After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1973 Discharged from the Hospital

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

C.1973 Discharged from the Hospital

"Father! Do you hear that! There's hope for Gao Ming! He can still be saved!" Gao Long said excitedly as he grabbed Gao Lin's hand.

"Granduncle, don't be impulsive. Let's just lock up Zhang Cheng for now and slowly gather evidence of his crimes. It's much better to bring him to justice than to perish with him! Don't do anything stupid!" Qiao Mei reminded him.

Gao Lin's eyes gradually reddened. He was already so old, had already lost a son and was about to lose a grandson. He originally did not have any desire to live on, but Qiao Mei's arrival had ignited hope for his family.

"Little girl, don't worry. I'll follow your advice," Gao Lin said.

Qiao Mei left the hospital alone first. Gao Lin, Da Dong and the rest worked together to transport those men out of the room through the window. Gao Lin then jumped down from the second floor and returned to the Gao family house with them.

After settling everything there, he asked Da Nan and Xiao Bei to lock up those men in the basement and keep an eye on them. Gao Lin had to quickly return to the hospital so that the hospital staff would not discover that he had left the ward.

Those of them who made their way to Country M in those early years and managed to make a name for themselves all practiced some form of martial arts for self-protection.

Even though Gao Lin was almost 70 years old this year, his skills were still as good as before. His hair turned white overnight only because of Gao Ning's death, otherwise he would not look so aged. He climbed back into the ward on the second floor easily by making use of the drainpipe by the wall.

That night, when Zhang Cheng did not make his way home, Zhang Ping realized that something was wrong and immediately brought a team of men to surround the entire hospital. In the morning, Zhang Cheng had told Zhang Ping that the cufflink was stolen by the Gao family. Although he did not believe it, he let Zhang Cheng say whatever he wanted. He did not expect something like this to happen by the time night fell. Could it be that the matter of the missing cufflink was really related to the Gao family?

He rushed into Gao Ming's ward and took a look around. Then, he looked at Gao Lin and questioned, "Where's my old master!"

"How dare you! Who do you think you are! What right do you have to question me and why should I answer you!" Gao Lin roared.

After all, the Gao family had been very successful for a period of time and had been on equal footing with the Zhang family. Even if the Gao family was no longer doing so well, Zhang Ping should still address Gao Lin as "Old


"Old Master Gao, I'm sorry. I was too agitated and forgot my manners. I hope you won't take it to heart," Zhang Ping said in a low voice.

"I won't lower myself and quibble with a dog," Gao Lin said sarcastically.

"Has Old Master Gao seen my old master today?" Zhang Ping asked as he suppressed his anger.

"Yes, I have. Why?" Gao Lin asked.

"Then when did my old master leave this place?" Zhang Ping asked again.

"He came this morning, probably at around nine. He spoke to me for a while and then he left. It probably took him not more than 10 minutes," Gao Lin said to Zhang Ping expressionlessly.

Zhang Ping looked at his pocket watch. It indeed matched the time when Zhang Cheng left the house. The Gao family no longer had the same connections which they had previously. Even if they wanted to kidnap Zhang Cheng, they probably would not dare to do so with so many bodyguards protecting Zhang Cheng.

"Sorry to disturb you, Old Master Gao." After saying that, Zhang Ping left the hospital with his men.

Although surveillance systems already existed in this era, it was not very widely used yet as it was very expensive. The equipment was also very cumbersome. Even if the system captured someone in action, it would take very long to search through all the videos taken by the surveillance cameras. Even the richest family in Sky City, the Zhang family, did not install surveillance cameras in their house. Only the big jewelry stores felt the need to install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the jewelry from being stolen or damaged.

That night, the Zhang family members combed Sky City frantically for Zhang Cheng's whereabouts. It was a rare night when Gao Lin had a good night's sleep. This was the first time he had slept so well after so many years. The next morning, Gao Lin went to look for Gao Ming's attending doctor, indicating that he wanted to bring Gao Ming home.

Since Gao Ming could not get a cure here, what was the point of staying any longer and wasting money? It was better to bring Gao Ming home to live out his final days. This was a logical reasoning and the doctor did not think too much about it, so he let Gao Ming leave with his family members.

After Qiao Mei reached home, she produced five 10,000- year-old ginseng pills and two bottles of medicinal wine made from 10,000-year-old ginseng. The pills were for Gao Ming and the medicinal wine was for Gao Long.

Since they were all her grandmother's relatives, she wanted to help them buck up. She had taken a look at Gao Long's legs. Although the injuries were serious, he just needed to continue with his treatment. With help from her medicinal wine, it would not be long before he got a new start in life.

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