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Chapter 1205: Chapter 1205

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“You’re just a scholar and you even brought so many subordinates with you. You think we’ll be defeated by you? What a joke.”

Yuan Hehe did not think much of it. Then, he revealed his demon form and slashed forward with his claws.

This was a skill that he cultivated. He could throw any part of his body and accurately hit the target.

At this moment, Jiang Ming suddenly realized that his surroundings seemed to be shaking.

Then, something squirmed from the ground. Before Jiang Ming and the other two could react, this thing suddenly broke out of the ground.

It was a round thing that was glowing, and its target was Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming frowned.

It was good to attract all the attacks to him so that the others would be safe and sound.

He raised his hand and wrapped it with a barrier. At the same time, he realized that this thing was used for attacking and had no other use.

After a while, this thing lost its effect and the light dimmed.

“What’s going on?”

The scholar’s face instantly fell, and his eyes were filled with hatred.

“How can a young kid like you have such an ability? Did you already know that I would come and learn all my skills?”

Jiang Ming felt that this scholar was a little stupid. He immediately said, “You can’t beat me, so you start to find all kinds of excuses. Don’t you know your limits?”

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe also recovered from their daze. They looked at the scholar and said, “We thought you were very capable, but it turns out that you’re just average. You’d better go back and cultivate properly. Now, we can see that someone like you definitely can’t become the boss of the Red


They knew what words they could use to provoke the scholar.

After a while, the scholar flew into a rage. He cursed at the two of them. “The boss of the Red Organization doesn’t need to know many skills. He just needs to be competent. Although my spiritual energy is not that powerful, I’m very powerful in other aspects. Besides, it was probably an accident just now. How could you possibly defeat me?”

As he spoke, he raised his hands in the air and made a circle. Immediately, a huge wave formed in his hands.

In an instant, the wave was thrown out by him. This time, the target was Jiang Ming again.

Jiang Ming took the wave slowly and crushed it again.

Even Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe were stunned, let alone the scholar.

It was obviously the scholar’s skill, but it was like Jiang Ming was the one with the skill. Everything was easily controlled by him.

If he had another skill, wouldn’t the outcome be the same?

The scholar looked at his hand and muttered to himself, “Am I already old? It’s only been ten thousand years for me.”

Thinking of this, he was still unwilling to give up. His eyes widened in anger as he glared at Jiang Ming.

“Jiu Zhu, you must have known long ago and even secretly learned some methods to deal with me. I definitely won’t let you off easily.”

The instrument in his hand suddenly began to sound again.

This time, the pace was fast and swift, and those strange peddlers followed the pace.

Jiang Ming thought of what Yuan Hehe said and could not help but seriously doubt whether the peddlers in front of him were really puppets.

However, before he could think further, the peddlers had already surrounded them and released countless threads from their hands.

The silk threads quickly weaved into a huge net, and they were standing in the middle of the huge net.

Sikong Wuyuan frowned.

“l thought they were going to do something, but in the end, they were actually using strings to weave a net. These can’t really be puppets, right? There are actually so many threads.”

“You really don’t know anything. Don’t you know that there’s a secret technique that can release indestructible spider webs?” the peddlers said slowly.

“But you guys are really pitiful. You’re about to become our food. Just stay here obediently and give the position of the boss of the Red Organization to the scholar. This way, we definitely won’t do anything to you.”

Jiang Ming did not answer.

Yuan Hehe was the first to insist. “That’s impossible. This scholar doesn’t deserve to be the boss of the Red Organization!”

His words made the scholar even more exasperated.

He was frustrated. Then, he released another rope and tied Yuan Hehe up.

However, Yuan Hehe was not afraid at all. He stuck out his tongue and mocked him. “Stop trying to climb up the social ladder. You are worthless. You will be worthless for the rest of your life. You have no chance to make a comeback.” His words deeply hurt the scholar.

When he was down and out, he had heard people say similar things countless times. In the end, he did not expect this child in front of him to say it again.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Since this child was so insensible, then he did not mind being cold-blooded.

With that, he released a suction force from his hand, trying to pull Yuan Hehe over.

However, Jiang Ming noticed what the scholar was thinking. He pulled Yuan Hehe back and mocked the scholar. “It doesn’t matter if you have some spiritual energy. You want to kill Yuan Hehe? It’s impossible!”

Sikong Wuyuan also loudly provoked the scholar. “You poor loser, go home and cry. If you really have the ability to be the boss, don’t show off here. Those who don’t know better might think that you’re some foolish dog that only knows how to bark.”

“J-Just you wait and see. I’ll make you regret it later!”

The scholar was so angry that he stuttered. He pointed at the three of them and kept trembling. He wanted to tear these people apart.

Then, he started to clap again.

The sounds of the musical instrument began to fall apart. It did not even have the rhythm from before. It made people feel as if they were going crazy.

Jiang Ming frowned.

Yuan Hehe was speechless. “You were pretty good at playing music just now.

But what are you doing now? You’re getting worse.”

After a while, he felt his head buzzing. It was as if thunder had struck his ears. He raised his hand and wanted to pull Jiang Ming away.

He felt that there was something wrong with the sound of the instrument, but he could not say anything.

Jiang Ming could tell that Yuan Hehe’s expression was a little off. He quickly took out a silver needle and directly inserted it into his most painful acupuncture point.

Yuan Hehe was instantly jolted awake by the pain.

He told Jiang Ming what had just happened, but Sikong Wuyuan did not walk toward the scholar. He mumbled, “l must get rid of this scholar.”

After saying that, he did not even care about the vendors. He wanted to go past them.

Jiang Ming could tell that it was a trap, so he went forward to stop Sikong


However, he realized that he had somehow pulled away from Sikong Wuyuan. No matter how hard he tried, he could not pull him away..

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