After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1984 - : Be With Fang Chen


Chapter 1984: Be With Fang Chen

The last time, Zhang Yao did not manage to meet her sweetheart because they bumped into Qiao Mei and Xia He on the way. She had to take care of Liang Jin then. However, there was no such hindrance now. She wanted to ask for permission to go out while Liang Jin was in a good mood.

Liang Jin looked at Zhang Yao unhappily. The truth was that she was against Zhang Yao hanging out with that bum. Back then, if not for Gao Ming closing in on her, Liang Jin would not have made use of the situation and allow Zhang Yao to do something which belittled her own status. How could the eldest granddaughter of the Zhang family date a bum?

“Yao Yao, you’re your father’s only child. The Zhang family’s situation is quite unstable now and your father hasn’t taken over all the Zhang family’s assets from those illegitimate children. It’s better if you don’t go out and just stay by my side,” Liang Jin said.

“Grandma! That’s not what you said back then! You clearly promised me that I can go and see him! You can’t go back on your word!” Zhang Yao shouted at Liang Jin.

“Why are you shouting! When do you call the shots in this family! I’ve already chased that bum away long ago! Your current task is to find a way to be with Fang Chen as soon as possible! Didn’t you find him good-looking when you saw him at the last banquet? If you can marry him, I won’t restrict whatever you do in the future!” Liang Jin roared.

Liang Jin needed to find a capable person to work with her to take over the remaining assets of the Zhang family. In the entire Sky City, she felt that the most suitable candidate was Fang Chen.

Zhang Yao had been attracted to Fang Chen for a period of time. He was handsome and talented and was the favorite of countless young ladies in Sky City. Zhang Yao had tried her best to woo him for a period of time, but to no avail.

So what if Fang Chen had a lover? Liang Jin did not believe that Fang Chen would always stand by Gao Tao’s granddaughter. Now that Zhang Cheng was dead, she did not have to worry about the past secret being made public. She just needed to push all the blame to Zhang Cheng.

She definitely could not allow Gao Tao’s granddaughter to get close to Fang Chen! If he ended up with Gao Tao’s granddaughter, the Gao family would gain a very capable helper. Everything that the Zhang family had would soon be taken away by the Gao family. She could not let such a thing happen.

“Grandma, Fang Chen doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. Don’t force me to do it. Other than my beloved, I won’t marry anyone else!” Zhang Yao threatened Liang Jin.

Liang Jin went forward and gave Zhang Yao a hard slap. This was the first time she had hit Zhang Yao. Zhang Yao had never been beaten up, or even scolded by anyone, before in her life. She did not expect Liang Jin to hit her because of Liang Jin’s greed.

“You’re actually quite good-looking. Fang Chen is a man after all. Sooner or later, he’ll be tempted by you. As for those women around him, they’re all easy to deal with. They’re just sluts who are after his money. You’re the child whom I bring up so painstakingly, so you have to listen to me! I hear that he’s coming back tomorrow. You should go and pick him up at the airport. Do you understand?” Liang Jin said.

Zhang Yao collapsed onto the floor and remained silent. Liang Jin squatted down and looked at Zhang Yao’s teary eyes as she said, “l only chased away your sweetheart and he’s still alive and well. But if you don’t listen to me, it’s hard to say if he can still stay alive. I’m sure you don’t want him to end up like your grandfather.”

Zhang Yao widened her eyes in fear and whispered, “l… I hear you… I’ll go to the airport to pick up Fang Chen…”

Liang Jin looked at Zhang Yao dotingly and patted her head. “Good girv You’re really Grandma’s good granddaughter.”

The next day, Qiao Mei and Xia He entered the Gao family’s house through the same secret passage at the back of the mountain. After thinking for the entire night, she finally decided to send Gao Ming to the small town first and get Luo Yu and the others to protect Gao Ming. As for those rotten people in the

Zhang family, she would slowly settle them one by one.

After the family packed up everything Gao Ming needed, Da Dong and the rest put him in a wheelchair and pushed him into the Sky City airport. They did not expect to bump into Zhang Yao and her entourage there.

“Don’t let Zhang Yao see Gao Ming.” Qiao Mei immediately tilted the wheelchair to the side so that Da Dong and the others could block the wheelchair from view.

However, how could Zhang Yao not see something so obvious? At the end of the day, she still felt that she had let down Gao Ming. She had always believed that Gao Ming had committed suicide because of her and she felt guilty about it.

She rushed up to Qiao Mei and said, “Where are you going with Brother Ming?

Does Grandpa Gao know what you’re doing?”

“Is my business any of your business?” Qiao Mei said calmly as she looked at Zhang Yao..

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