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Madam Xu was obviously losing control of her emotions, and she was very different from her usual dignified and generous self.

Qiao Weiyang thought to herself that she really had to look into it. Now that she knew the cause of Madam Xu’s illness, the medicine needed to be changed to better treat her illness.

Madam Xu’s physical illness was easy to treat, but it seemed that her mental illness would indeed be difficult to treat.

After walking out of the Xu family’s house, Qiao Weiyang went straight to Qiao Dongliang’s hotel room.

She knocked on the door. After a while, he opened it. His head was drooping, and he looked like he was in low spirits.

“Dongliang, are the results out?” Qiao Weiyang’s tone could not help but become low.

“They’re out!” he said in a low voice. “I was waiting for you to come before telling you. ”

Seeing that he was in such a low mood, Qiao Weiyang also felt a little depressed. Just as she was about to find some comforting words to say to him, Qiao Dongliang pulled her into the room and opened his arms to hug her.

“Sister, I passed! I got A+ for all the papers! Surprise! I lied to you just now!”

Qiao Weiyang knocked him hard on the forehead. “Qiao Dongliang! Are you courting death?!”

“I just wanted to give you a surprise in person! Isn’t it great?” Qiao Dongliang smiled brightly.

Qiao Weiyang looked at him worriedly. “Actually, the principal has already called me. If you want to enter the academy, you need your family’s signature.

I’m not your legal guardian, so my signature is invalid. This matter needs to be resolved within 24 hours…”

“What?” Qiao Dongliang immediately became dispirited. “Dad and Mom will listen to Qiao Jierou. They definitely won’t sign it for me! Grandma won’t believe me either. As for Grandpa, he also thinks that the foreign university isn’t bad, so there’s no need for me to… Oh no, oh no! Then what should I do? Can I imitate Grandpa’s signature?”

“Qiao Dongliang, he said that you need your family to personally come to the school to sign it. In addition, it’s illegal to imitate signatures. Don’t you know that?” Qiao Weiyang emphasized the importance of the matter.

He was overwrought. “Then what should we do?”

He had secretly come back this time. As long as he returned to the Qiao family’s home, he would be beaten up before he could say anything. How could he ask them to agree to his request?!

Seeing that he was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do, Qiao Weiyang burst out laughing.

“Sister, you…” He looked at her in surprise.

“I’m lying to you. You’re already 18 years old and an adult. You don’t need your family’s signature to make your own decisions. Principal Fang hadn’t called me either!”

“Wow, you’re such a beautiful and cute woman, yet you’ve learned to lie!”

Qiao Weiyang smiled. “Well, it’s all because you lied to me first!”

Qiao Dongliang was overjoyed. “I have to prepare to report to school. I’ll choose to stay on campus. It’s convenient and won’t be easy for our family to find out. Also, there are many delicious restaurants around Jingdu City University. I don’t have to worry about food anymore.”

Qiao Weiyang was very happy for him and nodded. “Okay, then I’m done packing. Let’s report early.”

When he turned his head, she clearly saw a red mole on his ear.

Qiao Weiyang’s heart skipped a beat. She remembered that Qiao Dongliang had this mole since he was young. No wonder she felt that it looked familiar when she saw the photo of Madam Xu’s son when he was a baby.

“Dongliang, do you still have your childhood photos?”

“No. They’re all at home?” Qiao Dongliang said as he packed his things. “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“I want to see if you’ve been so naughty since you were young!”

He scratched his head. “I won’t lie to you again! Don’t hold it against me, okay, Sister?”

“Alright, quickly pack your things. I’ll send you to school later.”

After packing up, Qiao Weiyang drove him to school.

Standing at the school gate, Qiao Dongliang clenched his fists and straightened his chest. Then, he walked in with his head held high.

Qiao Weiyang was behind him, her eyes filled with relief. She knew that he had finally taken the path he wanted.

After sending him to school, Qiao Weiyang drove to the sanatorium where Old Master Qiao was.

She had not appeared much in the past half a year. He might have not noticed Qiao Dongliang as he was overseas, but it was impossible for Old Master Qiao not to know about her matters.

She had to calm him down.

When they entered the sanatorium, the head nurse saw her and immediately said happily, “Miss Qiao, you’re finally here. Old Master has been talking about you. Why haven’t you come for so long?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with something.” Qiao Weiyang followed her into Old Master Qiao’s room.

Old Master Qiao was playing chess with the doctor. When he saw Qiao Weiyang coming over, he stopped playing. The doctor deliberately complained, “Old Master, there’s no one like you. Once you win, you won’t want to play with the same person anymore.”

“Can’t you see that my granddaughter is here? How would I have the time to play chess with you?”

The doctor smiled and said, “Have a good reunion. I’ll go out first.”

“Doctor, is my grandfather’s health okay?” Qiao Weiyang immediately asked.

“There’s no problem. You don’t have to worry, Miss Qiao.” The doctor went out and closed the door for them.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry. I haven’t come to see you in a long time.” Qiao Weiyang’s voice was slightly choked.

“I know. Zhuoqian said that you were doing a very important job, so you didn’t have time to see me.” Old Master Qiao smiled brightly. “But Zhuoqian often comes. Go ahead with your work. There’s no need to specially take time out to accompany me.”

Only then did Qiao Weiyang know that Old Master Qiao was actually being kept in the dark by Su Zhuoqian. He did not know what had happened to her in the past half a year.

This was great. Grandpa was not worried about her and was even happy.

Thinking of how Su Zhuoqian had helped her consider everything, Qiao Weiyang felt a warm feeling in her heart.

“How is it? Are you done with your work?” Old Master Qiao asked.

“Yes, I’m done. It went quite smoothly. As soon as I was done, I rushed over to visit you.”

Old Master Qiao smiled happily and said, “When you’re free, spend more time with Zhuoqian. I saw that when he came over a few times, he wasn’t in a good mood. He’s a reserved person and won’t say a lot of things directly, but you have to understand him.”

“Yes, I will, Grandpa.” Qiao Weiyang nodded gently.

After chatting with Old Master Qiao for a while, Qiao Weiyang thought of Qiao

Dongliang and asked in a low voice, “Grandpa, do you have any photos of

Dongliang when he was young?”

“Yes, I do. I often take them out to take a look at them when I have nothing to do. As for you, why are you asking this?” Old Master Qiao opened a drawer and took out the photo album.

He had been staying in the sanatorium since a few years ago, so many things had been moved over from the family home.

Qiao Weiyang found an excuse. “I miss him a little.”

“I don’t only have his photos but also yours.” There were also photos of Qiao Jierou, but Old Master Qiao didn’t say anything about them..

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