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Chapter 2646: Twins

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“It’s Man Tianxing! She was the one who suggested that we adopt a new structure for our work. Previously, she repeatedly consulted me and asked me to check. Speaking of which, I’m ashamed to say that most of the work was done by Man Tianxing. However, she was very humble and let me take credit as the scriptwriter!”

Hearing that Twins was also Man Tianxing’s work, everyone couldn’t help but nod. “No wonder. It’s definitely her style!”

“She used to write scripts for movies. I didn’t expect him to be so good at scripts for TV shows!]

“If it was written by Man Tianxing, then Li Qiru definitely can’t casually acknowledge it. It’s one thing for Mrs. Zhao to be willing to guide her juniors, but what about her casually acknowledging Man Tianxing’s work as hers?” “Qiao Weiyang was right. What does this work have to do with Li Qiru?”

Li Qiru blushed.

Tonight, she had already been slapped in the face three times.

The reporters felt ashamed that they had trusted her before.

Under Mrs. Zhao’s righteous accusations, Li Qiru hurriedly left dejectedly.

Mrs. Zhao didn’t want to expose her, but she didn’t want the truth to get mixed up and cause chaos.

She said to everyone, “Everyone in this circle thinks that it’s already very chaotic inside. It’s every practitioner’s responsibility to maintain order inside.” They all nodded.

Seeing that it was about time, the reporters left.

Only then did Qiao Weiyang greet Mrs. Zhao. “Mrs. Zhao.”

“Weiyang.” Mrs. Zhao looked at her in confusion, and a thought flashed through her mind. Qiao Weiyang’s speech and the words she used were just like Man Tianxing’s…

Qiao Weiyang smiled at her. “Mrs. Zhao, why don’t I send you home? We can talk about my thoughts on the new script on the way.”

“You’re indeed…” Mrs. Zhao usually only communicated with her in writing and rarely called her.

She had felt that it was a little suspicious before and suspected that Qiao Weiyang was Man Tianxing, but this thought had only flashed through her mind.

When she saw her again tonight, she did not expect Qiao Weiyang to admit her identity.

Qiao Weiyang smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t announce my identity to the public before because I was afraid of trouble. Since you’re here tonight, I shouldn’t hide it from you anymore.”

“Okay, okay.” Mrs. Zhao nodded repeatedly. “I came here today because I didn’t want Li Qiru to steal your reputation. I didn’t expect you to be here!”

Qiao Weiyang and Mrs. Zhao chatted happily. Mrs. Zhao held her hand and still had a lot to say.

At this moment, the events of tonight’s Fei Tian Awards had also attracted the attention of the outside world and fans.

Zhang Yannian’s matter had originally affected the Fei Tian Awards very badly, but fortunately, the matter was quickly resolved. The organizers did not hide the matter and quickly gave everyone an explanation, so the fairness of the awards was preserved.

However, Li Qiru’s identity caused a huge discussion.

Her father used his official means for personal gain and deliberately messed with Qiao Weiyang to support his daughter. No one could blame her father, so they all blamed her. There were endless accusations and curses.

In the end, Li Qiru still dreamed of treating Twins as her work. She was criticized by everyone. [Li Qiru is really shameless. If Mrs. Zhao hadn’t come personally, she would’ve succeeded.]

[To be honest, as long as you have a good character, Mrs. Zhao will spare no effort to help you. But if you’re immoral, she’ll mercilessly point it out to you!] [Isn’t that good? That’s how we can dig out vermin like Li Qiru!]

Under normal circumstances, Li Qiru wouldn’t have been able to make a name for herself tonight. However, the scandals added up to make her a hot topic. Mrs. Zhao did not ask Qiao Weiyang to send her home, so Qiao Weiyang arranged to meet her at another time.

Qiao Weiyang returned to Su Zhuoqian’s side. He hugged her waist and kissed her. “You’ve worked hard.”

Qiao Weiyang nodded gently and leaned into his arms.

After a while, Su Zhuoqian let go of her. Lu Mingjue walked over and said, “Li

Qiru is gaining a lot of attention tonight. Should we do something about it?”

“Some people might become more popular after this, but some won’t.” Qiao Weiyang smiled.

As a manager, Lu Mingjue was indeed used to such phenomena. He said, “Then let’s hope Li Qiru is the latter.”

Sure enough, Li Qiru experienced the latter.

The second version of Twins was released the next day. Li Qiru had very few scenes in this edited version, and the female lead was Qiao Weiyang.

In the previous version, as a supporting actress, Qiao Weiyang could still rely on some indispensable scenes and her good acting skills to reach the audience’s hearts and win the Best Supporting Actress Award.

However, Li Qiru was not so lucky. As soon as she had fewer scenes, her presence was almost negligible.

Many people wanted to see if Man Tianxing’s new version of Twins was really that awesome, so they clicked on it to watch it.

Then, everyone realized that this version was indeed better. The story was even more exciting, and the plot was complete.

If the old version was a good piece of work, then the new version could be considered a classic.

As for Li Qiru, she could only be considered a small interlude in the classic. She didn’t play a big role in it.

The new version was popular. Not only did the investors and producers make a lot of money from it, but the various main characters in the show also attracted a wave of attention, forming a win-win situation.

As for Man Tianxing’s new work, See You Next Time, there were already many people auditioning for it back then. Li Qiru had only gone for the first audition, but she had already posted articles about it everywhere as if her role had been determined.

When it was really decided, the candidate was not her at all but another starlet with good acting skills.

She had paid for too many articles previously, which left a deep impression on everyone. Now that she wasn’t acting in it anymore, the outside world was discussing if there was something wrong with her that made her unable to act.

The backlash of paying for too many articles surfaced. Some people thought that she had been abandoned, while fans thought that she had been intercepted.

Li Qiru wanted to find other resources. But many production teams were afraid that Zhang Yannian’s scandal would affect their productions, so they did not dare to hire Li Qiru.

The scripts she was handed were all very low-level scripts. They were even worse than the resources she had before she became known.

When they heard that she wanted to take on such jobs, her fans were also very dissatisfied. They felt that she should not settle for the next best thing.

Li Qiru, who gained a lot of attention overnight, quickly went back to square one.

As for Qiao Weiyang, who had exposed her scandals, she did not lose as many fans as Li Qiru had thought..

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