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Chapter 61: Chapter 61 The Birth of the Second Child i

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Hearing the sound, Mu Zixuan immediately looked in the direction from which it came.

With just one look, she stood rooted to the spot, completely dumbfounded.

She had never expected to see her mother again in this lifetime.

From the day she married Lu Chen, she had been prepared to never return to the Capital City, to never see her family again.

But to her astonishment, just over a year had passed, and she was seeing her mother once more.

A wave of immense emotion swept through Mu Zixuan’s heart—this was the surprise the Prince had spoken of!

Indeed, it was a tremendous surprise for her!

At this moment, Mu Zixuan couldn’t help but let the tears flow.

Mrs. Mu was equally excited upon seeing her daughter, and quickly ran up to Mu Zixuan.

Mother and daughter immediately embraced tightly.

Mu Zixuan cried, and Mrs. Mu cried along with her.

Mu Zixuan cried because she had finally seen her family, whereas Mrs. Mu wept due to Mu Mansion having gone through a life and death crisis, and she had thought she would never see her daughter again.

After a while, Mu Zixuan wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes. Just as she was about to comfort her mother, she noticed that not far away stood Mu Changtian and others.

It then dawned on Mu Zixuan that not only had her mother came to North City, her father had come too, and even her two brothers were there.

Even some of the servants from Mu Mansion were present…

What was going on?

Even Mu Zixuan, as naive as she might be, could sense something must have happened to Mu Mansion from this scene before her eyes.

Mu Changtian was a Duke, a man who had once wielded military power.

Although his military power had been taken back, the Emperor would not have allowed him to leave the Capital City.

Yet here they all were, in North City—clear evidence that something had befallen Mu Mansion.

Mu Zixuan immediately asked, “Mother, what happened? Why have you all come to North City?”

Mu Changtian sighed and then said, “Zixuan, come inside first. We’ll tell you about the Capital City affairs slowly.”

Mu Zixuan nodded, then followed them to the guest hall of Mu Mansion.

Afterward, Mu Changtian narrated everything that had happened in the Capital City and their exile, and only then did Mu Zixuan understand what had transpired within Mu Mansion.

At this moment, she didn’t blame Lu Chen for not telling her about this, understanding why he had kept it from her. When the Mu Mansion was in trouble, she had just given birth and was quite weak.

If she had heard about the situation of Mu Mansion at that time, it would have definitely been a blow.

Now, Mu Zixuan felt even more gratitude toward Lu Chen.

She could never have imagined that one day it would be the North Prince who saved their entire family.

At the same time, Mu Zixuan felt incredibly fortunate; if she hadn’t married the North Prince, it was very likely that both she and Mu Mansion would no longer exist.

After staying in Mu Mansion for about four hours, Mu Zixuan returned to the Prince’s Mansion.

At this time, Lu Chen was in the study, looking over the reports from the Brocade Guard.

Thump, thump, thump…

The sound of knocking echoed through the study.

“Prince, may your concubine enter?”

Lu Chen put down the report, then stood up and said, “Come in.”

Just as Mu Zixuan pushed open the door, Lu Chen greeted her with a smile, “My darling, how do you like the surprise I prepared for you, did you enjoy it?”

No sooner had Lu Chen finished speaking than Mu Zixuan threw herself into his arms.

Feeling the gentle jade fragrance in his embrace, Lu Chen gently patted Mu Zixuan’s jade back in a comforting manner.

Tearfully, Mu Zixuan said, “Wuu wuu wuu… Prince, thank you for saving our whole family!”

Lu Chen smiled slightly, “You are my beloved concubine, and 1 don’t want to see you heartbroken after losing relatives. It’s what I should do.”

As Lu Chen spoke, he continued to pat Mu Zixuan’s back, “Alright, alright, stop crying. The Mu family is all fine, isn’t it? And now that they have come to North City, it will be even easier for you to see your family if you wish.”

With that, Lu Chen slightly pushed Mu Zixuan away and then used his finger to wipe the tears from the corner of her eye.

At this moment, Mu Zixuan’s face glowed with rosy health, and her tearful beauty made her appear all the more pitiable and lovely.

Looking at Lu Chen before her, Mu Zixuan had no idea how to express her gratitude; she gazed into his eyes with affectionate brows.

Seeing Mu Zixuan look like this, Lu Chen couldn’t help himself and kissed her.

“Mmm mmm…”

Mu Zixuan didn’t resist. Since becoming pregnant, it had been a long time since she had nurtured her relationship with Lu Chen.

Moreover, because of the incident at the Mu Mansion, her gratitude to Lu Chen erupted, which made her long for his deep affection.

Originally, Lu Chen didn’t like to nurture relationships with his wives or concubines in the study, as it was his workplace; occasionally, he found it sufficient to deal with the female slave Wang Qingci.

However, the atmosphere had been set to such a level, so there was nothing more to be said.

[The host has nurtured affection with Mu Zixuan once, Qi Refinement Mantra experience points increased by 20, Rejuvenating Skill experience points increased by 20.]

[Congratulations to the host for the arrival of another child, a reward of two hundred 122mm howitzers, a thousand shells, and an additional bonus of cement manufacturing technology.]

[The more children you have, the greater the rewards. Keep up the good work and produce more offspring!]

Hearing the system notification, Lu Chen was stunned for a moment. He was still in a sweet moment with his beloved concubine, not expecting that one of his concubines was giving birth to his child at this time.

Seeing Lu Chen cease his movements, Mu Zixuan, with eyes full of alluring charm, turned her head and asked, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

Mu Zixuan would call Lu Chen ‘darling’ only at such times, but she had also called him ’good brother’ and ‘good husband’.

Lu Chen raised his hand and gently wiped the perspiration from Mu Zixuan’s fair forehead, replying, “Xiaoxiao must have given birth.”

Hearing this, Mu Zixuan immediately came back to her senses and quickly said, “Prince, let’s go and see her right away.”

Mu Zixuan was not an unreasonably indulgent person; at a time like this, it clearly wasn’t the time for pleasure-seeking.

Lu Chen said, “Yes, let’s get ready and then go.”

After quickly getting ready, the two headed straight to the northern courtyard where Zhou Xiaoxiao was located.

By then, the northern courtyard was busy with activity, Zhou Xiaoxiao had completed the birth and was lying on the bed weakly, her complexion pale and sweaty all over.

Lu Chen sat down beside Zhou Xiaoxiao’s bed, grasped her jade hand, and said, “Xiaoxiao, you’ve had the baby. Why didn’t you send someone to notify me?”

If it weren’t for the system’s prompt, he wouldn’t have known Zhou Xiaoxiao had given birth.

Barely managing a smile, Zhou Xiaoxiao said, “The Prince has been very busy lately, and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Mu Zixuan interjected, “Sister, the Prince wouldn’t mind.”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Xiaoxiao, next time you give birth, remember to notify me, understand?”

Hearing this, Zhou Xiaoxiao was momentarily stunned. She had just given birth, and the Prince was already discussing the next childbirth with her. At that moment, a blush crept onto Zhou Xiaoxiao’s pale face.

Seeing her so weak, Lu Chen immediately channeled spiritual energy and applied the Rejuvenating Skill to treat Zhou Xiaoxiao.

The next moment, Zhou Xiaoxiao felt an incredible relief throughout her body, the pain and fatigue instantly vanishing.

Seeing the faint green glow emanating from Zhou Xiaoxiao’s body, Mu Zixuan, Chu Yuqin, and the others beside them were all stunned..

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