As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills - C.1204 -


Chapter 1204: Chapter 1204

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“This is terrifying. Could these people have been transformed from demons?”

“Isn’t that right? Don’t you understand demons in your heart?”

Sikong Wuyuan looked to the side helplessly.

Yuan Hehe slapped his head.

“Oh right, I forgot. I’m also a demon.”

Before he could do anything, the peddlers suddenly gathered together as if they had heard an order and surrounded Jiang Ming and the other two.

Jiang Ming narrowed his eyes.

It seemed that someone wanted to stop them from moving forward. “Are these people the puppets from before again?”

Yuan Hehe suddenly thought of the previous issue and could not help but tremble.

The puppets they had encountered before were difficult to deal with. Who was in control this time?

At this moment, music suddenly rang out. It was obvious that someone was playing music rhythmically.

Jiang Ming and the other two were all attracted by the sound.

The source of the music seemed to be a scholar dressed in casual clothes.

His casual clothes looked faded from repeated washing. He also looked young, but he was rather muscular. He did not look like a scholar at all.

“As the boss of the Red Organization, you should stay here. Why did you leave?” he asked Jiang Ming and the other two. “You should fulfill your responsibilities in the organization. Otherwise, how can you be called the boss?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Ming and the other two looked at each other with confusion in their eyes.

When they were in the Red Organization, they had never seen this scholar before. Why would he mention the Red Organization?

What was even more strange was that the boss of the Red Organization did not ask them to fulfill their responsibilities. However, a stranger came out to ask them to fulfill their responsibilities. This was really funny.

“You’re from the Red Organization?” Jiang Ming stood up and asked with a faint smile. “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

“Where did you come from?” Yuan Hehe asked disdainfully. “Wang Xiao didn’t say anything. What right do you have to speak to Jiang Ming like that? Or are you the ex-boss of the Red Organization?”

In the end, he scoffed.

He had said that on purpose to see what the scholar would say.

He did not believe that the scholar would be able to refute him.

If it were him, he would definitely be so embarrassed that he would not be able to show his face.

If he did not react at all, he would really be impressed.

Just as he had expected, the scholar did not feel ashamed at all. Instead, he smiled and said, “Of course, I’m from the Red Organization. I know that our boss has said these things to you before, but don’t be so shameless. Our boss is being nice to you guys. He’s kind-hearted, that’s why he said that. But that doesn’t mean that you guys should act like this. If you don’t fulfill the responsibilities of the Red Organization, why should you be the boss of the

Red Organization?”

Sikong Wuyuan was instantly angered and stood out.

“Jiu Zhu is now the boss of the Red Organization. There is no other boss. It’s useless even if you don’t accept it. This is Wang Xiao’s personal choice. Mind your own business. Don’t stop us here. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude! ”

Jiang Ming did not say anything, but the look in his eyes was obvious.

What Sikong Wuyuan said was exactly what he wanted to say.

“You’re just a minor soldier of the Red Organization. Do you really think you’re the boss of the Red Organization?” Yuan Hehe continued to mock him. “First, learn how to be a good soldier. You haven’t even accomplished your own goals, so don’t think about your master’s matters.”

“How am I considered a small soldier? I’ve been in the Red Organization for so many years, and I’ve made many contributions to the organization. I’m meticulous even in small matters. I’m already this good, and I didn’t even become the boss of the Red Organization. What right do you, Jiu Zhu, have to become the boss of the organization? No matter what, you have to give me a convincing reason. ”

The scholar began to play music again, his eyes almost burning with fire.

He felt that his boss was bewitched by the three people in front of him.

These three people were not that strong. They only knew a few mystifying methods. They should not have become the leaders of the Red Organization.

It would have been better to choose him to be the boss. He had always been loyal and would prioritize the Red Organization in all matters and goals.

These three people had never done anything for the Red Organization. They still wanted to travel around the world while enjoying the benefits of leading the Red Organization. This was really unfair.

Jiang Ming and the other two finally understood the meaning of the scholar’s words. He was obviously jealous that Wang Xiao had given up his position to Jiang Ming and came to find trouble.

Sikong Wuyuan could not help but roll his eyes. “Please, get this straight. Jiu Zhu did not want to be the boss of the Red Organization. It was your boss who begged Jiu Zhu to be the boss. If you really think it’s unfair, go and find your boss. Don’t come looking for trouble with us.”

Yuan Hehe found it funny and laughed out loud.

“If it were me, I would have quarreled with Wang Xiao instead of looking for the person who didn’t want to be the boss of the Red Organization. You can’t put all the blame on us, right? It’s not like we’re stopping you from becoming the boss of the Red Organization. Since you haven’t been able to become the boss after so many years, I don’t think you’ll be able to become the boss now or in the future.’

“Shut up!’

His words could not help but poke the pain in the scholar’s heart.

He immediately shouted at Yuan Hehe angrily, as if he wanted to shout out all his frustrations.

It was not that he had not told Nang Xiao that he could consider him when he gave up his position in the future. However, Wang Xiao refused to talk about it every time and even told him to train more.

And yet, Jiu Zhu was able to obtain this position without doing anything. He was really jealous.

Why? He was already an elder. No matter what, he should be better than Jiang Ming, right?

Jiang Ming was still a young lad. What power could he have? It did not matter if his spiritual energy was stronger than his. His thoughts were not on the Red Organization at all.

“Ah, I was right, and now you’re shouting. Forget it, go back and cry. How can someone like you take on the responsibilities of the Red Organization?”

Yuan Hehe understood. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at the scholar with disdain.

He hated this kind of person the most. It really made him speechless.

“With my strength and resources, I can defeat you!’

The scholar made up his mind and regained his rationality. The instrument in his hand made a sound, and a wave of spiritual energy surrounded him. It was obvious that he wanted to fight with Jiang Ming and the other two.

He was surrounded by a murderous aura.

“Today, none of you can leave this place unscathed!”

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