Dao of the Bizarre Immortal - C.465 - List


Li Huowang wasn't exactly knowledgeable when it came to Natural Disasters, so he frowned upon hearing Liu Zongyuan's words. “You mean the Surveillance Bureau had laid out that massive golden formation in Shangjing as a means to combat the Natural Disaster?”

At the time, he was inside the golden formation, but he was too focused on Bei Feng to even think about why the emperor was working with the Surveillance Bureau. Once the dust settled, Li Huowang assumed that the emperor was trying to ascend and become an Immortal by recruiting the Surveillance Bureau.

However, it seemed that his assumption was wrong. The Surveillance Bureau and the Liang Kingdom’s emperor had been planning to use the Sacred Mountain Ghost’s Eye to combat the Natural Disaster of the Sun-Devouring Heavenly Dog.

Li Huowang finally had a clear picture of what was happening in the Liang Kingdom, and he couldn't help but feel a bit regretful about his actions. He hadn't played a righteous role during the incident at Shangjing.

However, he couldn't really be blamed, as he had no idea that the Surveillance Bureau was going to help the masses against Natural Disasters using the massive golden formation.

Of course, this was mostly because of the Surveillance Bureau's strict information control. However, Li Huowang wouldn't have thought that they were the good guys at the time, and it was all thanks to their actions.

“No, Junior Li, this is my fault, not yours,” Zhuge Yuan said.

“The Sitting Oblivion Dao managed to deceive me,” Zhuge Yuan added in a voice filled with sorrow and self-loathing. “It all started from the moment I killed Bai Ban. It was then that I fell into the Sitting Oblivion Dao's trap.

"Perhaps the Sitting Oblivion Dao of the Qi Kingdom was also responsible for pushing the undead emperor to rule the kingdom. The Sitting Oblivion Dao of the Qi Kingdom was working together with the Sitting Oblivion Dao of the Liang Kingdom.

"They did it not because they wanted to avenge the dead Bai Ban but to use my powers as the Twisted One to travel between two different timelines in order to trick Doulao and take away the Sacred Mountain Ghost Eye.”

Liu Zongyuan's exposition taught Zhuge Yuan more than Li Huowang, and Zhuge Yuan realized that he had indeed gotten tricked by the Sitting Oblivion Dao.

“Don’t worry about it too much. You’ve done your best. Blame the Sitting Oblivion Dao,” Li Huowang said unconsciously.

Liu Zongyuan thought that Li Huowang was talking to him and responded, “Brother Er is too kind, but I’m not sad. After all, I deliberately did not assign myself to Shangjing. I'm not crazy enough to risk my life. I was hiding in Qing Qiu on that day.”

Since they were already on the topic, Liu Zongyuan added, “Sigh. It’s only been decades since we killed so many members of the Sitting Oblivion Dao, and I didn't expect that it would be time to do so again.

"They really are like maggots; they'd pop out of nowhere and in such large numbers. It doesn't matter even if you kill one of them, as three of them would pop up the next time. Anyway, Brother Er, I hope you won't tell anyone what I'm going to tell you today.

"I've heard that the Sitting Oblivion Dao has truly angered our superior this time. I'm sure they'd issue a kill order for every single Sitting Oblivion Dao member once the Natural Disaster is over. Many members of the Sitting Oblivion Dao had perished in Shangjing, and I think they're finally going to kill all of them once and for all.”

Li Huowang stood up and clenched his fists in excitement. “That's great news! I hate the Sitting Oblivion Dao! The Surveillance Bureau should have annihilated them long ago."

“Yeah. Brother Er, I know you hate the Sitting Oblivion Dao, so I came here to ask you to follow me to Shangjing. However, I didn't expect that you'd end up becoming blind.”

“No worries,” Li Huowang said decisively. “I'm already blind, but I can still kill! Let’s go!”

“Ah, it’s fine, Brother Er. It’s best if you just stay here and recuperate. Don’t force yourself. The Surveillance Bureau still has many people, and it’s not like we'll become useless without you.”

Li Huowang knew that Liu Zongyuan wouldn't let a blind man follow him on his missions. He was just putting up an act for the sake of Li Huowang's dignity. Li Huowang himself still had many issues to handle, so he wasn't really in the mood to go on missions.

The two enjoyed some small talk and exchanged pieces of information.

Eventually, Liu Zongyuan made remarks about the horrifying Li Sui.

“Erm, Brother Er, it's one thing for the members of the Ao Jing Sect to skin themselves, but why are you skinning dogs as well? Don’t you think that's taking it a bit too far?”

Li Huowang stretched out his hand and patted Li Sui’s tough skull. “She’s not a dog but a spiritual beast. I’m blind, so she's here to defend me. She looks horrifying, but she’s more dependable than a human.”

“Is that so? I guess you had an auspicious meeting with it, then. People wouldn’t even dare to attempt to rear a spiritual beast! Are you selling it?” Liu Zongyuan asked.

Li Sui growled deeply and flashed her white fangs.

“Quiet now. Brother Liu was just joking,” Li Huowang said, patting Li Sui's neck.

Li Sui quickly calmed down and stopped growling at Liu Zongyuan.

Somehow, Li Sui had become more animalistic after taking over Bun’s body.

“All right, then, I should take my leave now. You should recover and stop being so reckless in the meantime.”

Liu Zongyuan stood up and turned around to leave.

“Brother Liu, wait a minute," said Li Huowang, stopping Liu Zongyuan from leaving. "Since you know many things, do you know of any sects capable of replacing someone's eyes so that they can regain their vision? I mean, as you can see...”

"Erm... there are some sects capable of doing so, but I don't think there’s any reason for you to go and look for them. We're strangers to them, so they could easily trick us.

"Moreover, we have our own methods. You've completed so many missions for the the Surveillance Bureau, so you definitely have many rewards to be claimed.

"Just go to the headquarters and exchange your rewards, which are lifespan pills, for something that will restore your vision,” said Liu Zongyuan. Then, he wasted no time and left.

Left all alone, Li Huowang sat quietly in the dark room and pondered over his next course of action while patting Li Sui’s back. Too many things were happening at the same time, and Li Huowang knew that he needed to act now. “Li Sui, bring me a charcoal and a piece of paper.”

“Okay, Father.”

A piece of paper was soon laid in front of Li Huowang.

Li Sui then gave Li Huowang a piece of charcoal. Li Huowang took the charcoal and used its pointed end to write out all of the issues he had at the moment.

First of all, Bai Lingmiao is on the cusp of becoming blind, as the sunlight has burned off her retina. She's extremely weak at the moment, and her lifespan has become shorter than normal.

Secondly, the Natural Disasters are too unpredictable. The Surveillance Bureau's plan to deal with Natural Disasters was destroyed by the Sitting Oblivion Dao. I’m not afraid of Natural Disasters, but how can I ensure the survival of Cowheart Village in these chaotic times?

Thirdly, Doulao has changed my past. My memories as Hong Zhong are a hidden danger that I must remove once I get the opportunity to do so.

Lastly, I have to keep cultivating the "Truth." It concerns not just Zhuge Yuan's revival but my strength and even the reality of both worlds.

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