Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.626 - : Second-Tier Combined Aperture


Chapter 626: Second-Tier Combined Aperture

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The sharp curses suddenly became faint, and the Evil ship, split in half, trembled violently, then forcibly merged back together. However, the countless sword elements pierced through the fractured parts, making it difficult for the Evil ship to truly recover.

The ship’s hull began to blur and then disappeared in an instant. Chen Fei’s power was too overwhelming; the Evil ship intended to flee directly.

But the next moment, the ship stopped tens of meters away. It wasn’t that the ship didn’t want to continue fleeing, but a sword formation completely enveloped it.

The sharp sword elements freely shuttled within the sword formation, and the Profound Heavenly Sword, at the peak of the Great Completion stage, demonstrated its ultimate offensive power at this moment.

Even without invoking forbidden techniques or the attachment of the tremendous force from the Dragon-Elephant, the power of this sword formation still made people’s hearts tremble.

On the side, Tong Linyun merely watched the sword formation and felt a tingling sensation all over his body. It was a warning from his consciousness, urging Tong Linyun to stay away from such irresistible power.

The Evil ship continuously collided within the sword formation, trying to break the formation, but faced with such forceful impact, the sword formation didn’t even oscillate, effortlessly withstanding it.

Despite being an advanced third-tier entity, it lacked any resistance in front of Chen Fei.

The curses gradually turned into countless pleas for mercy, yet Chen Fei remained unmoved.

In less than a moment, the Evil ship completely vanished within the sword formation, leaving behind only a silver-white essence condensed within the formation.

As the Slaughter Spirit Technique operated, the essence of the Evil ship transformed into spiritual essence and rushed into the Thousand Feathersan Sword.

Tong Linyun watched as the Evil ship was slain, her emotions fluctuating. Although she knew that with Chen Fei’s strength, killing the Evil ship would pose no problem whatsoever.

Yet, witnessing a third-tier advanced entity being effortlessly slain still made Tong Linyun feel uneasy.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Fei glanced at Tong Linyun, smiling, then transformed into a stream of light and flew towards the direction of the headquarters of the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

Watching Chen Fei’s departing figure, Tong Linyun couldn’t help but smile. For some reason, her face slightly flushed, then quickly activated her body technique, catching up to Chen Fei’s figure.

After nearly a day of flight, Chen Fei and Tong Linyun finally arrived at Thousand Feathers City, where the headquarters of the Thousand Feathers Alliance was located.

Compared to the other cities of the Thousand Feathers Alliance, Thousand Feathers City wasn’t particularly grand, but just being near it, one could feel the pressure emanating from the entire city.

Countless arrays overlapped on the city walls.

In the secret chamber Chen Fei saw in the Death Shadow Sect, there were already tens of thousands of overlapping arrays, which was already an exaggeration.

But at this moment, on the walls of Thousand Feathers City, the number of overlapping arrays was far more than tens of thousands on the same area.

Not only that, after entering Thousand Feathers City, Chen Fei saw that some array masters were continuously adding new arrays to Thousand Feathers City.

Just the defensive power of Thousand Feathers City alone, even if a peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert came, not to mention a Mountain Sea Realm, it would probably take an extremely long time to capture it.

If the Sea Dominion City had such powerful arrays back then, even with the Monster King being restrained, those sea monsters, no matter how numerous, would never have been able to capture the Sea Dominion City.

Walking through the city, Chen Fei saw that almost everyone had a cultivation level of Combined Aperture Tempering realm or above, giving him a sense of returning to the Sea Dominion City.

First, they registered their identities and were issued jade tokens. Then, Chen Fei and Tong Linyun were led to the front of the Sutra Library.

Many Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators were constantly coming and going, but there were no Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, as they didn’t have the qualifications to appear here.

“The Sutra Library didn’t exist before. It was specially built in the last few days for everyone to borrow martial arts techniques and secret scriptures,” the steward of Thousand Feathers City said as he led Chen Fei and Tong Linyun into the Sutra Library.

“The Sutra Library has three floors. The first floor contains the most martial arts techniques, which you can freely peruse without any restrictions,” the steward lowered his voice, as if afraid of disturbing others.

“What about the second and third floors?” Tong Linyun asked curiously.

“To enter the second floor, you need to have contribution points. If you two had visited the Sea Dominion City before, you can directly access the second floor,” the steward’s disciple explained.

Chen Fei’s expression shifted slightly. Contribution points were actually linked to the Sea Dominion City from before?

Being able to easily access the second floor of the Sutra Library should be a special reward from the Thousand Feathers Alliance for those who defended the city back then. After all, it was quite difficult to participate in defending the city and still escape the siege of the sea monsters.

“As for the third floor, besides having enough contribution points, you also need to pass a test. If you pass the test, you can enter the third floor,” the steward’s disciple continued to explain.

“Thank you!” Chen Fei smiled.

Seeing that Chen Fei and Tong Linyun had no further questions, the steward’s disciple bid farewell and left.

“Let’s start with the first floor. Perhaps well find some treasures there,” Chen Fei said to Tong Linyun.

Although the techniques on the first floor could be freely viewed, Chen Fei didn’t think that they were of low value. Anything placed here by the Thousand Feathers Alliance must be martial arts techniques of Combined Aperture Tempering realm level or above.

Each Combined Aperture Tempering realm technique could be considered a lifetime’s insight and condensation of a Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator. Some might have been limited by their cultivation level, resulting in techniques of average quality.

However, almost none who could cultivate to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm were mediocre talents. Many seemingly ordinary techniques might have contained novel insights.


Tong Linyun nodded and followed Chen Fei, browsing through various technique jade slips on the first floor.

Starting from a corner, Chen Fei didn’t overlook any jade slip.

He first roughly checked the information about the techniques recorded on the jade slips. If it was worth learning, Chen Fei would stop and carefully examine the cultivation method of the technique.

If he found overlap with what he already knew or if the technique lacked any highlights, Chen Fei swiftly moved on to the next one.

The Profound Heavenly Sword, which incorporated the legacies of the top nine forces, was already comprehensive in essence, and Chen Fei had even mastered it to the Great Completion.

Thus, the number of techniques that caught Chen Fei’s eye or could be of help to him was actually quite limited.

Chen Fei’s speed in examining the jade slips was very fast, and there were almost no techniques that made him pause.

In this situation, Chen Fei had anticipated it before he arrived, so he didn’t feel disappointed. He patiently examined the contents of each jade slip.

Tong Linyun, who was following Chen Fei, paused when he saw a particular jade slip and furrowed his brow as he read the cultivation method of the technique.

Within the first floor, there were no fewer than hundreds of techniques, ranging from primary elemental cultivation techniques to body refinement methods and martial arts.

However, many of them were only at the level of the Primordial Profound Art rewarded by the Haiyue Cave initially, with some slightly stronger ones still containing numerous flaws.

Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions!

Chen Fei finally stopped as he held a jade slip in his hand.

Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions were not actually questions but three methods of cultivating the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

These three methods were not orthodox cultivation techniques; they all took a different approach to make the Combined Aperture Tempering realm stronger.

Strengthening by refining the inner core of demonic beasts and integrating it into one’s own Combined Aperture Tempering realm, using demonic power to temper elemental power, making the Combined Aperture Tempering realm tougher and laying the foundation for the Triple Expansion and Triple Entanglement of the first Six Transformation.

It must be said that this method is bold and feasible, but the greatest possibility in the end is that one’s own Combined Aperture Tempering realm might be ruined.

After all, the monstrous power in the Monster cores is not one’s own power. Directly impacting the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, although different from directly attacking it with demonic beasts, fundamentally, the difference isn’t too significant.

Therefore, in the end, instead of making the Combined Aperture Tempering realm tougher, it might end up being shattered first.

The sixth transformation of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm determines the final level of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. The second cultivation method described in this jade slip involves using Monster cores to suppress the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, applying sufficient pressure to forcibly collapse it.

Listening to it, it’s somewhat similar to how Chen Fei used the Suppressing Dragon Elephant to cover the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

However, just like the first question of the Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions, the problem remained the same: Monster cores weren’t one’s own things, and controlling the power within them was extremely difficult.

For these two questions, in Chen Fei’s view, labeling them as absurd might be a bit too much, but they are indeed beyond the capabilities of ordinary Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators.

If mishandled, it could lead to severe injuries, and it’s not just any injury—it’s a Combined Aperture Tempering realm shattering injury that most ordinary medicines can’t heal.

At this moment, Chen Fei paused, more interested in seeing the third question.

What if one isn’t satisfied with the Combined Aperture Tempering realm condensed from the sixth transformation? How about refining the Monster cores into a Second-Tier Combined Aperture, incorporating it into the body, and using the power of two Combined Aperture Tempering realms to bear the condensation of the Three Flowers, ultimately reaching the pinnacle of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Chen Fei didn’t know if anyone had successfully cultivated these Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions. However one looked at it, it seemed like they were making a mockery of his own Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Chen Fei was already at the sixth transformation, so none of these three questions were of any use to him. Even if he wasn’t at the sixth transformation, he wouldn’t risk practicing this technique—the risks were too great.

Chen Fei himself might not be suitable for using these techniques, but he had his clone.

Previously, when he obtained the Three Flower Technique, Chen Fei was worried that his clone wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of the Three Flowers. But what if his clone had a true Combined Aperture Tempering realm within its body?

The Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions provided detailed cultivation methods for refining Monster cores into Combined Aperture Tempering realms.

Chen Fei couldn’t say for sure whether these Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions were useful or not, but they were worth a try. If successful, the strength of Chen Fei’s clone would skyrocket.

By then, both Chen Fei and his clone would benefit greatly.

Spending nearly an hour, Chen Fei recorded all the details of the Combined Aperture Tempering Three Questions, then placed the jade slip back and continued to examine other techniques.

After all, a clone was just a clone. What Chen Fei wanted more now was how to quickly condense the Three Flowers, which would have a more immediate impact on his strength.

However, it seemed that Chen Fei’s luck had run out. After another two hours, Chen Fei roughly browsed through the remaining techniques on the first floor but didn’t find what he was looking for.

Some techniques were actually quite good, but for Chen Fei, they were optional. If he had spare time in the future, he could consider practicing them to enhance his repertoire of techniques.

However, they would only add to his arsenal of techniques and wouldn’t significantly boost his combat power.

Chen Fei glanced at Tong Linyun, who was immersed in the techniques in the distance, without disturbing her, and then walked alone towards the second floor.

There were restrictions at the location of the staircase. Chen Fei took out the jade token from the Sea Dominion City and released the restriction, then smoothly ascended to the second floor.

Compared to the first floor, there were far fewer people on the second floor of the Sutra Library, and naturally, the number of jade slips had sharply decreased.

“What kind of technique do you need?”

Chen Fei was about to approach when a voice sounded nearby..

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