Dao of the Bizarre Immortal - C.464 - Origin


Sir Wu's wife ignored him and walked outside. She carried a basket with her as she climbed up the bamboo ladders to collect the dried radishes on the roof.

Sir Wu changed clothes with a spiteful look and proceeded to eat his dinner. Upon seeing chicken in his noodles, Sir Wu's face beamed. He ate with relish and left the dishes on the table.

It was sunset, and the evening glow made his face look even yellower than usual.

A radish fell from the roof and slid into his back from his nape.

“Wash the dishes! What are you doing standing there?!”

“Ah...” Sir Wu hurriedly took out the radish from his shirt while running outside. Upon reaching the left yard of the Bai Family’s Ancestral Hall, he glared at his residence and scoffed. “Hmph! The scholars of the past were right. Women are as hard to raise as mean-spirited people.”

Sir Wu straightened his clothes and turned around before getting startled by a wrinkled face.

“Hehehe~ Sir Wu, are you heading to the lecture? Let’s go together,” Lu Zhuangyuan said, chuckling while holding his grandson.

Sir Wu looked down at Lu Zhuangyuan before heading to the classroom.

“Lecture? Hmph! You are overestimating them. I’m just trying to enlighten them! Each and every one of them is so stupid that I feel like I’m wasting my time here.”

“Hehehe, that’s true. They are already quite old, and it is past the prime time for them to study and become a scholar. However, our Tongsheng is different. This is the perfect time for him to study!” Lu Zhuangyuan happily raised his grandson up in the air.

“I’ve told you many times that a baby that’s not even a year old will not be able to understand what I’m talking about! Don’t bring him into the classroom!”

“Sigh, Sir Wu. This is the perfect time for the baby to learn how to speak by listening to its surroundings. It’s not a bad thing for a baby to listen to lectures. What if he learns something?”

“Sigh. I really am wasting my time here; everyone's so dumb,” Sir Wu said, shaking his head as he walked toward his classroom.

It turned out that everyone had already been waiting for him. Everyone went silent upon witnessing Sir Wu's arrival.

Sir Wu looked at the figure wearing the black veil standing in the corner of the classroom and frowned in dissatisfaction.

After the Natural Disaster, the person underneath the veil had grown considerably taller. They stood silently, but they somehow made Sir Wu feel oppressed. Sir Wu had long decided to steer clear of them.

Sir Wu was not a stupid man, after all. He had seen the techniques that the others in the village had used during the Natural Disaster.

Sir Wu didn’t even dare to think about the identity of the individual beneath the black veil. The ancient scholars had said that scholars had to distance themselves from the supernatural.

Sir Wu actually wanted to leave but he didn’t dare do so. He was afraid that something bad would happen to him if he didn’t listen to them.

He was already old and had read a lot about people with supernatural powers through books. He knew that upon obtaining powers, they would do whatever they liked and treat normal people as insignificant beings.

Sir Wu trembled upon recalling the horrifying images drawn in that book.

He had no other choice but to do as he was told. Luckily, he was getting paid on time, and the villagers were treating him well. Sir Wu swept his gaze across the classroom and noticed something amiss.

“Hm? Why are there so few people here today?”

“Sir, Gao Zhijian is recruiting for a militia. He said that the chosen ones would receive candy, so most of the people here decided to go there. However, Gao Zhijian is very strict, so I’m sure most of them would fail and would return soon.”

Looking at the smarter Zhao Wu, Sir Wu’s tone became noticeably better. “Is that so? Why didn’t you go then?”

Zhao Wu patted his legs out of bitterness. “Surely, you jest, sir. There’s no way I can pass with this body of mine.”

Sir Wu nodded and coughed lightly before starting his lecture.

People came and went during his lecture, and Sir Wu didn’t really care whether they were bored or frustrated. All he cared about was doing his job.

Soon, it was midnight. Sir Wu looked at the yawning students and waved his hands, dismissing them. His mouth was feeling quite parched as well.

“We will stop here today. Remember to study what you’ve learned today so you'll memorize them. I will test you randomly tomorrow.”

Sir Wu walked out of the classroom with a lantern in hand, which illuminated the path to his house. It was midnight, so the streets were empty. Sir Wu felt nervous, especially after what he had seen during the Natural Disaster.

However, he didn’t dare to show his nervousness on his face. He didn’t want his stupid students to see that he was terrified.

He walked and soon saw the Bai Family’s Ancestral Hall. His footsteps unconsciously became lighter as he picked up the pace upon seeing the ancestral hall.

He had heard many rumors throughout the village about how many people had died in the ancestral hall.

I'm a scholar. I exude the aura of justice. Those of the supernatural will avoid me! Sir Wu walked carefully while reassuring himself repeatedly.

When he finally walked past the Bai Family’s Ancestral Hall, Sir Wu sighed in relief.

And that was when a wooden mask suddenly appeared in front of him in the dark.

Sir Wu yelped, but a wooden hand covered his mouth before his scream could echo in the air. “Don’t make any noises. I don’t want to kill you. I’m here to find someone. Do you know where Er Jiu is?”

Staring at the old man standing motionlessly like a log, Liu Zongyuan asked, “You don’t know Er Jiu? He's always wearing his signature red Daoist robe, and he always has two swords on his back.”

Sir Wu extended a trembling finger, pointing in a certain direction. Liu Zongyuan stared disdainfully at Sir Wu upon noticing that the latter had pissed himself. Then, he turned around to leave, rushing toward the direction Sir Wu had pointed out for him.

Liu Zongyuan had just arrived at a remarkable estate, but he immediately noticed that a window to the second floor of the estate was open.

“Brother Liu, I can’t move much right now. Come in and talk.”

Liu Zongyuan leaped up like a monkey and climbed up the window using his right arm before throwing himself into the room.

Liu Zongyuan saw the Daoist in red robes sitting like a king with a horrifying beast sitting quietly on his left. The beast had been skinned, and its empty eye sockets stared at Liu Zongyuan without moving.

“Brother Liu, are you okay?” Er Jiu asked.

Liu Zongyuan snapped out of it and realized that Er Jiu’s eyes were covered in white bandages.

“What happened to your eyes?”

“Something happened during the Natural Disaster, and I ended up getting blinded. Don’t worry; it’s just a minor wound. Anyway, I’m surprised that you actually came here so fast.”

“Of course. I rushed over here as fast as I could the moment I received your letter. You're hiding in a rural area, so I'm sure you have no idea what's happening, but it's chaotic outside.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Do you have any information about the recent Natural Disaster? I think the fact that it's been happening every year over the past two years is a bad omen."

“Sigh.” Liu Zongyuan sighed and sat beside the Daoist in red robes. “You don’t have to mention that. Anyone with eyes would be able to see something strange. I heard that the Surveillance Bureau had known that the Natural Disaster would appear ahead of time.”

“They knew that it'd appear ahead of time? Then, why didn’t they stop it? Weren’t they supposed to keep watch of it and deal with it? Or could it be that there's a limit to their power?”

Liu Zongyuan clenched his fists out of frustration. “Do you really think that they didn’t want to stop it? Did you think that their expansive formation in Shangjing is just for show? Sigh. It’s the Sitting Oblivion Dao's fault! They destroyed the formation, so the Surveillance Bureau lost a huge chunk of their power!”

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