After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1985 Airport Pick Up


"I haven't settled the score with you about how my grandma fainted the moment she saw you! Now you want to take Brother Ming with you! I'll settle all the scores with you today!" Zhang Yao looked at the bodyguards behind her and shouted, "Men! Get hold of the wheelchair!"

The four bodyguards behind Zhang Yao rushed up to Qiao Mei's group. Before Da Dong and the others could even make a move, Yin Xing knocked them out on the ground before anyone could react.

"Miss Pu, I have acted without your orders. My apologies," Yin Xing said as she stood beside Qiao Mei.

"It's alright. You did it to protect me. You did a good job," Qiao Mei said with a smile.

"What a bunch of useless people! Why can't you even grab one person! What's the use of having you!" Zhang Yao stood there and shouted angrily at the people lying on the ground.

Qiao Mei was about to say something when a familiar figure came into her line of sight. She stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do next.

When Xia Zhe left back then, he told Qiao Mei that he would only be back after about a month. It was only half a month since he was gone, so why was he back so early? Furthermore, why was it that Xia Zhe did not inform her in advance?

Xia Zhe was also a little surprised to see Qiao Mei at the airport, but he was even more surprised when he saw who the four men on the floor were.

"Brother Fang, you're finally back~ You don't know how much I miss you~" Zhang Yao mustered her courage and said as she approached Xia Zhe.

"Who are you?" Xia Zhe asked coldly.

"Brother Fang, don't you remember me? I'm Yao Yao! Zhang Yao from the Zhang family! We've met at many different banquets and you always compliment my dresses! Brother Fang, have you forgotten?" Zhang Yao said very earnestly.

Qiao Mei stood where she was and raised her eyebrows as she looked at Xia Zhe. He could feel a chill run down his spine. Qiao Mei definitely would not let him off tonight. He walked around Zhang Yao and strode over to Qiao Mei.

"It's not what you think..." Xia Zhe explained softly.

"I know. Let's go home first," Qiao Mei said.

Now that the Zhang family knew that Gao Ming was leaving Sky City, it was no longer the best solution. She decided to go back to the Gao family's house first and think of other ways.

Qiao Mei waved her hands, wanting to leave with Da Dong and the others. Zhang Yao stood in front of them and blocked their way.

"Miss Zhang, is there anything else?" Qiao Mei asked impatiently.

"You want to leave after beating up my guards? No way!" Zhang Yao said angrily with her hands on her hips.

The fight had attracted the attention of the security guards at the airport. The Zhang family also had some say in the airport, but the security guards were not fools. They could tell that Qiao Mei was either from a rich or prominent family and was not someone they could trifle with. Since they could not afford to offend either side, they would do everything in accordance with the law and handle this matter in a proper manner.

"All of you, come with me to the office!" the security guard said.

There were too many people with Qiao Mei and it was an uphill task for all of them to make their way to the security office. The moment Xia Zhe entered the office, he took out a stack of money and placed it on the table. "Is that enough?" he said.

"Yes, yes! Yes, of course!" the security guard said excitedly as he picked up the money.

In the end, Zhang Yao was the only one left in the office to explain the situation to the security guards. Zhang Yao usually did not bring any money with her when she went out. The Zhang family had businesses all over Sky City. In the past, wherever Zhang Yao went, she only needed to mention that she was from the Zhang family and the stores would send the invoices to the Zhang family's company at the end of the month.

"Do you even know who I am! I'm the young lady of the Zhang family! How dare you treat me like this! Aren't you afraid that my grandma will go after you!" Zhang Yao shouted agitatedly in the security office.

The security guards did not care about what Zhang Yao was shouting about. If she did not have the money to make bail, she would have to wait here for her family members to come and pick them up. There was a price to pay for disturbing the order at the airport. Things were different at the moment. Everyone had taken notice of the Zhang family's precarious position. The Zhang family no longer stood for ultimate power and money.

On the way back, Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei took the same car. Qiao Mei stared ahead without saying anything while Xia Zhe looked at her nervously.

"I... I have nothing to do with her," Xia Zhe explained nervously.

"Alright," Qiao Mei said coldly.

Hearing this, Xia Zhe became even more flustered. He quickly grabbed Qiao Mei's hands and said, "I'm telling the truth. I went to those banquets because of work. I can't reject those invitations."

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