Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.627 - : Unconventional Sword


Chapter 627: Unconventional Sword

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Chen Fei turned his head slightly in surprise, and there stood the figure of an old man.

Just now, Chen Fei had sensed the presence of this person, but he had thought it was just someone borrowing martial arts techniques together. Now, hearing these words, it should be someone from the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

At the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, but his aura was weaker than that of an average peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator. It wasn’t because the martial arts he had learned were weak, but because his lifespan was nearing its end, and his body couldn’t contain his vital energy, causing his strength to leak out.

This was the manifestation of the end of life for most martial artists, just like Zhou Zixun back then, who was the same.

“Elder!” Chen Fei bowed respectfully.

“You are very young!”

Zhang Qiuming glanced at the jade pendant in his hand, then looked up at Chen Fei, saying, “The Primordial Sword Sect, a fourth-tier force, your talent is indeed not bad.”

Chen Fei glanced at Zhang Qiuming’s jade pendant. It should be that when he went upstairs just now, Chen Fei used his waist badge from the Sea Dominion City to unlock the restriction, so the information entered Zhang Qiuming’s hands.

“Elder is too kind!” Chen Fei smiled.

“Good is good, bad is bad. If you need any martial arts techniques, I can give you some advice. That’s the reason why the Alliance Leader sent me here,” Zhang Qiuming responded without commenting on Chen Pel’s words.

Zhang Qiuming would proactively inquire about Chen Fei, seeing the youthful aura emanating from him, as youth represents more possibilities.

Zhang Qiuming’s strength had already entered a rapid decline period, and engaging in physical confrontations was no longer an option for him. However, giving advice was still feasible, which is why Min Yanlu dispatched him here.

Currently, the Thousand Feathers Alliance faced internal and external troubles. If they could produce a Mountain Sea Realm cultivator, all their problems could be easily solved.

But producing a Mountain Sea Realm cultivator was not so simple, and such matters couldn’t be rushed. Thus, enhancing the strength of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators within the Thousand Feathers Alliance could be considered a supplementary solution.

Perhaps, by planting seeds without expecting immediate results, they might reap unexpected surprises.

Just like Shen Yuanjun, who was once hailed as having unparalleled talent in the Thousand Feathers Alliance, emerged from a humble sect. However, unfortunately, Shen Yuanjun didn’t truly grow in the end, meeting an untimely demise.

“I would like to inquire about some matters regarding the Condensation of the Three Flowers, whether it’s orthodox or unorthodox,” Chen Fei pondered for a moment and said.

Condensing the Three Flowers quicldy was Chen Fei’s goal, but he couldn’t ask Zhang Qiuming directly about it, as one could easily imagine his reaction.

Chen Fei’s current cultivation level appeared to be only at the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

It would seem odd for a Combined Aperture Tempering realm early-stage cultivator to ask about how to condense the Three Flowers quickly. However, phrasing the question differently would make it seem less abrupt.

“Condensing the Three Flowers?”

Zhang Qiuming paused for a moment, but considering Chen Fei’s humble background from an ordinary sect, he had a realization.

Coming from an ordinary sect implied ordinary martial techniques. Even though there were cultivation methods for the entire Combined Aperture Tempering realm in some sects, many details became ambiguous in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Even if there were detailed explanations, the methods for condensation were still quite rudimentary.

Seeing Chen Fei so young, it was inevitable that he had considerable aspirations in martial arts, making it almost a certain choice to seek better techniques.

“Follow me.”

Nodding, Zhang Qiuming led Chen Fei to a bookshelf and pointed to some jade slips on top, saying, “Here are several decent Combined Aperture Tempering realm techniques. With diligent practice, you might even be able to condense a high-grade Combined Aperture Tempering realm.”

Zhang Qiuming then pointed to some other jade slips and continued, “These are secret techniques, including special exercises for the first five transformations of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm that can enhance your cultivation. There are also a few for condensing the Three Flowers. You can take a look at those too.”

“Thank you, Elder!” Chen Fei bowed respectfully.

Zhang Qiuming waved his hand, saying nothing more, and turned to leave.

Watching Zhang Qiuming’s figure disappear, Chen Fei then turned his attention to the jade slips.

He would start with these jade slips, but he wouldn’t overlook the ones on the other shelves either. Perhaps he could find some techniques that would be useful to him.

Although the likelihood of this was low, it was just a matter of spending a little more time.

Picking up the first jade slip from the shelf, Chen Fei immersed his mind into it. After a moment, he withdrew his consciousness and placed the jade slip back on the shelf.

It had to be said that the techniques on the second-floor shelves were indeed much more profound than those on the first floor. Just from the jade slip Chen Fei had just examined, the recorded techniques were not much inferior to the Three Lives Slicing Shadow Sword he had forged in the past.

Of course, this referred to cultivation at the elemental realm level. In terms of offensive capabilities, the Three Lives Slicing Shadow Sword was undoubtedly stronger.

However, this reflected the heritage. The techniques collected by the Mountain Sea Realm powers easily surpassed the few techniques Chen Fei had forged.

If Chen Fei hadn’t obtained the inheritances of the other nine top powers by chance, he would probably have fused the techniques from the jade slip he had just examined.

Chen Fei began to carefully examine the contents of each jade slip, but there weren’t many surprises. Many of the techniques contained their own secrets, but they couldn’t offer much help to Chen Fei at his current stage.

There were a total of twenty-three elemental realm inheritance techniques, all of which were excellent. However, the difficulty of cultivation was not small. For an ordinary early-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator, choosing techniques from the first floor might be more appropriate.

After finishing reviewing the inheritance techniques, Chen Fei began to look at the secret techniques specifically targeting the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Compared to the balanced elemental realm inheritances, the secret techniques for the Combined Aperture Tempering realm were undoubtedly more unconventional, and their concepts were more extreme.

Chen Fei’s spirits couldn’t help but lift slightly at this unconventional approach. Nowadays, Chen Fei actually favored such unconventional methods even more.

After all, compared to orthodox techniques, the Profound Heavenly Sword was already as orthodox as it could get. With conventional practice, reaching the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was only a matter of time.

But what Chen Fei needed now was precisely a shortcut.

After more than an hour, Chen Fei finished reading all the jade slips in front of him, rubbing the jade slip in his hand and pondering.

The secret techniques were all very good, but as Zhang Qiuming had said, these jade slips mainly focused on the cultivation of the first five transformations of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, and there wasn’t much information regarding the Condensation of the Three Flowers.

If Chen Fei were truly at the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm at this moment and comprehended these secret techniques, perhaps he wouldn’t even need the Celestial Azure Flower to elevate his Combined Aperture Tempering realm to his current level.

It must be said that by learning from various sources, one could indeed accelerate their cultivation speed.

Of course, only Chen Fei could operate in this manner. After all, trying to fully comprehend more than a dozen secret techniques to a profound level would consume more time and energy than simply following a systematic cultivation method.

“These four secret techniques for condensing the Three Flowers are not as bold as the Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions.”

Chen Fei remarked as he placed the jade slip back, turning to inspect techniques from other shelves.

Zhang Qiuming stood at the staircase, observing Chen Fei as he perused the jade slips of other techniques from the shelves. He shook his head slightly but didn’t offer any advice or approach Chen Fei. The path of cultivation was one’s own, and since he had no personal connection with Chen Fei, there was nothing more to say or advise.

Chen Fei quickly skimmed through the jade slips on the second floor. Compared to others who were constantly contemplating the techniques in their hands, Chen Fei’s actions seemed somewhat unusual.

After two hours, Chen Fei halted his steps, having finished examining the last jade slip on the second floor.

Frowning slightly, Chen Fei pondered. While these techniques weren’t useless, he did gain some insights. However, just like the feeling he got from the jade slips on the first floor, none of them were what he urgently needed at the moment.

Among them, there were quite a few techniques involving the Condensation of the Three Flowers, which could indeed slightly accelerate Chen Fei’s cultivation speed, but only slightly.

If Chen Fei were to use these methods, he could probably compress the breakthrough time of over ten years to around ten years. This speed, fundamentally speaking, was already very fast.

At least it saved Chen Fei about thirty percent of the time, which could be considered quite effective.

However, Chen Fei still felt that ten years to reach the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was a bit too long.

Chen Fei turned his gaze towards the stairs leading to the third floor. If there weren’t better methods up there, then Chen Fei would have to accept this outcome.

At most, during his daily cultivation, he would summarize some methods and try to shorten the breakthrough time, much like how he forcibly shortened the time it took to break through from the mid to late Combined Aperture Tempering realm stage.

“Haven’t found anything satisfactory?” Zhang Qiuming opened his eyes upon hearing Chen Fei’s footsteps.

“I did gain some insights.”

Chen Fei chuckled softly, looking at Zhang Qiuming and asked, “May I ask, Elder, what kind of test is required to go to the third floor?”

“The tests set within the Alliance are not meant to intentionally make things difficult for you all but to avoid wasting everyone’s time,” Zhang Qiuming explained briefly.

Then, he took out a jade slip from his sleeve and handed it to Chen Fei, continuing, “The test isn’t complicated. This jade slip contains a secret technique. If you gain some insight within ten days, it will be considered as passing.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Chen Fei accepted the jade slip but didn’t inspect it. He bowed respectfully to Zhang Qiuming before leaving the second floor.

Zhang Qiuming saw Chen Fei leave and closed his eyes again.

Chen Fei arrived on the first floor and waited for Tong Linyun for a moment. Then, the two of them left together and directly bought a courtyard to stay in within the Thousand Feathers City.

In a place like Thousand Feathers City, where every inch of land was precious, it was difficult to describe the value of the houses here. However, Chen Fei’s current wealth was unimaginable to ordinary people.

Dealing with rentals would be too troublesome. Buying a courtyard didn’t make Chen Fei feel much, considering his current financial status.

At night, Chen Fei first discussed matters with Tong Linyun, spending over an hour talking about recent issues in cultivation.

Cultivation couldn’t be too excessive; it needed moderation. Of course, it was mainly because Tong Linyun couldn’t bear the burden of intense cultivation. Although her cultivation had reached the mid Combined Aperture Tempering realm, Chen Fei was undoubtedly stronger.

After discussing cultivation matters, Chen Fei entered the secret chamber of the courtyard and took out the jade slip given by Zhang Qiuming.

After a moment, Chen Fei withdrew his consciousness from the jade slip.

The Formless Technique!

Formless and without form. This technique allowed Chen Fei to directly strike his opponent’s body with his attacks, although the intensity of the attacks would be significantly reduced. The effect could be considered acceptable.

This technique bore some resemblance to what Gu Danying had learned, but undoubtedly it was much weaker. Perhaps, this Formless Technique was just a part of some other inheritance.

Gaining insights into this Formless Technique within ten days was quite challenging.

However, for Chen Fei, this was naturally not a problem. What Chen Fei needed to consider was on which day to proceed to the Sutra Library..

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