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Chapter 2645: Twins

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Everyone looked at Qiao Weiyang. Although they didn’t criticize her, the meaning in their eyes was quite obvious. They all supported Li Qiru.

Qiao Weiyang looked around the crowd indifferently and said, “Coincidentally, Mrs. Zhao is coming over tonight. When she comes, everyone will know the truth of the matter.’

However, Li Qiru felt that Qiao Weiyang was just lying to her. She said in amusement, “Mrs. Zhao didn’t even come to receive the award, so why would she come? You must be joking.”

“It’s her freedom to choose when she’ll appear. No one can interfere.”

“Alright, alright. Then let’s wait for her to come over.” Li Qiru was fearless. She was just borrowing Mrs. Zhao’s name. She believed that she would not blame her at all.

Perhaps she would even specially come over to speak up for her.

However, looking at the time, Li Qiru still felt that the probability of Mrs. Zhao not coming was more than half.

Seeing that Qiao Weiyang was targeting her, she took this opportunity to go against her. “Qiao Weiyang, I remember that you haven’t worked for more than half a year. You don’t seem to have given your fans an explanation for this matter. Could it be that you’ve fallen in love? Is there anything you can share with us?”

The reporters pricked up their ears on the spot, their faces full of gossip.

They really didn’t expect Li Qiru to help them ask this question.

They were a little afraid of Lu Mingjue, so no one had raised this question today. However, someone still caused trouble in the end. All of them wished they could squeeze beside Qiao Weiyang and hear her answer.

Although Li Qiru asked politely and her words were gentle, everyone couldn’t wait for Qiao Weiyang to answer if she had gotten entangled with an old man or if she came back to work because their relationship ended.

Facing pairs of gossipy eyes, Qiao Weiyang’s attitude was very calm. “Since everyone wants to know, I don’t mind telling everyone. I do have someone I like now, and my emotional state is very stable. It’s just that in order to protect myself and him, it’s not convenient for me to tell everyone his identity. Although I’m a public figure and need to sacrifice a certain amount of my personal space, it doesn’t mean that all my personal space and privacy have to be revealed. Please forgive me!”

Qiao Weiyang’s answer was earth-shattering!

She actually admitted her relationship so frankly!

This was an answer that the reporters had never thought of before. “Then can you tell us a little about his profession?”

“How long have you been together? Are you planning to get married?”

“What’s your current situation? Why didn’t you appear for half a year? What’s the reason for your comeback?”

Qiao Weiyang smiled happily. “Everyone, I’ve just revealed a bit of my private matters to you. I need to keep the rest confidential.”

Her answer was appropriate. Although the reporters wanted to know the inside story, they had to stop for the time being.

Li Qiru was also very surprised that Qiao Weiyang was really in a relationship!

She was so bold!

She wanted to see how many of Qiao Weiyang’s fans would leave!

Su Zhuoqian, who was sitting not far away, had been watching the situation here. It was his and Qiao Weiyang’s mutual decision not to announce their relationship to the public tor the time being.

Anyone’s every move in the entertainment industry would inevitably be watched by people with ulterior motives. Even the slightest movement from them could stir up gossip.

The two of them had decided not to expose their private lives for the time being and let the children be undisturbed.

Even so, the light in Qiao Weiyang’s eyes when she mentioned her lover still made Su Zhuoqian feel very pleased. Although he was not standing beside her, he was always there with her in spirit.

Just as everyone was discussing this excitedly, someone outside the door said, “Mrs. Zhao is here! Mrs. Zhao!”

Everyone quickly looked outside.

Li Qiru was also very surprised that Mrs. Zhao really came!

She immediately looked out with everyone and went forward before the others.

“Mrs. Zhao! You’re here! I thought you wouldn’t be coming tonight!”

Mrs. Zhao was no longer as kind as before, and her attitude was much sharper. She said indifferently, “Of course, I had to come. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that there were other co-creators for Twins!”

Li Qiru was shocked by these words.

The others didn’t know if her words were directed at Li Qiru or Qiao Weiyang, so they didn’t dare to guess.

However, looking at how familiar Mrs. Zhao and Li Qiru were, everyone still felt that Mrs. Zhao was here to support Li Qiru.

Qiao Weiyang received everyone’s gaze. Many of them were sympathetic, as if they were worried that she would be criticized by Mrs. Zhao on the spot.

She kept smiling, not worried at all. She couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this nonsense.

“Mrs. Zhao, we heard that there are other co-creators of Twins. Why don’t you answer our doubts?”

The reporters standing in the front row asked politely.

Li Qiru also felt that she had a chance to salvage the situation. She lowered her voice and said, “Mrs. Zhao, I want to humbly learn script writing from you.

Why don’t you…”

Before she could finish, Mrs. Zhao said, “You have to learn your virtues first. Li Qiru, I came here today to tell you that if it’s not something you created, don’t claim it as your own. As humans, we have to be honest first before we can talk about creating!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Mrs. Zhao actually said such a thing. Wasn’t this a slap in Li Qiru’s face?

Was she really not involved in the creation at all?

Li Qiru immediately felt a burning pain on her face!

An unbelievable embarrassment spread throughout her body. The gazes of everyone present seemed to burn her!

Mrs. Zhao had always been magnanimous and kind. Li Qiru really did not expect to be slapped in the face by her on the spot.

“Mrs. Zhao…” Li Qiru’s face turned red as she said aggrievedly.

She hoped that Mrs. Zhao could save her some dignity.

Yes, Zhao Yu was usually very kind, but that was when she thought that the other party was very hardworking.

Now that she found out that Li Qiru was like this, she returned to being the strictest scriptwriter!

“Li Qiru, I once promised you that if you acted in See You Next Time, I would be your personal screenwriter. But that’s only because that work was written by Man Tianxing. Not only could I guide you, but I could also get a glimpse into the thoughts of young people these days. Do you know who the main screenwriter of Twins is?” Mrs. Zhao asked.

Li Qiru stammered as she was not sure..

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