After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1979 The Zhang Family Is in a Mess

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

C.1979 The Zhang Family Is in a Mess

These words really hit home with Qiao Mei. She had a lot of things to think about during this period of time and she also needed to keep tabs on the many lies she told the Gao family. She was indeed both mentally and physically exhausted.

Qiao Mei pulled Xia He into her room to have a private conversation. It was time to tell Xia He about the relationship between her and the Gao family.

"Huh? They're actually your grandmother's relatives!" Xia He said as she looked at Qiao Mei in shock.

"Yes, my grandfather only told me about my grandmother recently. I had thought that if I could find my grandmother's relatives, it would be some form of comfort for my grandfather. I didn't expect them to be leading such a difficult life," Qiao Mei said.

"Those Zhang family members are really too much! They've really gone overboard! We must settle this score with them!" Xia He said agitatedly.

Qiao Mei had the same idea as Xia He, but it turned out that there was no need for them to do anything. The Zhang family was already in a mess.

Zhang Cheng had a total of six mistresses. These women had given him six illegitimate children, five sons and a daughter. Liang Jin actually knew about all these illegitimate children. Usually, they did not interact with one another. So long as they did not threaten the status of her son, Zhang Ou, she did not care about what those people did. When she had a chance in the future, she would get them all in one fell swoop.

All these years, Liang Jin was not just a useless pretty face. She had built up her own team of people and had also set aside a lot of money. She had evidence of all those things which Zhang Cheng did, so all these years, Zhang Cheng would give her whatever she wanted unconditionally, making her a very respected person in Sky City.

Zhang Cheng did not give these mistresses any money or authority so that they could not do the same things as Liang Jin. He just kept them in luxurious villas like they were his pet canaries. In the end, this made it easy for Liang Jin to get her hands on these women.

According to those women's neighbors, Liang Jin had caused these women to be disfigured. A few women were forced to drink a lot of safflower water, which would make them infertile and cause harm to their health. It seemed that Liang Jin was quite intent on getting rid of them this time round.

Today was the third day of Zhang Cheng's disappearance. Zhang Ping was still trying his best to find Zhang Cheng's whereabouts. Zhang Cheng had saved Zhang Ping's life. Even if no one else wanted to help Zhang Ping, he still wanted to find Zhang Cheng, whether the old man was alive or dead.

However, those illegitimate children and mistresses did not share his thoughts and neither did Liang Jin. She had long wanted Zhang Cheng dead so that she could have all the

Zhang family's assets. Then, she would be the new head of the Zhang family.

However, those illegitimate children were a source of trouble for her. After all, they were all Zhang Cheng's children whom he had painstakingly nurtured, especially Zhang Shou and Zhang Gong. The two of them had a tight grip over the Zhang Group and everything that went on in the company had to be approved by them. If Liang Jin wanted to get all of the Zhang family's assets, she had to find another way.

"It sure looks like the Zhang family is facing retribution now, but why does the name Liang Jin sound so familiar? What's her relationship with the Liang family in the capital?" Xia He asked curiously.

As expected of a member of the Xia family, she caught on fast and was able to immediately focus on the crux of the issue.

"She's from the Liang family. Let's not talk about this anymore. How's everything at home? Are the children doing well?" Qiao Mei said.

"I have come back here to tell you something important! Do you remember John from the 'Vicious Wolf"?" Xia He said agitatedly.

"Yes, I remember," Qiao Mei said with a nod.

"Our farm has played a big part in the town making good money. Every family is very happy now and John is aware of everything that's been going on. Some time ago, a competitor from the neighboring town came to cause trouble and almost poisoned many cows on our farm. When John found out about this, he destroyed that person's farm," Xia He said.

Qiao Mei frowned slightly. It did not seem like John to do something so flashy. Could it be that John was waiting for her to go back and wanted to talk to her?

"Don't worry! John didn't ask for any payback. He seems to have done it voluntarily. The children have been doing very well recently. The house on the farmland is already completed and Luo Yu and the rest have moved in with the children," Xia He said.

"Alright, we'll talk about this when we get back. Come with me to visit the Gao family members tomorrow," Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Xia He and Qiao Mei soon fell asleep in the room. Qiao Mei slept very soundly that night, but Xia He did not dare to fall into deep sleep. She knew that Yin Yue and Yin Xing were standing guard near their room.

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