only take 20 minutes at most. Even if I don't come in the future, you have to eat on time, okay?"

"Okay, I'll listen to my wife." Su Zhuoqian tilted his head to look at her and picked up some food for her.

Qiao Weiyang smiled and said seriously, "I went to see Grandpa today. Only then did I know that you've always been there to accompany him. Zhuoqian, thank you so much."

"Weiyang, your grandfather is my grandfather. It's only right for me to visit him, isn't it?" Su Zhuoqian replied to her seriously.

"But you've done a lot for my own good."

He put down his chopsticks and reached out to hold her hand. "Because you're worth it. And because our marriage is worth my efforts to protect."

His fingers clasped hers tightly. "I believe you'll do the same for me, won't you?"

"Yes, I'll do the same for you." Qiao Weiyang believed that her determination to protect her marriage was the same as his.

If the couple had the same thoughts and determination, things would definitely be better.

It was late at night.

On the top floor of Su Group, two figures were hugging each other, forming a warm silhouette on the window.

Old Madam Qiao was drinking tea at home. Qiao Jierou was sitting opposite her and talking to her.

Qiao Jierou was already pregnant. Old Madam Qiao was overjoyed and reminded the servants, "Don't bring tea and caffeine for Jierou. Give her milk."

"Thank you, Grandma." Qiao Jierou gently stroked her stomach.

"Is your relationship with Lin Heng better now?" Old Madam Qiao asked.

"Much better." When Qiao Jierou said this, she could not help but lower her head. She was unable to hide her disappointment.

Back when her brand went bankrupt and she didn't have much personal credit, she married into the Lin family. She had to always be obedient in the Lin family, and she was nagged at by Madam Lin every day.

Not only did Lin Heng not protect her like before, but he also allowed his mother to slander her.

Madam Lin made a fuss about getting Qiao Jierou pregnant as soon as possible. Qiao Jierou had no choice but to get pregnant. Fortunately, after she got pregnant, Grandpa left her an additional inheritance in his will. Only then did Madam Lin's attitude improve a lot.

However, Lin Heng used her pregnancy as an excuse. He said that he was afraid that her pregnancy would be affected and has been sleeping in the guest room.

It could be said that Qiao Jierou had endless troubles.

This was completely different from the happy life she had imagined before. Was this really worth snatching from Qiao Weiyang?

Old Madam Qiao could tell that she was depressed and said, "It's inevitable for every family to have such problems. As a woman, you have to learn to be tolerant. This is the source of happiness, do you understand? When you give birth and have someone to rely on, you won't have to be afraid anymore."

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