Having children earns benefit, start competing for dominance in the world by marrying a wife - C.60 - Is This the True Face of the North Prince?!


Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Is This the True Face of the North Prince?!

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After Lu Chen left, Mu Changtian and the other two heaved a sigh of relief as if a great burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

Even now, they found it incredible.

That was the North Prince!

The ignorant and debauched North Prince!

He was actually the Mysterious Prince who saved the Mu Mansion!

At this moment, Mu Changtian mocked himself, “Haha, 1 never thought I’d misjudge someone like this!”

Mu Jingwu said from the side, “Father, I still don’t understand why the North Prince concealed his talents in the Capital City. Given his power and with the support of the Chu Family, the position of Crown Prince was most likely his.”

The North Prince had only said “When a tree stands out in the forest, the wind will destroy it,” but this didn’t fully explain his reasons for hiding his abilities.

Hearing his son’s question, Mu Changtian reflected for a moment, then stroked his beard and said, “The thoughts of the North Prince, how could we possibly fathom them entirely?”

“However, from all that the North Prince has done, it seems he has never intended to rely on the power of the Aristocratic Families. Otherwise, his first order of business upon arriving in North City would have been to send someone to the Chu Family for help in governing North City. But as far as I know, the Chu Family and the North Prince Mansion have not had dealings for quite some time.”

“So, I suspect that the North Prince’s attitude towards the Aristocratic Families is actually the same as that of the Sum Emperor.”

At these words, Mu Jingwu and Mu Xingping were taken aback.

After a moment, Mu Xingping, as if he had realized something, immediately said, “Could it be that the North Prince deliberately wanted to withdraw from the Capital City, with the goal of using the Emperor to eliminate the Aristocratic Families, and only after the powers in the Capital City were sufficiently weakened by the struggle for succession, he would return to inherit the throne legitimately?”

Mu Changtian said, “That’s the most probable reason. The turmoil caused by Aristocratic Families has a long history, and as a prince so capable of enduring, his ambitions must certainly be great; his sights couldn’t have been set merely on the Crown Prince position.”

“I suspect he has already been looking further into the future, to the things he will need to deal with after his ascension to the throne.”

“If the Sum Emperor can deal with all the Aristocratic Families, then once the North Prince ascends the throne, the entire Great Sum will be ruled solely by him!”

“This approach holds another major advantage for him, if in the future people say the Imperial Family is too ruthless, they’ll only be referring to the present Sum Emperor, and it won’t have too much to do with the North Prince.”

Hearing Mu Changtian’s analysis, the two Mu brothers were stunned.

They hadn’t expected the North Prince, once called a waste by people, to have such grand ambition and strategic foresight.

Should the North Prince ascend to the throne and become the new Emperor of Great Sum in the future, his ambitions are unlikely to stop at mere control over Great Sum.

According to the North Prince’s current plan, by the time he ascends the throne, most likely the Aristocratic Families within the territory of Great Sum will have been nearly eradicated by the Sum Emperor, and then Great Sum will be his to command.

For a person of great ambition and strategy like the North Prince, to not do something big after gaining control of the entire Great Sum would be a disservice to his long-term scheming.

The Mu brothers no longer dared to contemplate in which direction the North Prince would steer the ship of Great Sum after his ascension.

They couldn’t help but think, could it be that the North Prince’s true intention was to eliminate all dynasties and dominate the world?

Was what the North Prince had planned so far just the beginning?

At this thought, the Mu brothers involuntarily drew a cool breath.

So this is the real intention of the North Prince!

Is this the true face of the North Prince?

Lu Chen, on his way back to the North Prince Mansion, couldn’t stop sneezing, wondering if he had caught a cold.

After all, he was a Ninth Grade Martial Artist; he shouldn’t catch a cold so easily, right?

Soon, Lu Chen returned to the Prince’s Mansion.

Upon entering the Prince’s Mansion for the first time, Lu Chen went to find Mu Zixuan.

Mu Zixuan was in the room taking care of the child. When she saw Lu Chen arrive, she quickly put down Lu Changfeng.

“Greetings, Prince.”

Lu Chen came to Mu Zixuan’s side, wrapped his arm around her slender waist, lifted his hand to caress her delicate nose, and then said, “My consort, I have told you many times, you are my wife, there’s no need to greet me formally every day.”

Mu Zixuan said with a smile, “The Prince is still the Prince, it’s only proper for me to pay my respects.”

Seeing that Mu Zixuan still said this, Lu Chen didn’t continue the topic further. He directly said, “My consort, I’ve just prepared a surprise for you. Are you interested?”

Hearing this, Mu Zixuan asked in confusion, “A surprise? What surprise?”

Lu Chen said with a smile, “If I tell you what the surprise is, how can it still be a surprise? 1 will have someone take you to a place, and then you will see.”

Mu Zixuan quickly said, “Prince, Feng’er has not yet gone to sleep.”

Lu Chen glanced at Lu Changfeng on the bed, then said, “Let Xiao Rou and the wet nurse watch over him for now. You go to that place first.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Mu Zixuan became even more curious. What kind of surprise could it be?

Having been married into the Prince’s Mansion for such a long time, the North Prince hadn’t prepared any so-called surprise for her, but then again, the North Prince himself was a surprise to her.

Originally, when she had married into the North Prince Mansion, she thought her life would be very miserable, but unexpectedly, aside from being lustful, the North Prince had almost no other faults.

Moreover, the North Prince had always been very good to her, his consort, cherishing and trusting her greatly, even leaving the management of the Prince’s Mansion’s assets in her hands.

For a woman from a family of convicted criminals like her, it was already quite difficult to marry such a good man. How could Mu Zixuan dare to expect any surprises?

Mu Zixuan then said, “Then all right, I will go and see the surprise the Prince has prepared for me.”

Seeing that Mu Zixuan agreed, Lu Chen immediately took her and left the room.

Afterward, Lu Chen arranged for a member of the Brocade Guard to take Mu Zixuan to the manor he had prepared for the Mu Mansion.

On the way to the new Mu Mansion, Mu Zixuan couldn’t help but give in to her curiosity. She opened the curtain and asked the Brocade Guard escorting her, “What surprise has the Prince prepared for me? Do you know?”

Hearing Mu Zixuan’s question, the Brocade Guard swiftly replied, “Consort, the Prince instructed us that we must not tell you in advance. You will know once you arrive.”

Upon the Brocade Guard’s response, Mu Zixuan pursed her lips, wondering in her heart just what kind of surprise could be so mysterious?

It wasn’t long before Mu Zixuan arrived at the entrance of the Mu Mansion.

Because of the sensitivity surrounding the Mu family name, there was no family name plaque hanging above the entrance of the Mu Mansion, just a large gate.

At this moment, a Brocade Guard said to Mu Zixuan inside the carriage, “Consort, we’ve arrived.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Zixuan immediately got off the carriage and, seeing the large gates before her, became even more puzzled. What did the Prince want her to do in this place?

At that time, one of the Brocade Guards walked to the gate and told the gatekeeper, “Go inform your master that the consort has arrived.”

After hearing this, the gatekeeper hurriedly ran into the estate.

Mu Zixuan was now at the entryway of the Mu Mansion, and upon seeing her, the servants of the Mu Mansion immediately paid their respects, saying, “Greetings, Consort.”

Mu Zixuan said indifferently, “Rise.”

She was a bit distracted now, only wanting to know what the surprise Lu Chen had prepared for her was.

Just then, from not too far away, a familiar woman’s voice was heard.

“Zixuan…. Zixuan!!!”

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