After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1980: Not Over the Hill Yet


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Yin Yue and Yin Xing were sometimes on the roof and sometimes in the corridor, and they kept changing their positions. Xia He trusted the bodyguards downstairs. After all, Da Dong and the rest were people whom Xia Zhe personally hired. Xia Zhe was a very meticulous person. If he did not trust them, he would not have handed them over to Qiao Mei.

However, it was a different situation with Bella. Qiao Mei’s encounter with Bella was filled with coincidences. After Xia He found out about the significance of the gold badge, she became even more suspicious that Bella had other plans in mind when it came to Qiao Mei, so she wanted to be more vigilant.

“Yin Xing, Miss Pu t s elder sister doesn’t seem to like us e’ Yin Yue sat on the roof and whispered aggrievedly.

“Yes, 1 know,” Yin Xing stood beside Yin Yue and said coldly.

“l thought you won’t be able to sense it! The thing is Miss Pu is just from an ordinary family. Why is her elder sister so different from her and is even so highly skilled in martial arts? These two people are really strange,” Yin Yue said.

“It’s alright. She can’t beat me,” Yin Xing said.

“You! You’re so boring! You’re not curious about anything! How annoying! Just keep standing there. I’m going to take a break. I’ll come back and take over your shift later. After saying that, Yin Yue jumped down from the roof and disappeared into the darkness.

Two days later, Qiao Mei received some news and returned to the back mountain behind the Gao family residence. Yin Yue and the rest were again asked to wait outside. Qiao Mei and Xia He entered the Gao family’s house through the same secret passage.

“Granduncle, how has Gao Ming been recently?” Qiao Mei asked as she walked over to Gao Mings bed.

Gao Lin looked troubled. Although Gao Ming’s complexion had been rosy during this period of time and he looked much better than before, he still showed no signs of waking up. Gao Lin was really worried that Gao Ming would remain in a vegetative state, which was why he had called Qiao Mei and asked her to rush over to take a look at Gao Ming.

“He’s being kept alive by the intravenous drips and he has not regained consciousness at all,” Gao Lin said.

Qiao Mei reached out and placed her fingertips on Gao Mings wrist, checking the extent to which the ginsengs energy had spread throughout Gao Mings body. Perhaps it was because the pill was not as concentrated as the ginseng juice, so it was not enough to help Gao Ming regain consciousness. Qiao Mei took out the medicinal wine and pried open Gao Mings mouth, pouring some inside. Not long after, Gao Mings fingers started to tremble slightly.

Gao Long pointed at Gao Mings hand excitedly and shouted, “He’s moving!

He’s moving! I hope I didn’t imagine it! Gao Ming moved his hand!”

Gao Ming opened his eyes slowly. The moment he laid eyes on Qiao Mei, he thought that he was looking at an angel. He had only known Zhang Yao all these years and never paid attention to other women. He felt that it was worth it to be able to see such a beautiful woman before he died.

“Am l… am 1 already dead…” Gao Ming said hoarsely.

Qiao Mei took a few steps back. Gao Lin and Gao Long immediately rushed to the bedside and grabbed Gao Mings arms. Gao Lin immediately said, “My grandson! You’re not dead! You’re finally awake!”

“Grandfather…” After Gao Ming saw who the person beside him was, he immediately held Gao Lin’s hand tightly and said, “Zhang Cheng… the jewelry… He’s the one who attacked me!”

“Grandfather knows everything. I’ve already locked Zhang Cheng up in our basement. Let’s take care of it slowly behind closed doors. You’ve only just woken up so don’t get too agitated!” Gao Lin comforted him.

Gao Ming blinked in confusion. What did all this mean? Zhang Cheng had been captured by his grandfather? He did not expect his grandfather to be able to capture Zhang Cheng alive.

“Who are those two people?” Gao Ming asked.

“She’s your eldest grandaunt’s descendant. She should be considered your younger cousin. She’s the one who saved your life!” Gao Lin explained.

“Thank you… really… thank you so much…” Gao Ming was breathless as he tried hard to speak.

“You shouldn’t try to talk so much now. You have to rest well,” Qiao Mei said.

After confirming that Gao Ming was really fine, Gao Lin finally felt that he had the time and energy to deal with Zhang Cheng in the basement. At that time, Zhang Cheng had only told him briefly about the fire back then. If he wanted to get Zhang Cheng convicted, he needed to find more compelling evidence.

For the past few days, Gao Lin had asked the helper to give the men in the basement some steamed buns and pickled vegetables just to keep them alive. This was already good enough for prisoners!

Qiao Mei and the others made their way to the door leading to the basement.

Da Nan looked at Qiao Mei happily and said, “Miss Pu, you’re finally here..”

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